Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Nails For Mother's Day: A Celebration Of The Divine Feminine In You

Today I went to get a mani pedi. The color I have on is a beautiful rose.

Ross has been 'nudging' me to do this for about five months now. This is something I haven't done since I was pregnant and couldn't touch my toes. 

I am ticklish, and actually, it's not that pleasant to have someone work on my feet.

Ross is persistent. So I went when he asked!

The first day I was post-call and went, once I put my feet in the warm water to soak, and the massage chair turned on, I felt like this:

What do you think that did for my Vibration?

What do you think it did for me as a mother? As a physician who cares for people all day?

I recharged my batteries with a little self-care.

It turned out that the technician, Hannah, is actually very good. It hardly tickled. And the paint didn't chip like always. 

So I came back.

I find that others enjoy the colors on my nails, not just me. My patients. And my son. It's very nice as a reminder to myself that I am taking care of my personal needs, on some level; my schedule is just as hectic as ever, but somehow, I don't seem to miss from my busy schedule the time I spend every two weeks when I am there.

My eyes have been opened very much by the experience. I never turned into the demanding kind of person who speaks loud and dominates the technicians and expects perfection, like I was afraid I would do, because I made a habit of going to the nail salon.

Instead, Hannah and I are both quiet, and we hardly talk. She knows I think she is the best, and she is very careful to do her best work, every single time. She has a good eye for color, and I consult with her just to make sure I pick the right shade for my skin tone.

Now, because of my attention to my own Divine Feminine, I see it around me too.

For example, when I look at a family photo, I see more than the professional portrait in the frame. I see the call and planning to make that photo happen. I see the meals and doctors visits and activities that are needed by the woman to keep that family healthy and alive. I see the clothes laundered, folded, and put away. I even see the shopping that was done to purchase those clothes. 

I see the huge gap that is created in the absence of the mother. (Or the partner who plays that role).

Why is it in most marriages it is the woman who has the 'dirty work' of changing diapers and cleaning the bathrooms--traditionally?

Why is it that liberated women insist on a cleaning person to 'save the marriage' because she knows in her heart it isn't fair the way the work is divided between the two in the marriage?

Why is it that women are paid less, and also not given the flexibility to deal with a sick child or ailing family member when they work full-time?

Why doesn't anybody notice? Or anybody care?

There is so much to be learned by taking an interest in something that is decidedly feminine. Whether it is nails, or scrapbooking, or some other hobby...

Balance with the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, both within our hearts and our own energy system--and as a society--lead to this common conclusion:

And it feels just like this too--all beach-y and barefoot and laid back, doesn't it?

There is room for every color that exists when the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are balanced. 

Each has a gift that is important to the whole...

So Happy Mother's Day:
  • To all the older siblings who help with the younger kids
  • To all the teachers
  • To all the coaches who are female, and all the team moms too
  • To all the birth moms who might otherwise have been forgotten years after the adoption process
  • To all the adoptive moms who do a service to society that is much appreciated
  • To the Surrogate Moms who give the gift of life
  • To all moms who have been on Bed Rest through a difficult pregnancy
  • To all moms who had a crash c-section unexpectedly
  • To all moms who bear the changes to their body--stretch marks and pfannensteil incisions (the c-section scar)
  • To all moms who have lost a child--through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death, or later
  • To all grandmothers and aunties
  • To all BFF's
  • To all of the feminine I might have forgotten--oh yes, including all nuns, both Buddhist and Catholic
  • To Our Divine Mother and Blessed Mother and Mother Mary and Quan Yin who support us in every way
  • To all the single mothers who won't get much from the Baby Daddy when it comes to celebrating...or from the ex-husbands for that matter too. (I got a card and a pack of five black gel pens. My son wanted to buy a Taco Bell gift certificate. The dad said, 'I'm not going to spend twenty-five dollars!' LOL. This year, actually, he washed our son's clothes and wished me a happy mother's day. I am content and filled with gratitude at the gesture. It's more than in the past...)
  • To all the moms of Fur Babies....
  • To all moms who watch us from Heaven <3
I wish you love and joy and happiness, and powerful recognition for your gifts you so selflessly share in the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion on Gaia's surface....

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc