Friday, April 4, 2014

Healing With Pets

This is how pets look in my part of the world.

And today's message is inspired by a tribute to a dog name Luke, who 'owned' a director of a breast cancer center as his 'family'. Luke had been to five homes, and was adopted.  The tribute movie starts with Adoption Day. You see vacations. The birth of her daughter (she is a single mom like me). He becomes a therapy dog, and comes to clinic with his mom each day to help the patients feel more whole and just drink in that love that only a dog can give...One of my favorite images is the daughter and dog,  both asleep. baby feet touching puppy feet...then the dog gets sick, and gets 'a new ride', a special cart so he can still enjoy activities with the family. You can see his face as he weakens, and the memorial for him at the beach at the end.

There is this amazing energy from the dog in the video. He's an angel, and he was sent to protect her as a healer and as a single mom. You can see the total love and trust the daughter has for her puppy, and his beautiful soul.

When he passed, my friend said she felt this incredible calm in her chest, like Luke gave a piece of his 'calm' to her, and she's had it ever since.

Where would we be without dogs and cats and fur babies and feathered babies and more?

I wanted to be a veterinarian. I wanted to be the kind to work in zoos. But a terrible allergy to both cats and dogs stopped me. (LOL sometimes pediatrics is jokingly referred to as veterinary medicine amongst doctors because very little patients also can't talk...and tell you what is wrong. You have to be a detective just like a vet.)

But I love all animals very much. And although I can't touch cats (big welts even if I take my allergy medicine), if I am outside, dogs and other creatures are okay.

The highlight of my career was February 6, 2002, when I gave anesthesia to Bai Yun the mama panda at the San Diego Zoo. She's my girl, and I love her very very much. I held her hand in the cage as she was waking up, I just lay on my belly and enjoyed her. (She smells like a dog, too... <3)

Pets break our loneliness and our isolation.

They encourage us to try, and try again, until we get it right. They believe in us, sometimes when we are not able to believe in ourselves. They give us hope.

A Tribute To Dogs

Can you feel the healing energy, the courage, and the strength of soul these beautiful animals have in the video?

I do.

I also think about the open hearts of our dogs and cats and animals who love us and live with us in our daily lives...

When we are blind to love, they help guide our way to the path of living with an Open Heart.

Dogs LOVE Reiki.

So do cats.

Their chakras are very much like ours. Just know that pets, since they are pure, absorb Reiki very quickly. And they will come to you, take what they like, and simply walk away.

It doesn't have to be formal. Both you and they will feel the Reiki flow.

People attune their pets also, to GIVE reiki. I've attuned mine. And these people are the experts: They will attune your pet for you for a small price, and give you a message from your pet through the angels too, about how excited they are to be attuned.

Together, we healers are unstoppable!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc