Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beware Of The Soul Killers

Think of your soul, your energy, your hope, as a flame of a candle.

See how these candles are protected from the elements as they burn brightly?

Your mind, and your will, and your willingness to invoke it is a form of self-protection from thoughts, ideas, and behaviors that can take away your natural brilliance as a soul.

How do I know this to be true? I lived it, yesterday. Ten new babies came to the world with my assistance. Anesthesia for obstetrics is very demanding, emotionally, technically, and requires stamina for a twenty-four hour shift. I worked hard. Plus, in the morning, the energies from Source were at their lowest I have felt since last December. I was also hungry and tired.

I was in a tailspin.

Something in me snapped. I decided I like the 'vastness' of Source so much, that I wasn't going to 'go there' with the thoughts, and actions, and expectations, that normally bring me down.

It wasn't easy. With all my might I pulled the 'nose up' out of that dive, and brought my Vibration UP.

And it worked.

That is why I am going to share this with you.

Here are some common soul-killers, and what you can do to alleviate them:

Thinking The Worst 
For years I believed that being a pessimist was superior to being an optimist, because 'you are never disappointed'. In medicine, perhaps, it helps us to 'be prepared'. But with people, and also our life experiences, a little bit of negativity can go a long way to influence the situation for the worse. Why not decide to 'be the bigger person' and 'give it the benefit of the doubt'? Sometimes, something that looks like a big 'NO' from the Universe is really 'being redirected to something better'.

Too Much Exposure To Darkness
This is inspired by Kevin Annett. It's tough to know the things he does. I watched a video footage of a witness against Ritual Abuse in Europe on his website about six months ago. It was so intensely painful for me I had to stop. I prayed to my guides, who said, 'You know enough, it's okay, you don't have to know any more.' I felt my energy at an all-time low. When faced with this situation, know that there are things we can do to boost our vitality--if the darkness 'drains' you , then go to sources of 'Light' to 'fill your cup'. Self-love and kindness, exercise, and time in nature, as well as careful attention to the foods we eat and the water we drink, can help boost us up. Remember, you have a right to hit that 'pause' button, whether it is a relative who is going through a crisis, the latest disaster on TV, or like Kevin, raising the awareness in the defense of the innocent...and to 'pause' long enough for you to get your balance back, solid and strong, before you expose yourself to anything else.

Not Speaking Your Truth
I'll be honest with you--I like my Vibration as fast and high and tight as the Galactics can make it. There is energy and Light being constantly sent to us, and as Ground Crew I am extremely sensitive to it. And when it dips externally, for example, Ashtar slowing down the upgrades to accomodate the whole of Gaia--it really gets me down. I feel like I am energetically a fish out of the water. I suffocate. But now I talk to my guides with my heart, and ask also people who understand these energies who I know--other Lightworkers, trying to discover what is going on with the energies. I reach out. I rest. And I trust when in the past I didn't. If there is something going on inside of you, and you are feeling it, it is best to explore it because it is telling you something is not right.

Believe In Yourself
You are here on Gaia for a reason. You have the skills and you were sent for this purpose, whether you realize it or not. It is much like trying to place an epidural in a patient with severe scoliosis--you do the best you can, and there are no guarantees. You stop thinking about the outcome, and you do what you were trained to do giving it all of your attention. Others and their energy can be set aside for the task at hand. You interact with those who are necessary for the completion of the assignment. You ARE the best one for the job. Literally. There is no one else like you. So trust in your heart of hearts, and go with the flow as best you can. All is well.

You Have A Black Belt In Patience--Use It!
Some days it is like spiritual test after spiritual test after spiritual test.
Your greatest weapons are humor and patience.
This too shall pass.
And for some reason, you will be a better person for having gone through it. This is certain.

You are a prayer of Intention from Creator, from Source, from the balanced energies of Divine Father and Divine Mother.

You have everything you need to accomplish your mission with your life.

The answers are within.

You will find them.

It's not simple to understand. It is easier to experience as a 'feeling in your gut' than with your mind.

You are entrusted with so much and you shall succeed at your life Purpose!!!

And for one more tool, there is a tool box for energy workers--you might like to know about: http://soul4free.wordpress.com/category/toolbox-english/

These energy healing gifts from the Archangels are there for YOU, to protect you every step of the way on your journey.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc