Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Breakfast With Annette

The phone rang in the call room at three fifty a.m. My patient wanted a bolus on the epidural--there was painful pressure down low, as the labor was more actively progressing to five centimeters.

I put my stethoscope and badge on, taking care to bring with me my wallet, my phone, my charger, and my two pens. One is a sharpie for writing on labels.

I gave the treatment, an 'additional dose' to adjust the epidural, and finished some paperwork in the O.R.  About fifteen minutes later, I checked with the nurse to make sure the patient was comfortable, and I headed downstairs.

I saw Annette the red-haired nurse reading and putting her sore leg on an extra chair. She has some knee pain. I've even given her anesthesia (and Reiki!) for her surgery. We are quite close.

As I gave her a hug I saw she had a fresh mug of coffee.

Annette likes good coffee. She also has a half gallon of REAL half and half in the nurses' fridge for everyone to share.

I asked if she had just made a pot?

She hadn't. This was from one in the morning. She asked, 'would you like me to make you some?'

I said yes! I excused myself to run down to the call room to get my own mug from home, and she limped painfully, but with a happy heart, to go make a pot.

I came back and saw 'Coffee 4:10 a.m.'  and filled my mug. It didn't smell like Annette's coffee, but was fresh, and I went to the nurses' lounge and saw her. It felt so good to have someone make coffee with a smile at that hour, I didn't care what it tastes like.

She hadn't made it. That was hospital coffee from the pouch someone else had made (by the way, at Corporate, they have bags of Peet's--I've seen it at meetings). She said, 'I can't drink that SWILL they call coffee!'

I dumped my cup and waited for hers in the blue pot--fresh Starbucks dark roast.  With a little half and half, it was perfect! I went to thank her back where she was. I gave her another hug.

She was reading a conspiracy website. That's one of the things I like about Annette. She has her views, and she makes them known. She would have been a good match for Berkeley, I think to myself...

'Did you know a little girl in the middle east (I forget where) said Jesus Is My Savior? You know what they did to her? They sewed shut her mouth and her right eye for that.'

My heart skipped a beat. Sadness overcame me. How could this be true? Being the Berkeley graduate, I asked Annette the question I've always wanted to ask but never found the answer to in my medical career. I said, carefully choosing my words, 'Annette? With you being the professional OB nurse you are, may I ask you a question because of your expertise?'

She was surprised I would be so formal, thought about it, and said, 'That depends on what you want to know?'

I asked, 'You know how they do female genital mutilation in those parts of the world? How do women who have had that have babies? I want to know.'

Annette relaxed, and her face became serious. I could tell she had her opinions about this too.

She showed me Google Images. Just look it up. Female Genital Mutilation. There are pictures of mothers holding their daughters down. You see the screams. You see the blood. You see toddlers getting it.  (if you are squeamish I would quickly skip the next part).

Medically I will explain how it works:

  • The clitoris is removed with a piece of sharp glass or a razor under unsterile conditions with no anesthesia--at a minimum.
  • Bleeding is brisk and nothing more than pressure is used to staunch the flow.
  • There are group sessions where rows of girls are lined up.
  • The urethra is below the clitoris, so if this is all that is done, urine and sex and childbirth happen with normal physiology.
  • The woman will never climax in her life and never know sexual pleasure.
  • This last part upsets Annette so much she says, and I quote, 'Over there, the men can't please the women so what do they do? They make women who can never be pleased!'
  • She also made a comment about girls getting married off at eight or ten years old, too.
  • She has taken care of about five women with this in her career.
  • Most women have more than the clitoris removed. Some have both labia removed also, the labia minora (smaller inside flaps of skin) , and the labia majora (larger outside flaps of skin)
  • Infundibulation is when they 'close everything up' and leave a little whole in the bottom for the menses/monthly flow to come out. 
  • There is a picture of a girl with her legs lashed together, to stop the flow, and for everything to scar down and heal closed.
  • Because of the scarring and the position of the urethra, urine flows out the urethral opening (which is not exposed to air, due to scarring), and down a 'tunnel' of skin and exits the 'hole' at the bottom when there has been infundibulation.
  • At first intercourse--marriage--because premarital sex would hurt so no girls have it--the man entering the 'hole' which is extremely narrow causes everything to split open all the way up. The urethra is exposed if scarring is not too severe. This is extremely painful to the wife (who may be a child) and there is much bleeding.
  • Sexual intercourse after this is more 'normal' but still may be painful for the woman, and she never experiences orgasm.
  • Fertilization, pregnancy and childbirth are normal. 
I have seen radical vulvectomy in case of cancer. I have done anesthesia for these cases. It requires either a general anesthetic or a spinal. It is major surgery. The wounds I saw on Google Images reflect major surgery procedures done on awake children under unsterile conditions.

