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Lemuria, Atlantis, Agartha Translated to English For You

The joy I have and the laughter right now has no limit!

I am translating from German to English again, with the help of Google Translate. LOL.
Here is the original article from a book called TELOS:

Shall we jump in?

Lemuria and Atlantis , ADAMA OF TELOS
6 pre-release from the book:
" Telos - Welcome to Agartha "
The book is in the light reading on 30.05.2014 in Vienna, presents .

Lemuria and Atlantis

In the vastness of creation , there is no essence ,
there is no culture that would be equivalent to the human expression ,
no one and nothing surpasses the human
Race in courage and ability to love! Because it is you ,
who have witnessed the jeopardy of separation from the source of all life--
 you who have experienced the absolute darkness and you who
embarked upon this journey with your soul completely vulnerable and without  guarantee to return . Do you know how much you are honored for it?
The large reception, we prepare you is well-deserved! This is our expression , you --the most courageous and the most consistent Light Warriors of the Universe --welcome to celebrate with us in Agartha.

the Council of all Agarthans and the
High council of the king of the world.

Through my energy fields flows all of the ascension energies
as I am instructed: the spiritual light flux between
the worlds, between the surface and the interior of the earth
and the surface I make possible . Incessantly I create new energy pathways ,
so that each one who is Ascending on their own path , will have a
customized light bridge to us. Each one
of you loved ones, now that the concept of time has ended
and the space which separates us is dissolved , the fifth dimension of Creation arrives without prejudice and full of bliss
with us in the inner earth.

I take every opportunity stabilize the Ascension, and to give
 to all men abundantly the Spirit to rise.

I never rest;  I need neither sleep nor work breaks.
My energy system is an enlightened deity of the seventh dimension level of being, and therefore I can far above the fifth dimension reach out and bring blessings.

The Good News!
And this blessing I will now take these words to you,
like a gentle wind the gentle sea breeze blowing on the coast.
I want to reveal to you a good news that long for it
has been waiting to be revealed on this scale - and
long means from the time of Atlantis.

Far back your life , you are the first and last
Lemurians , you were the first and last Atlanteans , you are the
first and last saints on the upper earth , where you are now located--know these facts are true.
Today you had complete
Healing of all wounds in the time-space structure , returning Gaia today back
 into the light of Creator , and finally now you may obtain your transfiguration.

The events of Atlantis left deep traces in you .
Wounds that are not healed to this day, with plenty of love,
Understanding and knowledge were provided . Many of you who now are leaving this world behind, still bear heavy emotional baggage from the times of Atlantis. Backpacks heavy as lead ,
their straps tear deep wounds in your shoulders .

Many of you were present in Lemuria and Atlantis ,
when the abuse and the great upheavals began .
Many of you were in the middle of an endless game of
intense experience of suffering , and this suffering is still with

After Lemuria was destroyed , some Lemurians relocated
to Atlantis. They were the ones with those Atlanteans who collaborated with
Darkness and finally were devoured by dark energies and power abuse . That said, many old Lemurians in Atlantis rose to the highest social circles
and formed the elite. In Atlantis they continued the game
that caused Lemuria to perish ,  and continued to the peak.
Until about 8000 years, this realm of manipulation fell victim to power ,  to the abuse of sacred knowledge and to the
selfish application of the cosmic master keys.

The central point of all manipulations was the
Abuse of the universal divine knowledge , through the
Crystals as it was taught to each initiate.
Instead of using this energy for the good of society,
this knowledge was withheld from the citizens of Atlantis (or
only used by the beings of this nation for
to exploit self-serving goals).

And so became an elite group of less than one hundred initiates
the omnipotence of the continent , who used this sacred knowledge to their
own advantage.

Cut off from knowledge Atlanteans citizens degenerated
until they eventually became a weak-willed people who were easily manipulated. The situation at that time is similar to the situation on (surface) Upper Earth today.

In addition, interventions were made to the DNA of the citizens of Atlantis, causing the
once-great ones to quickly become only a shadow of their previous self, and then vanished altogether. The society of Atlantis was thus
in a governing elite and a subservient underclass
divided. The one was served , the others had to serve.
Also, the monetary system , similar to how the Orion monetary system
on the Upper Earth , was introduced and the Atlanteans were
becoming a plaything of their elites, every reference to God
was lost and this only added to the dark energies to which those
maintaining power were aligned .

The ruling elite and the priesthood of Atlantis
allied themselves in a further step , the directly into the
Downfall led , with the dark Orion elites and it was
then discovered the extent of their  corruption.

Finally infighting broke out within the hierarchy, which ultimately led to the destruction of the civilization - another direct synchronicity to today's events on the
Upper Earth .  And so these former dark allies were
bitter towards themselves and everything opposing their ideals.
The destruction of the continent was the consequence , and in
This final act of hatred they tore themselves into the depths of the sea.

Many of you were present at all these events, while you now are Ascending, you have the fateful events of Lemuria and Atlantis stored in your cellular memory. The cures for this are

Today I bring the good news to you is that all of these
Events from the cellular memory
have been deleted!  I proclaim to you , that you are forgiven ,
that you have to compensate or make up for anything.
I assure you that by the grace of God, every pain  that you have caused or has been done to you, every memory of these events,  has been cured from your Being.

You are healed.

Blessed are the days which you now reveal .
Blessed is the one you are breathing the new freedom , since you healed
of time have escaped .
Blessed is the man who can learn this,
Blessed are the world that was populated by such people.

Mother Earth gives birth to new planets, revealed the
Ascended Humanity an amazing world and
bids you welcome - Heaven on Earth!

Trust , you gods . Familiar .
High priest , and to the reunification of the peoples
and the degree of change acting Regent
Telos .

Invitation to light reading & book launch - ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL:

Wasn't that beautiful?
I left his 'good bye' in the format that most of the message was in, just so you could experience a little of the Google Translate German Flavor first hand....(big smiles!)

Thank you Archangels Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael for helping me to make some sense of all this for the English-speaking people who shall read this beautiful message for today.

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