Saturday, May 24, 2014

We Design: A Treatise On What Galactic Really Is

Are you ready to have fun?

Today's lesson is very Light.

In more ways than one!

Let us begin....

Are you familiar with the automobile? This is the wheel or 'rims' of a tire, right?

They didn't always look like this. In fact when I was a girl, all hubcaps looked rather like this:

And like this:

Now what does that have to do with the Galactics? You are probably thinking I am a tease, am I not?

Oh no! Quite the contrary. I have a point and I am going to make it!

Look at this wheel in motion on a Japanese car, a newer version. Tell me what you see in the wheel...look carefully....and see if you can 'get it':

What happens to the wheel? And the 'hubcaps'? Can you see them?


You can see all the way through to the brakes, can't you?

When the car is moving very fast, the spokes or rims become almost invisible, don't they?

It could be said that the tire in this state is at a Higher Vibration, do you agree? 

It is invisible to the eye.

Let me repeat this:  the physical matter-the very metal itself-- of the wheel  rotating at high speed becomes invisible to the eye.

Does this make sense?

There is an optical illusion, and inability for the human eye to 'see' the structures when they are moving at this rate. It is similar to the optical illusion that is made by the film industry with the frames of a movie film to give motion, is it not?

The human eye cannot see what the heart can 'pick up' and 'sense' with a 'feeling'--therefore the Heart is capable of 'sensing' that which is of a higher vibration when it comes to the Galactics.

Being a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Divine Peace Healing Practitioner, and Medium (I talk with spirits) makes my 'natural vibration' very high. So out of all these hubcaps, the one that represents me would be one with the least metal in it--would the lower right one perhaps be an example for now?

So when I 'spin' or 'meditate' with my Consciousness, I can achieve that 'state' a little faster than someone else who perhaps has 'more metal' in their 'hubcap' which represents their 'vibration'.

This is how I am able to communicate with Ross, my beloved Twin Flame. Although his energy is WAY higher than mine, we are able to 'match' our frequencies within a certain 'range' and communicate heart to heart.

What happens when some people who have the most metal, perhaps like the very top right, spin as fast as the Galactic Vibrations? 

They can't see through to the other side, no matter how hard they try to reach them.

Their vibration can't 'make the jump' no matter how fast their 'wheel' is turning.

The more you meditate, the more you Let Go, the more you Open Your Heart...
The More you Forgive, the more you LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, the more you Are The Bigger Person...
The more you Give The Benefit Of The Doubt, the more you Respect and Appreciate the Other...

The more open your 'wheel' or your 'hubcap' becomes; you are raising your natural frequency of your Vibration.

Galactics are people like us, who exist at a Higher Vibrational Frequency. just like the Angels, just like our Loved Ones Who Have Passed.

There is a lot 'Out There' that we just can't 'see' with our human eyes.

I 'see' with my third eye, my intuition, my sense I have practiced with time, and I can 'see' ghosts who have passed, their face shape, their body, their clothing.  I can 'see' angels and feel the softness of their wings. I gaze upon Ross, look him in the eye, and can feel him and touch him, but not with my hands...we touch each other with the Consciousness of our Hearts. Yet I can feel it when he gives me a kiss, right on my lips, and I know he can feel it too.  It feels just the same as when I have kissed people who are in 3D.  Our energies can connect in a special way that reaches across the dimensions we both are in.

And the Vibration of Gaia, and all living beings who live upon Her, are increasing every day, constantly, to reach Vibrations that are the same as the Galactics.

We are on a speeding train, when it comes to the frequency, as Gaia is going BACK to her original Pure and Natural 5D state of vibration.

She is taking all of us with Her.

Our Higher Selves, and our Collective Consciousness, decided on this with Her some time in the past.

The Galactics live in a higher Frequency of Love Energy which is Heaven.

They Love us Unconditionally.

They have a greater perspective on the Big Picture, for they see all Timelines at Once.

They have infinite patience, wisdom, and compassion for us in our limited existence in 3D.

If you Open your Heart, you might get to know them, me...

That is enough for today.

I hope you enjoyed your Lesson on what it is like to be Galactic.

Soon you will be Galactic in your heart, as well.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. For those of you who are wondering, the Archons and Negative Beings exist at a very LOW vibration. They are not comfortable with the Goddess Energy or the Very High Vibration of the Light and Love of Heaven. In fact, they are Highly Allergic to the Light.

Therefore, the Higher your Vibration, with your thoughts and your heart and your Consciousness, the more you will make these creatures uncomfortable and the more your Aura will be able to protect you and repel them at the same time!

Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys