Friday, May 23, 2014

A Lesson On Moral Courage: Live. Die. Repeat.

How do I KNOW your family is not in the Mafia? the heart surgeon looked up from the field, knowing I am Sicilian, and looked me straight in the eye through his long eyeglass loupes.

I was doing my fellowship in San Diego.
He was my favorite surgeon.
He had very good reason to ask me that question.

My thoughts spun.
How do I explain it so he can understand?
All of this happened in less than thirty seconds, and I blurted out: We Were POOR!

He pondered that for another ten seconds, gave and approving nod, and went back to his work.

I never think about them. Hardly ever. Mother grew up with their presence. She understood everything you needed to know back in the old country. Her family too. How to stay out of trouble.

But we were here, and none of that really mattered any more. We were still poor! Her father was a laborer--he dug the holes for the street lights. That was his career, until he retired. My uncle worked for the same company. That's all I know...

This morning I was listening to the Italian station on Pandora, and very happy. It was my last day as a 'stay at home' vacation. Breakfast was on the table. Being the good Italian daughter that I am, I hadn't telephoned my mother in a while, so I picked up the phone and wished her buon giorno...

This morning mother shared something with me I didn't know. Two things:

  • Pavarotti started out as a school teacher and he was thin. 
  • Mario Lanza was killed by the mafia. They invited him to sing in L.A., and he refused, saying he didn't want anything to do with them. Then they invited him to dinner. They said he died of a heart attack shortly thereafter. Mother says that he was poisoned. And not long after that, his wife died too. The grandmother took the children and went back to the Old Country. She was afraid they would go after the kids too.
I was like, Mom? I think I have to go and eat my breakfast, okay?

This morning I was at the Post Office in line, waiting to mail a new baby gift and a big sister gift (to my namesake!) to our family in France.

The man behind me in line had on an unusual ring, a stone with some strange energy to it. It was on the pinkie finger of his left hand. I asked about it. What kind of stone is it?

It was jade. He had bought it in Portuguese Macau in 1958 for sixty dollars. 

I was like, 'Wow, I thought all jade had to be green.'

He explained that the ring was hammered white gold, and  it is now worth three thousand dollars. They don't make hammered white gold any more.

That seemed cool.

Then he added something that made me nervous--he said when he gets back on ship, and people ask about the ring, he says he went to Portuguese Macau, and people are like WHAT? YOU WENT TO PORTUGUESE MACAU???!!!

I was totally clueless.

Under his voice he explained that Portuguese Macau is run by the Portuguese Mafia.

I was like, 'They have a mafia?!'

Even quieter, he said, 'Oh yes! They make the Italian Mafia look like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by comparison.'

Fortunately the lady at the counter said, 'Next!' really loud, and I went up to take care of my packages.

So on Gaia we know there are some people who value power and money above life.

Life is cheap when you are in the mafia.

Power and respect go hand in hand, and business deals are life and death to those who are involved in the transaction.

The man at the Post Office had also mentioned that the mafia killed Bruce Lee.

I was like, 'What?!'

He nodded and said, 'They financed his career. And then he started to spit on them. So they took him out. They went after his son, too.''

(That is so freaky--my phone did a signal I've never heard just now. It's an AMBER ALERT--missing child. I might as well share the alert information with you--Los Angeles California,  LIC/7CIN189 CA 2004 orange Nissan Quest)

See the word opposite the hand on the circle? 

Sociopaths EXIST.

How do you diagnose someone as a sociopath?
  • superficial charm and good intelligence
  • absence of delusions or other signs of irrational thinking
  • absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations
  • unreliability
  • untruthfulness and insincerity
  • lack of remorse and shame
  • inadequately motivated antisocial behavior
  • poor judgement and failure to learn by experience
  • pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love
  • general poverty in major affective reactions
  • specific loss of insight
  • unresponsiveness in general interpersonal interactions
  • fantastic and uninviting behavior with alcohol and sometimes without
  • suicide threats rarely carried out
  • sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated
  • failure to follow life plan

When you look into the eye of someone like this, it's soulless. 


The energies, the 'vibe' feels creepy.

Everything inside you wants to RUN AWAY.

This is where your intuition is protective, and kicks in to help you out.

It's the only part of life where your GUT INSTINCT is more important than what you see, hear, or rationally can explain.

When you follow it, this warning, you live. 

When you don't, you die.

It's that simple.

Let's take a breather together. 

This is heavy stuff. I only have a little bit more, the most important part, left to share.

This is off a whale watching boat in Dana point. And it you look really closely, well, I don't see anything...oh well.

All right. Are you better?

I'll get right to the point:
  • There are souls 'Out There' that are the same as the sociopaths down here.
  • They are called Archons (ar-kons)
  • Like it or not, George W. Bush is an archon in a human body--there are others, too like him, all in the leadership positions. 
  • The biggest ones have been taken off the planet and sent to the Galactic Central Sun
  • Their 'workers' are now struggling to keep the power matrix from falling apart--the minor archons (the Majors are in custody off planet--I'm not sure how it works--it might be hologram or something else that looks like them in place that we see. It's very complicated)
  • The ones that are left have the ability to CLOAK their energy signature, so those of you who would expect to get a 'hit' of 'GUT INSTINCT' when you are around them won't get that at all.

Let me repeat this--some 'Lightworkers' are playing BOTH sides to their advantage. 

So be very careful with what you read, and do.

Apparently during a very big portal opening this month, many participants were unwittingly attacked energetically by the minor archons who were involved. careful! Look for the energy signature. These creatures--both incarnate and in spirit--are incapable of Love.

And LOVE is the best weapon against them. 

Call on the angels, Archangel Michael is the best for this, to assist you if you are having a little trouble in the 'discernment' department.

It's going to be okay.

Now you know 'what's what' now I will leave you for a little while.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. The Light is winning. We are ahead in the victory department. The archons want to slow it up, to take anything --or anybody--they can with them.

We are too smart for that!

Take care and keep plugging in to Nature and to Source. That is the best way to manage these times!

If you need a laugh, and you wish to know that most Italians like to have fun and are NOT in the mafia, here's a 'lesson' from Johnny Meatballs...I hope it doesn't offend you. For a first-born in the states Italian-American like me, it's really a good way to blow of the stress from this heavy topic in the blog. Enjoy!

Here is the direct link, and again, if you are easily offended, you might not want to watch this, okay?