Sunday, May 18, 2014

3/2 and 4/3

Today's lesson is totally fun.

There is nothing serious about this.

Even the title is lovingly playful--it is the thickness of our wetsuits that we bought today and wore for the first time.

I went to the beach with my son, and we boogie boarded for the day.

It was wonderful!

So here are some pictures to let you know what Southern Californians actually do in their spare time.

Everyone who surfs out here, on a regular basis, needs a wet suit. If you can only afford one, you get a 3/2 full length. You can wear it all year. The numbers indicate the thickness of the neoprene--mine is three millimeters thick on the areas that need to be warmest, and two millimeters thick everywhere else. My boy's is four millimeters thick in patches, and three millimeters thick everywhere else.
Although the water temperature was sixty degrees Fahrenheit, we were comfortable and stayed in the water all day.

The surf was strong, and there is a drop off at the beach we were at. You have to stay knee deep, no further than waist high, otherwise without fins the waves will carry you out to the ocean.

To go past the drop off, you need to have swim fins, short ones that are powerful and used for body boarding. Otherwise the surf will sweep you out to sea.

We saw the lifeguard go out to warn people five times, just for this reason.

It was really, really fun.

My boy kept saying, 'Oh my gosh! Look! Those are MAVERICKS!' when they were really about five to six feet tall. They are pretty huge to watch them coming in! And the break made for a tube. The fin guys out there, and the regular surfboard surfers, had a lot of fun out at the first break. We rode the whitewash in, and it was pretty exciting.

So here are some more photos to show you the basics of body boarding (boogie boarding is the same thing).

The waves were just like this--and this is what it looked like today--and how it felt.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc