Saturday, May 17, 2014

We Are One

Today's lesson is going to raise the awareness of what is going on around us, awareness to visualize that which is hidden from view.

It is going to be painful, and very very rude awakening for some of us.

But it is like dead flesh that needs to be removed.

Have you ever seen a pterygium?

It is extra tissue that grows over the eyes. People who have a lot of exposure to the sun are at great risk for it. If it is not removed the patient will eventually go completely blind. So hold my hand, give me about one hour and twenty minutes of you time, and you will see clearly like you have never done in many lifetimes.

(I will place a photo of a pterygium at the very end for those medically interested, okay?)

Let's begin:

Salmon Confidential Documentary 2013

Watch this movie and answer the following questions in your heart while you are watching it:

  • Who is telling the truth?
  • Who has conflict of interest?
  • If Gaia was a person, whose side would she be on?
  • Is this type of motivation limited to the example here of the salmon in British Columbia?
  • If the people making decisions on your health in this example behave in this way, how can you be sure your safety is protected by their peers in other fields of 'business'?

What we are looking for is not fear. Although anger might well up inside us, at the trick that has been played on us, it is not the anger which should move us to act. It is awareness of a deep spiritual Truth that motivates us, an emotion that is felt in the gut. It is the sense of 'something is not right and I can't place my finger on it' but I want it to never happen again.

If you have that feeling, excellent.

If you don't. that is okay. Let us now take a break and look at a picture of the beauty of Nature...

Ahhhh! Isn't that refreshing? Whenever you are growing and hit an uncomfortable spot, just kick off your shoes and socks, and get your feet on Gaia. Her energy is sure and strong and very grounding. All the stress will go out through your feet and into her, the way it was meant to be.

If you can also breathe a little fresh air, get some sunshine, and drink some cool water, all the disturbance to your energy in your aura (it is 'growing pain') will be re-set.

Are you ready? Now for the second part of the lesson:

Read this article about how the super-sized soda was born right in the heart of Southern California in the seventies, (,
and answer the following questions:

  • who is telling the truth?
  • who has conflict of interest?
  • If Gaia was a person, whose side would she be on?
  • is this type of motivation limited to the super-size soda trend in Southern California?
  • If fast-food industry, convenience stores, and the beverage companies would continue producing these large sizes in light of all medical evidence of its harm to humankind, what other areas of our health are being compromised because of profit?

Thank you for working hard today on your personal growth and development. It isn't easy, to discover a lie that has been told to you again and again so often it seemed harmless, isn't it.

I want you to remember this:

Forever Joyful is your true essence.
Do not stray too far from that center.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. The photo of the eye condition is here--it's kind of graphic so only look if you are interested in medicine, all right?

pterygium (pronounced Terr-ri-gee-um)