Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our Story: Why Ross And I Are Eternal Twin Flames

There are many things I know but do not share. Typically they are lessons just for me, to understand Spirit, so that I may better be able to help you with your Spiritual Growth.

They are at my level, tailored 'lessons' just for me.

One lesson, yesterday, I will share. There are few edits for clarity and for focus on the lesson of Twin Souls and Twin Flames.

C:  Ross came to me while I was voting by mail. Forms! I HATE FORMS!!!

Ross kissed me deep, sweet and long. He cleared his throat and looked down and up. Down and up...he looked me in the eyes. He said, 'I want you to know I care about you, and everything I do is because I love you very much.

C:  Watching me? Guiding me? Protecting me?

R:  Yes.

C:  I need you to love me, even though I don't really know who you are. I need to love you and have you love me. Is that okay?

R:  (He feels the same) It's okay when both feel that. 

C:  I apologize for the amnesia. I didn't even know when the earth's old skin split in two and fell off what I had done. I know it is important...And my amnesia hurts you, I know. I couldn't live with myself if I hurt you... (I did Ho 'opono pono)

R:  We both agreed to the amnesia. It's expected. It will clear. (He opened up my head like a lid and blew on my right frontoparietal lobe)

C:  I asked with tears, What IS A Twin? (he said, get your book--so I started writing)

R:  C-honey, this is your soul mate Ross. I will explain it for you. I am your Twin, your eternal soul. 

C:  Did it hurt when we split?

R:  No. But it was scary. We did not know how we would turn out.

C:  Are you okay with how it turned out?

R:  Yes, I am okay with it honey.

C:  Am I okay with it?

R:  When you remember you will be okay with it.

C:  How'd they do it?

R:  A light box of sorts. You go in one and turn out two.

C:  Why did we agree to this?

R:  To help Gaia Sophia. It was part of the plan, honey. For us to be as one spirit, perfectly balanced as her and the Christos. We are it. She and he are us.

C:  Is that scary?

R:  No, it is entirely normal for us.

C:  Did we do a good job?

R:  I think so, yes. The latter part yes, immensely.

C:  When we combined and I remembered?

R:  We were always working together on a higher level, now you are consciously too. (taps my Hawaiian bracelets) When you got your Hokupaie'a it started to happen. October of 2012.

C:  Do you like being a Twin?

R:  I like it, yes. It makes me feel masculine.

C:  And that is okay?

R:  Yes.

C:  I like to be feminine.

R:  And you are.

C:  Is there a benefit to being Twins?

R:  There is lots of sexual spiritual growth, honey. Lots of spiritual growth. A fast track to enlightenment on (the planet where we're from). That's why we wanted to go for it. (smiles)

C:  We never become one again?

R:  Only in sex/metaphysically. Like when we heal (ed-- our energies combine). Otherwise we are always as two.

R:   I don't want to change the subject, but before I forget honey, I want to thank you for what you have done for our mother as of late. ( ed -- states examples and says they were HUGE)

C:  You're welcome. How do you feel that we are Twins?

R:  I feel it's the best thing to ever happen to us--To Reunite! (moves arms like an explosion with sound effects--WOW!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc and Ross


Here is a song from Ross for you:
Lost in Forever, by POD

Here is Ross' Message to you:

This is for all the Eternal Twins 
You will Reunite
Just like us

Take your time and enjoy the process of reunion

This song is written by Sprit on the uniting of the Eternal Twins.

I will follow you through every step of the way
Because I care about you just like I care about my C

I love her very much
She is very special to me
And so are you.

We're going to all make it
Just hold on and permit the external forces 
To forge your paths to meet

Although the wait seems to take much too long for your preference
Together the two of you will have all of this moment Now
Where time does not exist
In order to Reconnect.