Friday, May 2, 2014

What God Has Put Together...

No man can ever put asunder.

For those of you who are Reuniting with your Twin Soul, your Twin Flame, your Soul Mate, at this very blessed and special time upon Gaia, remember, you have the following things in common--this is how you will know 'This Is It' and 'It Is Really Happening':

  • The male is genuinely in love with the woman--you can see it in his face, his eyes, and his manner--when he loves sincerely with his body and soul.
  • There is intimacy of the heart, and knowing that they are a team, united in everything.
  • God smiles upon their being together. The energy between them is palpable, and bright.
  • There is Vastness that has the ability to overcome all differences, all separation, all misunderstanding.
  • It isn't always easy 'walking' the path--when you misstep, follow your heart, and let it speak to you. You partner will catch you and help you up and be completely understanding of you.
  • There is great preparation, great value, and great beauty in the Reunion with your Twin, be it on Earth (two incarnate), in Heaven (two disincarnate), or Long-Distance Through The Veil (one of each). 
  • There are no right or wrongs when it comes to the Twin Flame Reunion--it is impossible to make 'mistakes' as time is on your side, and Heaven will allow a 'do over' for as many times as it takes, until both are on the same wavelength of the heart.
Just for today, why not draw your Twin close to your soul, to your heart, and let them rest?

It's been a long Journey for everyone on surface Gaia.

You don't need to say words, or even think about it. Just imagine they are next to your with their energy, Here and Now, and hold one another together in a safe, and warm, embrace of Unconditional Love. This union of your energies shall cross distance, space, and time, because it is quantum energy--Love --and is the only thing in the Illusion that is REAL.

Let your Twin LOVE you.

And God will take care of the rest.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc