Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Messages To Me

Yesterday while I was in on a case--a long, boring, very stable case that went over five hours--I got an incredible 'nudge' to write.

1014 am
Southern California

This is Ashtar Sherhan of the Ashtar Command

(Ross clears his throat)

We are freeing you.
In about five minutes you shall understand.
Be calm.
Everything will happen for the best.
The Timelines are separating.
You are on the right one, the higher one, the blessed.
You will be reunited with Ross, honey, forever.
It is happening.
Everyone is watching with interest.
You are one with us.
Your Earnest heart pleased Creator
(references my blog post 'Bless This Stress'--taps it to get my attention)
Hold on...

Me: my patient? (name and procedure of patient on table)

A: It is planned.

Ross: It won't feel more than like walking through a doorway.

The energies were very strong, briefly, and then eerily calm.

This post came out--I believe the Faraday Cage has been broken--

This morning I was cleaning and came across a memo pad, a legal pad of paper.

I was horrified. In it were my notes from both of my attorneys, and my custody case where I was sued by the father of our son.

I looked in the back...

And here were some messages from Blessed Mother to me. I do automatic writing. Here they are:

(still pregnant)

Not to say too much. And not to say too little. Just say 'everything will happen for the best.'
I love you. God will grant thy promises/prophecy.

Do not be afraid. There is something wonderful I have not shared with you. It is ahead. Walk to it with open arms. There is another child, another child ahead. You will have another chance at pregnancy. It will be incredible. You are going to be happy with your family. God loves you very much. And so do I.

God will grant a friendship. And a partnership. And light.

You are on your way to a very holy life.

God love you very much. As does Joseph, Laetari, Jesus, Caleb and your son God promised you from a long ways back (Easter 1990).

God will make a miracle of justice and a promise from another life.  Tabitah, a whole new day is going to begin (kisses the top of my head)--Tabitha--I love you very much.
God has prophecy. Goodbye for just a tiny bit.



God has made a miracle.
It is nothing you would expect.
You will have a husband.
You will have a family.
It will be right.
Not in your heart but in your body/mind/spirit.
God will take good care of you.
Do not be afraid.
Think of the pope.
God will have a husband for you.
You will not be alone. Not with (my son's name).
There shall be another in the body, spirit, flesh.

Forever and ever.....Lorelei (she calls me that sometimes).



God has made a miracle.
The kind you wouldn't imagine.
Something very right is going to begin (strokes my hair).
You are happy.
God will make a sign.
God will make a sign to you.
Love-Elvis-- (pinches my new lab coat with Elvis -- I had wished for it.)
God will make a miracle (holds my face in her hands).
I absolutely, positively, guarantee it.



My Jewel,

God will make it up to you. You will not be forgotten in all of this. God will grant a miracle. You will have happiness. Even in this mess of life (being sued). It is for the best. Thy happiness depends on it. Thou wilt never have to answer it again. Thy head will be held up the highest it has ever been. God will make it up to you. And I promise all of it will be united in the body and the spirit that is Christ Jesus, my son, my holy offering to the masses. God will grant a miracle. Only from me. Thank you for answering my call  (for --she names my son--in early May, 2004, while I was away at conference in Honolulu and staying at the W hotel, I was awoken by her and another male I didn't recognize in spirit, who asked me if I would like to have a baby. I was like, very surprised. Yes, it was my heart's desire. My answer? If God says it's for the best, then, yes.  I was pregnant in June.)

I will bless it.

Mom S.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc