Sunday, May 25, 2014

Forty-Six Brothers And Sisters--And The Heart Of Eternity

Yesterday I was guided to ask the R.N. I was going out to breakfast how many children there were in her family while she was growing up.

Without batting an eye, she turned to me, and calmly said, 'I have forty-six brothers and sisters.'

'I feel sorry for your mom!' I quipped back, almost falling off my chair at her statement.

'In our country is it okay to have more than one wife. We lived in a compound, and there were TWO dining room tables, big ones. We ate in groups of ten, and did everything for our routines ten people at a time. All of the women were pregnant at the same time. With MY mother, there are six children. I am the second-oldest of the six.' she explained.

My thoughts raced, and my brain struggled to process the information!

I asked, pointedly, 'How was your father able to support all of those mouths to feed?!'

Again, quite calmly, she explained that they had major FARMS in the family, and grew their own food and meat to support themselves for food. Plus, her father was a tax collector, so they had enough for other things, too. For example, all of the children, including herself, went to boarding school and got a good education.

As a matter of fact, it was thought to be a sign of abundance to have a large family. If one only had five children in all, others would think, 'Oh, how sad it is for you to have such a small family.'

She studied to be a nurse. She said that there were very few c-sections or even doctors present for the childbirth. A c-section was 'a luxury'.

It was the midwives. They were able to 'take out the kids--the breech, the twins, the dystocias--on their own.'

I asked, 'Well, then aren't there a lot of kids with developmental delays and other abnormalities from traumatic birth?'

Both she and her niece said, in unison, 'There ARE!'

This nurse, her dream is to become a Nurse Anesthetist and go back home. There are very few anesthesiologists back where she lives, inland. The ones that come commute from the Saudi Arabia, and are very highly paid.

She wants myself, a general surgeon, and a neurosurgeon to go there and train others to do our specialties...she has been asking for the past five years.

But there is great poverty, and the hospitals do not have adequate supplies and technology. The pulse ox is 'the old one that has the probe that is big and blue' and the blood pressure cuffs are the old-fashioned ones that are manual...

What IS Liberia? Isn't it where the slaves who wanted to go back to Africa were sent from America?

I looked it up.

On Wiki.

Here are the basics:

  • 1820 -- region colonized by freed African-American Slaves (prior to this the Kru peoples traded with Europeans for commodities and actively in the slave trade)
  • The religious practices, social customs, and cultural standards were from the American Antebellum South.
  • The men wore top hat and tails, and modeled their homes after the slave owners plantation homes.
  • They called themselves Americo-Liberian. The total of freed slaves that were convinced to come here were only 528 who came with the American Colonization Society.
  • Most of the Americo-Liberian men were members of the order of the Masonic Order of Liberia--which became heavily involved in the area's politics.
  • In the 1950's, President William Tubman encouraged investment in Liberia, and the country had the second-highest rate of economic growth.
  • Liberia was a founding member of the United Nations in 1945
  • In 1980 -- a military coup led by Master Sergeant Samuel Doe Jr. overthrew and killed President William R. Tolbert Jr. 
  • Bloody civil wars followed from 1989 - 1996. Doe was captured and executed in 1990.
  • Ellen Johnson Sirleaf won the election, and was the first female President in all of Africa, in 2005.

Something smells like a rat.

Remember all those posts I did about Papa Rat?

I just sense it.

So I looked more.

This whole area is notoriously unstable. And I know that the Congo Invasion in 1996 brought open a HUGE portal for negative non-physical entities (Archons and more) to come in through this wormhole to 3D Earth.

We had almost been liberated, with full dissolution of the Galactic Quarantine on Gaia, around that time, until this devastating loss for the Resistance, the Light Forces who are working so hard to gain us our freedom and return to us our Galactic Sovereignty...

My heart began to connect the dots. Look at this picture of a fortress in Liberia. Feel the energies. They are very, very low in Vibration. There are a lot of trapped souls here, souls who were tortured to death, and NOT just because of the military...

I searched more, for the images, to tell the story. There are surprisingly few photos online on the site where I go to search for them, of everyday life in Liberia.

There are the stamps!

Lots and lots of them. American Presidents. Puppies. Princess Diana. Children's Organizations. And these...

I can't put my finger on it, but this has something to do with the Ley Lines

This seems so primitive--and this was from the 1980's, seeking investments in Liberia

Health care is Third World in this region, still!

I don't know what this is, but it unsettles me deeply.
There is something more to this than some President's middle initial. 
Something mystical to do with the Kru and trading that I just don't understand...

Then I saw it. The Millennium Star, the most flawless of all diamonds. The Heart of Eternity Diamond. How De Beers bought it. How it went on display in London at the Millennium Dome...then later the Smithsonian.

There is so much negativity in these gems. Can you feel it too?

And that at the Millennium these gems, which are another word for crystals, which can be programmed for positive or um, not-so-positive uses, were on display for all the world at that time...

The Millennium Star

The Heart of Eternity

The official 'display' that went on 'tour'...

There you have it--
  • blood diamonds
  • misery and suffering
  • bloodshed and civil war
  • assassinations
  • military coups
  • poverty
  • those who are in the same organization as Papa Rat
  • negative entities, archons, and more...

What can you do about it?


Love Is The Solution For Everything.

Tap into it.

Send Healing, Light, and All Divine Assistance to this troubled part of the world.

Keep raising your Vibration in everything you do.

Keep strong your connection to Gaia and to sunshine and to Nature and to Spirit.

Ask your Heart Center what is True and what is Lies Being Given to you.

Everything is going to be okay...

With so very much love,
I dedicate this post to  Emorea.

Aloha and Mahalos, 

Reiki Doc

Battle Scars, by Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian

Please watch this video to the VERY END for the Message...

By The Way--LOVE WINS.