Monday, May 19, 2014

Love, Patience, and Trust

Today we are going to talk about getting along with others, and working as a team on Spiritual teams.

As we grow as humanity awakens, we are going to be called to serve with others who are not like us! Although we would like to think that  we are open to Galactics and First Contact, sometimes things get bumpy with someone who just doesn't speak the language like you.

I have five people in mind, who I communicate with on a regular basis online. Let me explain how it seems to me, with each one of them:

  • One is like, totally same as me. Same jokes. Same slang. Same culture. Communication is effortless! We are both Reiki Masters, clairvoyant, and mediums. We are like two peas in a pod--that close!
  • Another has a 'little bit of accent' on the keyboard, but otherwise we have the same communication skills online. We send stickers, we LOL, we know all that stuff. We share an interest in learning about each other's culture, and the exchange is light, easy, and fun. We also are at similar levels of Spiritual Development, and we enjoy sharing this in our relationship too. We let each other know how we appreciate each other every day. (This one is a non-Reiki healer but otherwise very much the same as I am.)
  • The next one takes an effort for us to communicate, in many regards. There is a big time difference--just like the one before, too, same number of hours--but our schedules are a little harder to align. The accent is a little thicker to my ear, but is still workable. I have a clear 'read' on the energies, and with Skype, the facial expressions. Our conversations 'work'. We also have the benefit of similar life situations, with working and co-parenting. In this situation, Love Is The Solution For Everything. I apply patience, and TRUST that all is from the Light and for the Highest Good. (this person is also not Reiki trained)
  • The last one -- well, next to last--comes from a very different background. Does not watch t.v. (I don't but I have one just in case) or use a cell phone. I have to be honest with you--sometimes the phrasing and the energies that come off this person are like, not cool. I have to tell myself the frustration I am picking up is because of the LANGUAGE and the Cultural Differences--that we are both HEALERS and are working for the Light. With patience, and a willingness to go as it feels in my heart, 'more than half-way' on my part, I know we will be able to work through these little setbacks and get to know one another 'heart to heart' as fellow bloggers and friends. It's just not easy! I had to go into the garden and water some plants after today's discussion! My energy was very drained but at least the challenges were met, and we resolved our differences. (again, this person is NOT Reiki-trained, and does another type of healing successfully)
  • The last one thinks they speak English better than they actually do.(please note--everyone I mention today is WAY better at their English than I am at my French, and I am fluent in French! Just, not like I speak it every day, you know? At my house, our bedtime stories are always in French to help keep the skills up with the language).  And when I asked, politely, about the English--when it got to need some clarificaton--did you mean, um, whaaaaat? in written 'reply' and 'reply' conversation online, this one got FURIOUS with me! This was a person requesting a healing for their spouse, things were 'not looking good' on my end, but apparently there was some denial going on that I had no clue was present. The fury of a soon-to-be alone spouse 'ripped me a new one' use a local slang. I got reamed. You You YOU don't DOCTOR at ME! I didn't want YOUR MEDICAL OPINION!  I wanted THAT healing and only Reiki and get the picture. Well, I hung in there. I did everything I could to calm this reader down. And it worked. Eventually the spouse passed. And a friendship began. It is one of the closest ones I have online. It is a friendship of the heart, and it was so worth it. This person is actually giving me emotional support on a loss that can happen any time now to me. They have the unique advantage of an impending loss, and losing itself. (This person is Reiki-trained)

You don't get to do THIS without taking a lot of spills. So what? You fall. Most of the time you don't hurt anything. Except maybe your pride?

Isn't is WORTH IT to be able to enjoy the energies, and the ability to interact with Light workers from across the globe, and possibly even across the dimensions and galaxies?

So here are the ground rules. There are three:

  1. Love Is The Solution For Everything.
  2. Patience is sometimes needed to help keep number one functioning between you and others.
  3. Trust is the most important value of all--trusting yourself, and others. 
In the higher dimensions, everyone is trustworthy--because if they aren't, you will feel it in your aura, and know. That whole 'getting defensive' thing might kick in a little, but you don't have to act on those emotions. Just be cool about it, and tell yourself, 'We are on the same side!!!' and implement Rules number 1, 2 and 3.

I thought you might like to enjoy watching some surfing now. The lesson is done. There is no homework. Only extra credit--see if you can pick Kelly Slater apart from the groms (new surfers)!

Stoke O Rama

You are totally awesome, Dude! 

(both males and females in Southern California respond to the term, Dude. There IS not 'dudette' ; )  )

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc