Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Beloved? Love Is Real.

My dear sweet Beloved?

This message is about as clear as the Significance of the symbol Om to those who have not studied the Spiritual Arts...

Did you know that the symbol for Om is the sound and the energy of the Universe, and what makes it go?

It is the highest symbol there is in some of my studies I have taken. 

That is why I wear it around my neck.

And yet when people ask, I smile warmly and say lightly, 'Om? It is a Yoga Thing, you know?'

I pause and I look in their eyes and smile again.

In this way, the symbol of Om is not able to separate, and the smile that goes with it is able to unite on an unconscious level, with the energy of my heart and my vibration, or 'aura'.

Let us decipher the message of my Beloved.

This is a message of the Beach.

Everyone loves to go to the beach, well almost everyone.

Isn't this picture of the ocean very beautiful? I like it!

Is it not true we get sand all over everything, even wet and heavy in our swim suit?

Is it not true we get sunburns and stings and step on things that might make our feet sore?

Are not the waves and currents sometimes strong enough to suck you right in to the water with a Rip Tide and carry you far out from the shore?

Is it not a fact that most public beaches need a full-time lifeguard to watch them, and intervene if something comes up?

Well--despite all this---everyone still loves to go to the beach so much, they travel far and wide to arrive there. They fight the parking lot and make trips and trips to the car to carry all of 'the stuff'--the body boards, the sand shovels and pails, the food, the towels, and the picnic...

I know for myself once I snorkel I never want to get out of the water! I could stay there until sunset when I can't see and then I would have to get out. I'd be talking about my experiences very excitedly, and waiting eagerly until the time I could get back in and watch all the animals who live under the water at the coast!

What my Beloved is trying to say is, Life Is A Beach and He LOVES YOU VERY MUCH.

Just in case you missed the message, YOU ARE VERY LOVED BY SOURCE/THE DIVINE/CREATOR.

That is all you need to know.

And don't forget to wear your rash guard so you do not get a sunburn while you are having fun.

If you get a sunburn anyway, your mother has a cream to make your skin feel better.

Have a good time!

Remember how very much you are LOVED...

And that Love Is The Solution For Everything.

All the rest is going to figure itself out, one way or another.

You have a good head on your shoulders, and all of us believe in YOU.

I Miss You -- Blink 182

Even though this music video doesn't make any sense, and is a kind of disturbing, isn't the song beautiful?

So when life doesn't make any sense, and is kind of disturbing, do your best, and enjoy the music.

After all, it is just a song. And the next one might be more meaningful to you.

You are the music.

You are living your life to learn your life lessons. 

They aren't easy.

And this isn't a pass or fail test.

Everyone gets an A plus.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. For another point of view, making three that 'get to' the same basic message--you might want to check out this. It's kind of 'woo' and 'New Age' stuff, but it gets to the same basic point--don't sweat the small stuff and Heaven Loves You Very Much.