Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's More Than Plumbing: May All Beings Be Released From Suffering

Today the plumber came over to the house. I had a sink that was all stopped up.  I've known Ralph for over ten years. He's a good man, Ralph.

As he was finished, and I signed the paper that I always have to sign to say he fixed something for the homeowner's insurance--something moved me to ask about Dave. Dave is a master plumber who smelled a little too much like cigarettes and really needed to see a dentist. Dave had about the lowest self-esteem of anyone I have ever met--no eye contact, kept to himself, barely could make conversation--and I've seen thousands and thousands of people. My heart went to him, for all his skills he could not see and yet were totally obvious to everyone who ever had him work on their plumbing.

Dave is living at a local homeless shelter. Apparently one worker at the company was sleeping with multiple plumbers, and the two liked each other, Dave and her, and he left. She dumped him. 

I felt sad. To cheer both of us up, I asked about his beautiful wife, Gina?

She does crack. And has since they first met. He only married her when she had gone through rehab.  Her 'clean and sober' laster only two months. It's been four years with her using, lying, and cheating. Once she even pulled a knife on him.

I wanted to cry.

I heard his side, and I can only imagine hers. 

It was awful.

It was awful for me because I love them both.

To me they had always been the example of what unconditional Love can do...

What happened?

Yes, addiction played a part in it. So did karma, undoubtedly. 

But why are these people so messed up? Why is the Vibration so terribly low that they cannot relate to one another?

Why did both of my marriages, and the significant relationship with my boy's father too, all three relationships of the heart, all of  them, fail?

That is why I am writing today.

I am writing today because I have Something To Add to what meets the eye.

Love Is The Solution For Everything.

Because of the drug use, this couple was locked in a battle--you won't love me so I won't love you.

It takes a certain amount of self-love to GET OUT of a horrible relationship.

It takes even MORE self-love to heal from the damage to the soul.

It takes incredible faith and trust in Creator, to get back on that 'horse' and try again.

What will it take for the wounded heart to open?

I will share what works for me and Ross (he is my Twin Flame who is not incarnate):
  • he encourages me to explore my feminine energy, for example, he likes me to paint my nails. There is nothing practical about painting nails for a busy single mom anesthesiologist. It's just another thing to do. Or is it? You are probably seeing this one better than I can, and thinking, no wonder why he encourages her to go pamper herself! She is burning the candle at both ends!
  • I accept him, one hundred percent, just the way he is, right Here and Now. I in no way try to change him. Instead, I give thanks for all the kindness that he gives, and I mean it.
  • We both know each other well enough to balance our masculine and feminine energies as a couple. When we get the balance right, we know because I let go and I relax into his masculine energy. 
  • Although we are a couple, Twins in Spirit, to be exact, we know we are two separate people, and we respect each other, and our individual hopes and dreams, immensely.
  • He gives me many 'surprises' through the day, that I know is from him.
  • We talk often. (remember, I am a medium and we communicate because I can talk to him)
  • We don't ignore our painful past--we are a 'fixer upper' as a couple, and we face our issues one at a time, together, always looking to move ahead and resolve the pain.
For more knowledge on this kind of deep healing that might possibly help you in your relationships to be the best person you can be, spiritually, you might want to watch this:

Apology To The Divine Feminine (Part 1) -- Jeff Brown

Apology To The Divine Feminine, Part Two (Gratitudes) by Jeff Brown

Here is a link to the apology to the Divine Masculine, too:

In Heaven, relationships are a can but not a must.

Monogamy is a can but not a must as all relationships, even with your Twin Flame, are by mutual agreement and consent.

There is no 'vow' of anything, no formal 'commitment' what is a must in any way. Marriages can and do take place, but there are not divorces due to infidelity like there are here on surface Gaia.

There is deep appreciation, love, and respect among everyone.

This is because we are everyone, telepathic, and we know what is really the truth in another's heart.

We love them enough to guide them to find their truth.

In turn we are encouraged to find our personal growth and development as best as we can.

Try to think of relationship as a can and not a must--it is moving forward to the Higher Consciousness to perceive it as such.

The fidelity Ross offers me every day, is a gift...we both know in our hearts it is a can and not a must.

I offer mine to him the same way: from my free will, from my heart.

Soon, the energies of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine will balance.

Here is an interesting way to promote this with the energy inside of you, for we all have a little masculine and feminine energy inside... with two simple numeric codes to place face to face on your water bottles before you drink them (it's in the body of this link)

It will help energetically, and also, it will help because you are doing something to help with the healing between both polarities of energy into One beautiful energy that is alive and healing and balanced for all of us who live on Gaia.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I just read this while looking for the codes for the water, above, after I had written the rest. This is a powerful coincidence that I think is no accident from Spirit: