Thursday, May 1, 2014

Discover The Vastness Of Your Heart

I listen to the sounds of morning as it arrives to my home.

The crickets are chirping.
The birds are singing a chorus only they understand--but it seems important to them!
The freeway is ever present, the sound of cars and trucks going by on the road.

The sky is lightening, faintly...

This is when I send Reiki to you.

In solitude, I connect to All That Is, and do what I was taught to do with my Reiki Healing Art.

I send it to everyone who has ever read any of this blog, who has liked Doctors With Reiki on Facebook or followed it on Twitter...and to all their friends and families too.

I also send it to those who have done the same on several websites I follow.

And I cross link my healing list to the healing lists of other Reiki practitioners who are following this work too.

At first it was heavy, but each time it got easier to work with the energies...and with baby steps I have worked up to where I am today.

This wouldn't be possible to meditate and connect to the vast source of strength that is carried within, if I had on the TV or the Radio or was focusing on my long 'to do' list, would it?

We each are given a powerful heart center that connects to All That Is, to Source. It is our heritage, at birth. All of the solutions to problems, challenges, and how to live our dreams--exist in the timeless space deep within our hearts, our souls, our higher selves...

How do I meditate?

I think of God.

I can be driving a car, cooking dinner, folding laundry. I do not have a meditation room, or a Reiki room in my home. Everywhere I am is 'Reiki', is it not?

So for those who lost me at the 'I send Reiki out' to the many part--how can she send it without asking for consent individually!?--well--I technically 'make it available to them' by sending it to their Guardian Angel. This does not violate free will. It's a loophole. And I found it to help heal everyone I can. It's okay, spiritually, to do this. It doesn't hurt anyone. And when the guardian angel knows it is right, the guardian angel sends the healing to the individual...

Just for today, think about God and Heaven.

Just for today, why not notice the wonder of all that is which surrounds you?

Just for today, enjoy Nature, and take small steps to protect Gaia and her delicate ecosystems.

Just for today, 'be the bigger person' and be an ambassador of Peace to everyone around you in your day.

Just for today, see the wonder, majesty and beauty that you are. I see it clearly! If you would like to borrow my glasses, so you can see it too, I offer them to you...with an outstretched hand...from my heart.

For 'Extra Credit', why not try reaching out to those in Spirit who powerfully love you? Your angels, guides, deceased Loved Ones, and your eternal Twin Flame/Twin Soul? It can't hurt! Here is a link to what it felt like to someone who met their Twin in meditation--

Ross joins me in wanting to share our happiness as reunited Twin Flame souls across the veil. He raises our hands we are holding together to show you his joy at having me at his side once that you can have your Twin at your side together with you, as well.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc and Ross

All of Me by John Legend