Saturday, May 17, 2014

Healing In The Blink Of An Eye!

Today's lesson does not require any effort on your part.

Just listen with your heart, and take it in stride, as I tell you several stories about healing I think you might enjoy....

The Miracle At Children's Hospital Oakland ER:

The child had a fever, and had been hospitalized multiple times in the past. He was a 'frequent flyer', all the staff knew him, and he was not yet two years old. He needed the placement of an i.v., and the nurse who was taking care of him was not the best in the 'placing i.v. department'. I was assigned as the ER Volunteer on staff that night, to hold.

Yes, I started my career by holding children down for i.v. placement. There is a trick to holding the arm, and I learned it well, so that the needle would hit its mark as best as the nurses' hand that was driving it could aim.

I looked at the poor boy, so utterly full of misery and fear, and my heart said a prayer for me: this one has suffered enough already--please help this precious child--PLEASE?

In my hands I felt a jolt of electricity I had never felt before in my life.

Much to the astonishment of the nurse, the i.v. went in on the first time--which is highly unusual for him even with the best i.v. hands in the entire E.R.!

My nurse squealed with delight! She called me her 'lucky holder' and she called for me for every i.v. placement ever since. It never happened again, that 'zap'--in all of my years in medicine.

But it happened that one time in 1991 for me.


I had to sort through a pile of 'mad chemist' photos to find the ones that actually carried the message this short story has for you.

It's pictures.

Let's begin...

real chemistry does not look like this--most solutions are without any color--they look like water.

this is litmus paper--it changes color to let you know what is the pH
the answer comes by matching the color to the picture on the box

this is phenolphthalein, an indicator to show acid and base

its chemical structure is the top one

You put a little of the indicator phenolphthalein in your sample beaker
Then you titrate in acid or base with a burette like this
drip, drip, drip
very slowly, very steadily, looking for a color change
(the acid and base isn't dyed like here--it too is clear--so you are mixing two clear liquid solutions together)

this is NOT what you get when you have reached the end point of the titration and the reaction that goes with it.

it turns this color pink, all at once, BOOM!
No sounds, of course, just sudden TOTAL color change.
it's instant

the iodine clock is another reaction that goes from clear to dark blue--BOOM
all of a sudden, like this, too.

Thank you for listening to my story
I like chemistry very much
I don't expect you to feel the same
But I do hope I made it clear enough 
that you could get the message.

Reiki Miracles In Every Day

You know that 'little ZAP' I shared in the first short story?

It came back when I learned Reiki.

My teacher told us that when we hurt ourselves in the kitchen, like a small cut or a bruise, if you put your hand on the wound the moment it happens--guess what? 

The wound goes away like no injury ever was--it completely cures in an instant!

It works!

It's not every time, for me. But I have, when I just trusted and let go and didn't THINK about it, seen small cuts that were bleeding totally reverse. I have seen small burns go away. I have seen bruises get smaller. Today my boy's five mosquito bites that were angry and itchy and swollen calmed down instantly with calendula cream, reiki and the violet breath on each bite. He didn't scratch for the rest of the day, and is sleeping calmly.

Every single time, however, whatever I had heals faster.

And it is common knowledge in Reiki communities that work in hospitals that patients who have Reiki--hands on, or hands off, or even distance Reiki--at the time of their surgery the patients recover ahead of schedule every time.

this is a burn a Reiki mom could treat

This bruise would be less painful and heal faster if Reiki was applied right away

And I promise not to bring up chemistry for the rest of this post!

Archangel Raphael Healing Code 'Shares' From Actual Use:

Yesterday I had that feeling I was coming down with something. My son had missed two days of school, both Monday and Tuesday. He had a terrible sore throat that turned into a head cold with a secondary sinus infection. He sounded awful, hoarse, coughing and blowing his nose the rest of the week.

My throat began to hurt, along with the aching in my muscles. I was catching it from him.

I gave myself the healing code for 'cellular abnormality'-- 33 45 634--and in an instant--I kid you not!--I felt better.

Today I have only a slight soreness of the throat, I have full energy that I've had ever since I took that code, and there is no congestion whatsoever.

Someone shared with me that during a Reiki session she gave the same code--33 45 634-- to a client who had terrible cramping of the legs every night before bed that were so painful she could not fall asleep. They resolved that night, and she got a wonderful night's sleep.

A reader shared that the produce guy at the supermarket told her the avocados would be ready in three days. She used the code to ripen fruits and vegetables to their peak nutrition and palatability--and was able to eat them that night with dinner. Her husband remarked on how tasty they were!

I have had fuzzy strawberries I gave the 'restore it' code to, and although they looked funny, they tasted fine and had none of that bitter moldy taste in the smoothie.  I actually have used this code several times with great success.

Other readers have shared that pain improves, water tastes like it did when they were a kid, and things just taste more flavorful after they use the codes.

I tested the 'take away the effect of alcohol on the human body' code on sake in the glass. It tasted like sake! However, there was no buzz, no dry mouth, no having to pee all the time. The next night, I drank the same sake, in a new cup, with no code. I got a buzz and all the usual symptoms of alcohol.

Putting It All Together

This is healing on a quantum level.

The prayer and the miracle for the boy in the ER with the i.v.

The sudden and rapid chemical reaction in the chemistry lab titration--is not exactly quantum, it's acid-base reaction--but it demonstrates how sudden changes are commonly seen in science.

The instant 'cures' from Reiki--we are talking bleeding and open skin that seamlessly 'knits back together' after the placement of a Reiki hand--are energy healing that is quite possibly quantum, subatomic, that kind of energy healing that we call 'Reiki'.

And the Healing Codes from Archangel Raphael? They work. (I'll provide a link to the original articles at the end with all the numbers in them.)

The most important thing to know about quantum healing, is that the observer has an effect on the outcome of the experiment in quantum science.

Your attitudes, beliefs, and expectations come into play.

As you work with these codes, you will find success in some situations, but possibly not others, depending on your mood and frame of thought.

With practice, you will learn how to use these healing tools.

And you will increase your accuracy and success as you gain proficiency at these skills.

You do not need to know Reiki to use these Healing Codes.

Only an open heart, a willingness to try, and persistence to develop your skills.

More codes are coming, too. 

In due time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

And this is a slightly modified format with a link to a table that has all the codes neatly compiled together. You may print it out, or I just took a screen shot with my cell phone of each of the four pages of the table. I used it last night at Rubio's Fish Tacos on my plate. I use the GMO energy antidote, the additives antidote, and the unnatural substances created by processing antidote ones all the time!