Thursday, May 29, 2014



Ah, that's just the number I saw on some plumber's truck the other day.

It got your attention!

Would you like to hear a joke?

It is an old one that I think, if you are medically trained, you will 'get'--if not--well, that's okay too.

Q.  How do you hide twenty dollars from an internal medicine doctor?
A.  Hide it under the dressing. (The surgical dressing on the patient).

Q.  How do you hide twenty dollars from a surgeon?
A.  Put it in the chart.

Q.  How do you hide twenty dollars from a radiologist?
A.  Put it on the patient.

Q.  How do you hide twenty dollars from an anesthesiologist?
A.  Tell the patient where it is.

Q.  How do you hide twenty dollars from a plastic surgeon?
A.  You can't.

That one is kind of true, for me, as an anesthesiologist.

Lately Spirit has been forcing me to interact with people in a way that is not my strength.

It's like having to work on my backhand in tennis, instead of my forehand swing--a little uncomfortable, but I know it's good for me.

Here are some examples:

  • Being sent to the surgery center where I think they don't like me because I insist on oxygen for my patient between the O.R. and PACU. It comes in little green E cylinders. For some reason they just skip it. This April, I was seated at a wedding on the beach with a whole table full of people from THERE who I haven't worked with since December. I had to make CHIT CHAT. : P  It turned out we had a lot in common, and today, when I came in, I was welcomed with open arms.
  • My boy's teacher. She is spiritually 3D, in her vibration. She gave a punishment today that made him cry. It was arbitrary. It was labeling. It was trying to break him. He was upset and unable to finish the assignment he was given as punishment for two hours. I asked Archangel Raphael to help me out... At one point I was cooking dinner, washing the dishes, and the child said, 'I am weak in spirit'...Immediately I came to where he was, got down to his eye level, and said, 'You aren't going to find anyone stronger than me. I am one strong motherfucker. I am a single mother. I work full time. I went through medical school. I PAID for medical school! Do you know how many people do THAT? Very few. And you know what YOU are? You are HALF me! I gave you my breath...'  The words came out of my heart. They were crude. They were simple. But it worked and he was able to finish the assignment.  (Ross made a comment as I finished cooking and saw him working quietly. He said, 'you were beautiful!'
  • My ex. He asked to borrow the pass to Disneyland for this weekend. The last time he did it, I knew it was because he wanted to take our son (which I don't mind) and his new girl (which I did) and get the discount from the annual pass I paid a lot of money to buy!!! I felt like I was being used to fund his date! I was irate about it for weeks and fumed and thought, for our boy, it's okay, but for HER (he practically ignored our son the last time and made him ride in the rides by himself so he could ride with her and he talked with her and ignored him). Today I got the text, 'would you mind sending the pass in the bag this weekend?' There is a new girl, who is just a 'friend' and our son likes her. I was like, 'okay'. there was no rancor, no feeling used, no anger or frustration on my part, at all, although the actions were the same.
  • The new to Reiki lady at the crystal store this afternoon, who was talking about how the Reiki healer who had just worked on her 'cleared her chakras and removed attachments' etc. etc. caught my eye as I was shopping for some Moldavite. I looked up, smiled politely, and didn't say a word about who I am or what I do...I thought about it, but decided to let her enjoy her special day and talk instead of listen to me.
  • The 'I'm leaving on a fabulous cruise tomorrow' lady in line ahead of me at the same store, who talked forever. I smiled and said, 'I am happy for you'. When she left I also gave her a hug. She was taken aback--how SWEET! she exclaimed.' I used to be really JEALOUS of others who could travel when I could not. Not anymore!

It's almost as if there is a list, a checklist of sorts, and someone is going through it one item at a time to make sure that everything I needed to be tested on, I had one more chance to show I had 'grown' on it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc and Ross


Ross is here. He says, 'I want a song.' and 'God has something fantastic!'.

Let's see what he comes up with!

Aloha 'Oe -- Hawaiian Farewell Song

I want you to understand what I mean by this song selection.
Ponder it.

Aloha nui loa to everyone reading this.

With so much love and tenderness for you,
Thank you for answering my call.