In my opinion this in itself constitutes torture. 

I can't understand why any society on earth permits this type of female genital mutilation. If the genders were reversed, and female circumcision was like it is now for men--and the men suffered the lack of sexual pleasure, bleeding, death, infection, and pain like the girls and women do--we would never hear the end of it until it ceased.

Like I said, Annette is a reader.

She asked me if I like to read. She suggested her favorite books-- The Haj by Leon Ellis (it has lots of history), Raptor Red  by Robert T Baker (it's a fun read--read it to your son), and The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell.

The last book is about First Contact.

There is music in the skies from extraterrestrials. All of the world loves it. Countries are scrambling to find teams to send out to space to reunite with the intelligent, loving beings from the Universe.
There is much chaos--who is going to fund the rocket? What team will go first?

Much to my surprise, the team that volunteers to go first, is the Jesuits.

They want to 'preach loving and peace to others' all over the solar system.

So the Jesuits send a team of priests.

The book flips back and forth between three times--the past, the story as it is being told by the surviving priest, and 'now' after the first contact.

So they go up and guess what? The formerly peaceful planet is filled with hate and war, and most of the population of the extraterrestrials die.

The priest is brought up on trial for 'killing a girl' which he denies.

His hands are mutilated--they become large, filleted out with flesh, painful, and useless.

Somehow he comes back to earth, and the rest is him telling his story to others.

I sat on the edge of my seat as she told me this plot.

When was this book published?

1997, one year after the Congo Invasion by negative forces--a flood of dark non-physical beings has been coming to Gaia through this wormhole from 1996 to this year when it was stopped. 

Annette has no idea of the Jesuit Agenda. Or the Illuminati. I just looked online--it you Google it, you are about as likely to get disinformation on it, as information. There is one document I had wanted to share, that really resonates...I uploaded it once somewhere. But I would really sit back and check with your inner guidance (heart, not fear/mind) on what is going on. The best source for my own awakening was this--be sure to read all the hyperlinks. It took me about nine hours to read everything: You may also use the search box on this blog for some other explanations about them too.

These non-physical negative entities are 'highly allergic' to Goddess Energy. That is why the Catholic Church suppresses women. This is why female genital mutilation persists. Gaia is a feminine planet, but the masculine energy dominates throughout the globe.

When our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies are healthy, they are both present and balanced within us.

As we heal, Gaia heals.

Please, work on yourself first, your energies. Reiki is an excellent way to achieve this. Yoga is another. Meditation. Time in Nature. Being with Like-Minded People. Doing something you enjoy, like painting or solving puzzles or reading, is good too.

Getting away from any broadcast media or electronic entertainment or film for a 'break' is also good too.

Eat healthy. Get a little sun. Exercise. Make love. Reach out to a friend in need. Volunteer to help someone less fortunate than you.

All of these things, as well as being informed about the other issues raised in this blog post, are really going to help Gaia heal, and all of her people, too.

It starts with us.

It starts with the love in our hearts.

It starts with being aware of the negative, but not wanting to fight it or dwell on it--by choosing the higher road, we take the energy and the power that is driving darkness out of our world forever.

Be Love in everything you do.

Just for today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc