Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Two Recipes For You--Home Cooked Vegetarian

Today we are going to take a break and enjoy some time in the kitchen.

I have a recipe that is my grandmother's that I would like to share with you. It uses fava beans that are fresh from the garden.

It is Sicilian. We will pair it with a citrus salad I created myself, right here, in this kitchen, for the first time, to go with this main dish, a fritatta.

Fresh Fava Bean Fritatta:

two large shallots, minced
two Anaheim (long green, mild) chili peppers, cores and seeds removed, and cut into small pieces
roughly one to one and a half cups fresh fava beans taken out of the pods
fennel tops, about one quarter cup, cut fine

three eggs
one half cup whole milk
a dash of nutmeg


  1. take the butter, not quite one quarter stick, and melt it in the skillet
  2. add shallot until just starting to turn clear
  3. add pepper until it starts to turn bright green
  4. add fava beans
  5. add fennel tops
Watch for everything to look a little soft

  1. mix together eggs, milk, and nutmeg
  2. pour over vegetable mixture
  3. cook over low heat until cooked through.

Now I have to share with you a secret--no matter how many fritattas I make, the top always comes a little goopy. I don't like to have goopy eggs. So I turn it over to cook it. The end result isn't as colorful, but at least it's really cooked. It looks like this:

It will need salt but each person should take a little Himalayan Salt and salt it to their taste on their own plate.

Sunshine Citrus Salad:

one orange, peel cut off and cut into bite size pieces
one Sicilian blood orange, peel cut off and cut into bite size pieces
fresh fennel bulb, cut very thin, one third cup
one tangerine, peeled, and broken apart into sections
juice of five key limes
zest of two grated kumquats

The two dishes go very well together.

The Divine Feminine rejoices when we nourish ourselves, and when we share things we enjoy doing with one another. I enjoy cooking very much. I thank you for your interest in these recipes, old and new, from my kitchen to yours.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

(Everything in this recipe is organic and locally grown, fresh. The Fava beans are from my back yard.)

*****Please note that the pan is ceramic non-stick, and contains NO teflon. It is a Greenpan.