Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Come And Get It!

I had a beautiful day.

I spent it  with my son. I made breakfast with him. And lunch. And dinner.

The weather was so nice we went to the park to play a little baseball. But first we stopped at a 'Gently Used' sporting goods place. He traded in his old bat that was too small, and got some baseballs. It was a forty-nine dollar aluminum bat he probably used twice when he was in little league two years ago. He wanted to get twenty dollars for it, I said, be happy if you get five. The resale was twenty dollars, but the trade in was only forty percent, or eight dollars.

We came out ahead!

I brought a great big five-gallon orange bucket that we bought once from home depot. It had eighteen baseballs and one golf ball inside.

And we had fun. We were warming up and playing catch together.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this:

It was a brilliant flash of blue feathers, going into a tree.

We don't HAVE bluebirds in Southern California. And the blue JAYS are only seen in the mountains.

I kept my eye out for it, just to make sure I really saw it. I did. I saw it a second time. Red chest. Blue wings. It was flying with its wings outstretched, just like this. Can't miss it.

I called it 'the bluebird of happiness'.

When I could throw the ball no more, it was eighty degree weather and we'd drank all our water we had brought...on the way home, my boy wanted to go see his old preschool. He was very close to his teachers, and so was I.

Sure enough, our teacher who had a special bond with him was just fixing to go home.

She stayed. It was wonderful to see the old playground where we spent such happy times, and he would run to meet me after a long day at work. He was surprised how he couldn't fit, even at his old desk. We saw all of his old classrooms. There was so much love and reconnection.

The teacher told us what another teacher, his first one, had said about at the end of the year when all the kids go...how she copes with the loss? She smiled and said to her tearful junior teacher, 'It's not goodbye, it's see you again.'

It's true. Everyone comes back--when they are bigger--just to see the home-like atmosphere and 'family' of that warm and caring place.

One mother with twins who lived in Maryland had a stopping point at the old school when they were out to California for Spring Break. The twins were so tall the boys were unrecognizable, but the teacher recognized the mom and figured out the boys with her had to be them!

A young teacher was leaving and I saw a tattoo on her neck. It said OY. Yes, I kid you not, it said OY and had a peace sign like this in the letter O.

I kept looking at it like, 'She doesn't look Jewish?' and 'What does a peace sign have to do with OY?'

Then I saw another angle...her hair moved, and I saw the J.


That makes more sense. Peace and JOY.

Now that's a tattoo.

Sometimes things make a special impression on me, with my being intuitive and psychic. That tattoo did.

Then I noticed, and the word seemed to jump out at me--the container with the pens for the sign in had the word JOY on it. And all the pens had silk yellow daisies attached to the tops. It looked like JOY.

So I was like, okay, I think someone is trying to get me a message?

We had 'urban camping' last night.

The association won't let us barbecue within ten feet of any structure. Not even on a balcony. It has to do with the insurance policy. So we set up the smokey joe in the parking spot, took out two beach chairs, and kicked back. My boy had steak and I had portobello mushrooms and tofu hot dogs. The stars came out. Neighbors walked their dogs, and laughed over the tofu...

My son opened his lemonade, the bottle with the little happy face on it.

He read me the inside of the cap.

'Warning, contents may induce JOY.'

I stopped eating.

This was the third time that message has come through with that word, today!

I asked him, my little one, 'What is JOY?'

Without batting an eye, he looked up, looked me in the eye and said, 'Joy is happiness that lasts forever.'


Message received!

Spirit will use whatever means possible to let you know something when it is important for you to know.

Birds will be sent. So will the word, in text, into your consciousness. Over and over and over, until you 'get it'.

This is how Spirit works.

Please look for the messages that are sent to you, today.

I just recall now, when I woke up yesterday, Ross told me to look for the signs. He had planted them in my day, just like a holiday egg hunt. He had urged me to go for it! To search for them!

And I totally forgot. I didn't realize it was from him until now.

That makes me smile.

Sometimes Spirit has a face and a name that you know.
Sometimes it doesn't.

But no matter what, the message always is LOVE.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc