Friday, May 30, 2014

The Discern-O-Meter: Turning It Up

What is a Discern-O-Meter?

I'm just messing with you. I made it up.

I'm serious.

I am trying to get a lesson that was just taught me into a form so you can learn from it too.

So I'm making it up with the best things I have to 'get the picture across'.

Are you ready?

Let's begin.

This meter tells you one thing--blood sugar.
And it hurts.
Do you think a Discern-O-Meter is going to hurt?


This one is a manual way to measure the blood pressure.
I think it is uncomfortable when it squeezes tight
I feel like my entire arm is going to explode!
And in a way, this also measures 'life stress', indirectly--my mother used to always say, 'Stop doing THAT! You are making my blood pressure go UP!'

Is a Discern-O-Meter going to have anything to do with discomfort and stress?

No WAY!!!

This one has to do with the emotions and makes me think of a song from a musical....

Popular by Kristin Chenowith in Wicked

Liking something has nothing to do with whether it is true or not, does it?

Today I had three 'Discernment Tests':
  • There was a prayer request sent to me. It was for a certain hotspot of a political region. Of COURSE I would pray! But this tag line caught my Discern-O-Meter: the angels say if you DON'T do this terrible things will happen. I thought, hmmmmm? My next thought was should I MENTION it to the person who sent this? You have to be very careful because of the vibrational differences--what might be very clear to one might be completely 'hidden' to another who is not yet sufficiently 'awake' enough to appreciate the subtle truth. This is the meaning behind the expression, 'you who have eyes that see.'   In fact, on 'fighting' anything, or 'focusing with intent' on anything, even if it is against it, this very thought gives energy to the situation, and in fact, exacerbates it. This has to do with the laws of the Universe, the laws of Manifestation, and the simple truth that the Universe does not hear 'don't'.    It changes a 'don't' to 'do'! Therefore, worry is prayer for something you DON'T want to happen.
  • Are you SURE your new Reiki symbol is from the Light? well, these days I am not one hundred percent sure about anything. I once trusted in Sai Maa Diksha, and did it on my patients in the O.R. as part of the Reiki treatment. During Sai Maa Diksha once done on me, I SAW her, Sai Maa, with my third eye! I liked it as free, and spiritually based. I didn't like the allegations on money and lavish expenses I saw online about  her and her teacher Sai Baba.  It turns out that the Oneness Blessing does a sort of seeding of negative implants into the aura; it is not of the Light. It is a way of targeting the spiritual community and causing weakness and inability to unify for a cause. Once I found that out, I changed and stopped doing it ever again. I had my aura cleared by a professional. And I double-checked on it with another one, my teacher! Just to be sure! And I NEVER did the Oneness Blessing again!  The same is true for the Catholic Church, a certain Snake Name guy I used to know, a dead Irishman who gives channeled me this is a natural progression--as your vibration goes UP, you discern MORE, and you change to seek what RESONATES with you. (my student said, 'I just can't pay attention and I stop reading it when it is disinfo. It just happens and I give up and move on to the next thing.' See? Her Higher Self and her intuition is protecting her!)
  • The inside-track from Ashtar that my cousin sent to me today. I was confused. This is like, WHAT??? Is it true (for me)? Is it not true(for me)? Is it? Is it not? Then I found the part about mindfulness. Everything I've ever learned is about being Heart-Centered; following your 'feelings' is a way of keeping in touch with Source. This article that was sent to me is saying to master the emotions! Then I saw the figurehead. This individual is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I was taken in by this 'one' too in the past. I never would have guessed it! I had always hoped they were of the Light, because well, I always am hopeful... (this one has lots of real estate holdings and appears to be batting for the other team...not the Light.) Did I tell my Cousin? Not yet....

Are you confused?

Let's simplify it into three easy steps....


Step Two:   YOUR HEART CENTER WILL TELL YOU WHAT FEELS 'RIGHT' AND WHAT DOESN'T. ..every single time.  Listen to this 'inner guidance'. Trust your gut when it comes to anything, any decision you have to make, and to any body.

Step Three:    YOU DRIVE THE CAR AND YOU CAN MAKE IT GO ANYWHERE YOU WANT IT TO GO.   You are in charge of your Outlook and only you alone can change it!   
 (did you notice the little cloud that is shaped like a heart???)

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a new, state-of-the-art, Discern-O-Meter!

It is about twelve inches lower than your eyes and your brain, and it sits right in the middle of your chest.

It goes lub-dup, lub-dup, lub-dup.

There is no need to buy the extended warranty.

There are no trade-ins.

And nothing is ever defective at the Discern-O-Meter factory.

The Quality Control achieves great honors and awards every year.

And JD Powers gives the awards for 'customer satisfaction' too!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc