Monday, May 26, 2014

A Day Of Remembrance

On Friday, May 23, 2014,  I felt moved by spirit to write a blog post for Memorial Day.

As I looked through the images to select, I looked under the search, 'Jewish Memorial Candle'. I found two beautiful images that were very striking, and meaningful, in the remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust in WW 2.

I didn't download them, but I save them as a favorite in a file.

I didn't know why I felt so connected to these images, and these people, at the time.

The very next day, which was Saturday, my son had a playdate in the afternoon with a classmate who was going to be at his grandmother's house.

His grandmother is pleasant, and must have had her children very young because she looks great! And not much older than me! LOL...

As the boys played, we talked.

It turns out both of her parents are Holocaust survivors.

I apologized at once for their great suffering. And I shared how I have seen the tattoos, the numbers on the arm of some of my patients who are older, and how they frighten me, the horror, of those tattoos from the concentration camps. (Image is here:

She said, 'Those people are from Auschwitz. That is the only place where they branded the people who were there.'

She said, 'Some survivors like to talk. Others keep it to themselves. My father never talked about it. My mother talked. But it wasn't good. It was like she was still there, always frozen in time with fear, back to there.'

She went on...

Her grandparents were successful in business and politics in Hungary. They owned much land, and the house was like the home in The Sound Of Music. The worker for the family was German. He always had his son with him when he fixed the cars or worked around the place. So the family raised the son like their own--fed him, clothed him, gave him a place to sleep.

At the time of the Nazis, the worker was very disappointed in his son. His son joined up, and believed in everything that he was told. He turned in the family, all of them, and they were taken to the station and boarded on the train cars.

The family went to Auschwitz. The Germans were very organized. The older ones, their grandparents, were taken to the showers (gas chambers), and destroyed.

Next were the children. Her mother was set to go, along with all of her brothers and sisters. 

But a funny thing happened that day. The showers broke! So they were all taken to another work camp, Birchenau.  At this place, children were useful, they could do work.  They were given assignments making the ammunition. 

Knowing what could have happened, and what ended up happening, the children were the happiest of happy, and enjoyed every day of work as much as they could in the munitions factory.

Food was always a problem. There were the rations.

And then there were the poisonings. It was like a game. Sometimes the Nazis would put poison in the coffee. Sometimes it was the soup. The people never knew what was going to be safe for them to eat, or not. 

She knew about the experiments that were being done on people under the leadership of Dr. Joseph Mengele.  He was behind the game of the poisoning too.

After the war, many survivors came to Los Angeles, to live in the Fairfax District. This is the area that is very near Cedars-Sinai (ed-- this is where in my training  I saw the patient with the tattoo on her arm--I asked what it was and she explained it to me. I have seen several more of these tattoos on my patients ever since. )

One day, many years later, her mother was on the street and recognized one of her captors walking across the street. Many, many of the tormentors had escaped the Nuremberg Trails. Her mother pointed at the man and started screaming and screaming for help.

The captor RAN away. 

The grandmother calmly added her side to the story:

She said she's cried so many tears, that it's hard to get all worked up about it any more. She tells the story matter of fact, as it was. The pain is still there, it never has healed for her. She thinks about the family she never knew, those who are lost...

She and a friend went back to Germany, to witness the camps, and to pay their respects to her family that was lost. As part of the trip, they also went to services at the local synagogue. As she was there, she couldn't help but notice something that didn't seem 'right'...she couldn't put her finger on it.

Then she understood. Most of those in the congregation had blonde hair and blue eyes. They didn't have that classic Jewish 'look'. She asked later why this was the case.

They were converts. They were the children and grandchildren of those who had done the horrors in the camps. To get back at them, and to express their allegiance to those who had died at the hands of their ancestors, they made the full conversion to Judaism and worship as such to this day.

She also said that Hitler had 'doctors' taking care of him, and he was taking methamphetamine. This explains the energy of his early career, and his speeches, in particular. But later, his brain got changed from the addiction, and that is when he started to make mistakes.

The cheese pizza Hannah had ordered for us and the children was due to arrive any minute. I had confessed I had arranged for the play date to start at two, so that she would not have to feed us! But Hannah wouldn't feel comfortable if we had come to her home and she did not give us something to eat, so I said, 'okay'...

I excused myself to go to the restroom. I closed the door.

I asked Ross if he would help to make a healing on behalf of those who had suffered in the Concentration Camps, all of their friends, family, and loved ones, for all of the timelines backwards and forwards, in every dimension.

Ross supported the plan.

So with me in my body, and Ross in Spirit, we sent healing and Reiki to everyone involved. The Archangels came in, and made a circle with us, in the place I can go with my heart but not my body when I heal. (When you meditate you go to that place too, with your heart.)

We made a vortex together that reached out like the branches of a tree, inviting all of the Lost Souls who were suffering to come Home to the Light.

And they DID! Starting with her family members first. I had to assure them, it is OKAY, your family is SAFE, you don't have to be hyper vigilant in watching over them any more. You can leave your posts and go to the Light. Nothing is going to happen to them like it did to you. You can come back and watch them as much as you want when you are in the Light too...'

They looked at me with tears in their eyes, tears of gratitude and relief, right before they entered the vortex to go Home. Many, many kissed me right before they left, and expressed their thanks for the healing that was being sent to them that day.

I heard my son ask, 'where is Mom?' and they said, 'she's in the bathroom'.

The Archangels said they would keep the vortex open, and it was okay for me to go.

I thanked them all, especially my beloved Eternal Twin Flame and Twin Soul Ross.

The story doesn't end there.

I have friends who are German. And healers.

I asked one about what I heard about the Hungarian Jewish great grandmother from Birchenau.

Is it true?

What do you know?

Apparently the Germans today know basically that which we know here in the States. Except that there is much blame on the Germans now for what happened in the Holocaust. Not only are they the children and grandchildren of those who did it, but according to her, not all Germans at the time were involved with the concentration camps. Not all of them did the killing. Many were against it and powerless to stop it. And many Germans who were not Jewish also died in the camps.

Hitler was from Austria. He wasn't even German. And he brought great shame and hardship on the people of Germany when he came to that country.

I asked her, 'would you like to do a Healing for all of Germany, for everyone who was involved? To get rid of the energies of shame and guilt and suffering that is holding so many souls back?'

She agreed.

Many, many, even MORE souls are on their way home now because of this work.

You, too, can do something for those who have suffered at the hands of others for political reasons--not just in Germany, but anywhere there has been genocide on the planet.

You can send the Light to the suffering, and to the aggressors, for they are taking up karma in great quantities now that they are passed and have the ability to understand the gravity of what their actions did to harm those who are innocent.

I lit a candle for all of this.

Will you, in your own way, share some of your Light and your Love that is in your Heart to heal that which has caused so much suffering on Gaia to her people?

That would be the most beautiful kindness of all.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc and Ross

P.S. This song and the following message is from Ross

Bad Blood by Bastille

Use your Voice
Use your Heart Center--the energy that is inside 
Will you please help Gaia and her suffering to cease?