Saturday, April 26, 2014

Twin Flame Reunion 101: Wonder And Joy

Today we would like to share with you one of the surest signs that you have found your Twin Flame and Twin are so amazed you just can't believe it!

You can't believe your good luck, your good goes over and over in your mind, like, 'Is this really happening?'

Both of you do it.

All of the time.

It's like, see that picture in the lock above? It's one of those day-use lockers at a local water park. I took the picture because it's my favorite number. But look at the lock and take it for granted that the lock is going to fit in the key, and that door is going to open.

But with the heart, there's been a lot of keys working on my lock that I thought 'were IT', you know, 'The One!'--and I tried the lock and the key, and NOTHING HAPPENED, much to my dismay.

For we all want to be with our Immortal Twin. It is our Heaven, to be united again. Nothing else is like it.

For Ross, he knew who I was the minute I walked out on him. I turned myself 'off' to him. Emotionally checked out. He tried everything to get my sweetness and love back after he did the unthinkable to me. But I couldn't help it, my heart had turned off, even to my HUSBAND in that life who in fact WAS my immortal Twin!

I made the breakfast, I cleaned the house, I took care of the kid, I did the laundry, ran the household without dropping a beat and I ignored my husband except for when I asked to die.

Nothing he could do 'worked' or 'got me back'.

Eventually we both passed. He went UP. And I kept coming back, reincarnating, again and again, seeking peace from what made me want to die in the first place...never finding it.

So for him, it was a lifetime (galactic lifetime) outside the Matrix watching me do everything possible to destroy myself inside the Matrix. It was painful for him. Very deeply painful to see with full knowledge who I was, and see me go off the deep end like that.

Everyone has their lessons.

Ever since we reunited in late 2013, we have been enjoying the energy that flows between us.

Just last night as I was falling asleep, I remarked to him, for he was with me in Spirit, "I love hearing what you have to say. I could listen all day. I don't want to listen to what other people tell me what you said, and what you thought. How could they know in fact what you were thinking?! But the real thing, right from you? It doesn't get any better than that!'

He was pleased.

I told him I wanted to see the Council if that was permitted  please? I wanted to see them before I fell asleep.

Ross pushed a button, and told me it was okay. He also thanked me for being respectful of their time, and always asking permission first.

There they were, SaLuSa to the left (I was surprised) and the four others. They asked me why I was here?
I had a really good day with lots of growth and I wanted to thank you for my being sent it.
They were also pleased.

They asked permission to ask me questions.
I consented.

They asked me what was the hardest thing about being on earth? They asked was was my biggest struggle? What was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen? (snow flowers in Dorst Campground Meadow when I was seven when Patrick from Pennsylvania showed me)

They asked one more question--what would you like from us?
I paused. I really wanted to think about it. It is a lot to ask. Then I felt something deep in my heart...
To be your friend. To know your hearts and your dreams. And for you to know I care about you very much. We don't have to spend time together, or socialize, but I would like there to be some friendship between us if that is not too much to ask?

They started to cry. They were very touched by my sentiment and desire to reach out to them as individuals, not as a council who does a job. I wanted to know their hobbies, what they did when they were not on the council, so I could enjoy the Oneness that flows between us all. They gestured to Ross now they understood why he loved me so; it is for my heart and my genuineness and lack of guile.

So this morning, when I woke up, I got a hug from each of them! It was a beautiful surprise, for I was not expecting it. And we wished each other a good day.  SaLuSa wasn't there (he IS certainly busy!) but he gives me a friendly wave and a smile and a thumbs up as I write these words.

I hugged Ross too. I always do. We also planned today together. He gets to be with me today. For that I am most thankful. Most of the time I have to call.

In Summary:

  • The Twin Soul Reunion is a Journey that will take you to the Higher Dimensions--it is so much more than boy meets girl (and in homosexual twin couples, it's boy meets boy or girl meets girl, only you will know what is right for you when you reunite).
  • Know that there are many guides involved in the process, and they know both of you well.
  • Forgiveness and an open heart is a hallmark of the Higher Realms. Not more than one week ago, this very same council was 'testing' me on 'The Effects Of Extreme Disappointment'. Everything is one hundred percent 'okay' between us now.
  • It can't be forced. Look at Ross. He can do so much but he was powerless to reach me in the Matrix. Each Twin has to do their own work for themselves to wake up.
  • When you are with your twin, you will find yourself smiling and laughing and really glad to be with this person! It is always fresh and new and happy. : ))) It's like--I can't BELIEVE we survived all that what happened between us! We did it, huh?

Here is the song I 'sent' to Ross yesterday:

I Will by the Beatles

Here is the song he sent me, in response to mine, through a friend who is a medium--she said it was Loud And Clear--this is for my Beloved (my first name):

You Are So Beautiful To Me by Joe Cocker 

Ross says, we want you to know that togetherness is possible with your other half, your soul twin. There is wonder in this life, its right ahead of you. (he puts his arm around my shoulders). With (my first name) by my side, I can do anything. You can too. Open your heart to Love, that you may be the Victor in this test of life in the Matrix, and let everything you ever hoped for, want or need, find its way safely home to you. (he holds me a little tighter, just for emphasis.) Go to your Love of  your Life, your Eternal Twin, in this moment Now. (now he waves goodbye cheerfully)

When (my first name) and Ross are together, anything is possible...

Have a Good Day, Enjoy your weekend, with a smile we say 'see you soon',
Reiki Doc and Ross