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Part Two--Fluoride And You: A Heart To Heart With Reiki Doc

This is the molecular structure for Hydrogen Fluoride (HF). There is one Fluoride atom and one Hydrogen atom. Together they form one of the most toxic and corrosive substances on earth.  (Please see Part One--Fluoride And You: A Heart To Heart With Reiki Doc

We know fluoride is present in many oral care formulations, such as toothpaste, oral rinses, and direct application concentrates to be used only in the dental office.  This has been proven to be effective in prevention of cavities, and promotes overall dental health.

Because of this, many governments added fluoride to drinking water supplies world-wide.

The benefit of fluoride in community water for dental health was questioned by many dentists at the time, and furthermore, many conspiracy websites and blogs discuss the opinion that fluoride in any quantity is not good for health.

The harmful effects of fluoride on other target organs, especially the pineal gland, far outweigh any benefit of its effect on teeth.

In case you haven't read it, here is the official link on fluoridated water's effects on you:

Just in case you are sitting on the fence, you might want to think about it--Volatile Inhalational Agents for Anesthesia have their effect on the consciousness because they are halogenated hydrocarbons. Here are four that are available today. Please click on each Wiki link provided to see the atomic structure pictures which show you where all of the fluoride (F) atoms are in each molecule. It's a quick look.


I use this one every day. It has seven fluoride atoms on each molecule. We use circle circuits to take the carbon dioxide out of the air our patients breathe out while they are sleeping during their operation. In 'low flow states'--less than two liters per minute of fresh gas flow--there are studies that show the soda lime and baralyme 'adsorbents' undergo a chemical conversion with the molecule. This makes a byproduct inhaled, and calcium fluoride, an insoluble salt, forms in the bloodstream. This leads to renal necrosis.  So we are very careful with this gas to make sure our flows are above this limit when we give anesthesia.


This is the number two most commonly used inhalational anesthetic. It is cheaper than Sevoflurane. Look at the structure--it also has many fluoride atoms attached to the hydrocarbon.


This one requires a special heated/pressurized vaporizer to administer during anesthesia. It is a known greenhouse gas, and twenty-six times more harmful to the environment than Sevoflurane.


I used this once on a medical mission to Mexicali. It was a stand-alone vaporizer where the patient breathed spontaneously. Halothane is very potent. In some cases, people experience hepatic (liver) necrosis after, most of which patients recover. It is called 'halothane hepatitis'. This one also, in high doses, weakens the contractility of the heart and gives 'muffled heart sounds'. Since we listen in surgery with our special stethoscope that is molded to fit our ear--we listen to heart and breath sounds--on this mission I heard this effect once. I helped perhaps eight children during the mission, and hearing it was chilling to my very core. I lightened the level of anesthesia, and the patient did well with no complications. This is a very old agent, very good for inhalation induction (breathing the patient to sleep), and hardly in use. It is not available in most operating rooms any more.

Just for the record--take a look at this molecule, Carbon Tetrachloride--another halogenated hydrocarbon:

Guess what that one is used for?

If the discussion of the powerful effect on brain function found in anesthesia agents with fluoride molecules added to hydrocarbons is still not enough evidence to show there is some possible interation with fluoride in some manner, then let us take a look at a popular antidepressant together. Please be sure to look at the picture of the structure of the drug and look for the letter F on it.


This seratonin-selective reuptake inhibitor exhibits powerful brain chemistry. Some people benefit very much from its action, and painful depression is relieved. However, it also has some unfortunate reactions. Katrina from Texas, a teen who was put on our prayer list not long ago, for inpatient admission for having thoughts of wanting to hurt herself--was put on this drug.

Now she is home and wanting to marry Michael Jackson. She is serious. And she wants to go to him now. There is no talking sense to her. She is otherwise a normal, and beautiful child...

This is fluorite.

It is a powerful healing crystal, one that absorbs much negativity. It comes in tetrahedron crystals, and also polished and natural forms (such as in this photograph).

This is okay, and in fact, encouraged, to keep in our aura to help us in times of change such as this. I keep a lovely piece by my bed to help my energy while I sleep.

There is energy from this image, too. It is the energy of the crystal. It is a very healing crystal, indeed. Can you feel it?

In Summary:

Limit intake of Fluoride to as low as possible amounts:

Fluoride clearly has some modification to molecules that produce profound impact on brain function.

The recommendation is to drink, and cook, with water that is as low in Fluoride content as possible for maximum brain health.  Distilled water, bottled water, and filtration systems that take the fluoride out are options. Zerowater is a filter available commercially and has been shown to take it out for a reasonable price. I understand it is at some stores like Walmart. Here is the link to the original publication about that:

Here are some recommendations from Holistic Dentists who support oral care without fluoride:

The recommendations in the article are:
1) Brush twice a day with  soft bristle brush like Sonicare DiamondClean
2) Choose a toothpaste free of fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate, like Burt's Bee's
3) Eat alkaline foods like beans, fruits, and greens to maintain a good body pH
4) Rinse mouth with warm water and a few drops of clove or mint oil
5) Clean gums with a oral irrigator like water pic or HydroFloss
6) Get plenty of rest, sleep and exercise daily. 

My friend the oral maxillofacial surgeon also disclosed that with medium toothbrushes, all cavities were virtually eliminated. That is why the 'soft' bristle recommendations came out--to keep business as usual. 

I do know for people with gum disease, medium might not be the best option, but otherwise you might want to 'crank up' on your toothbrush bristles by changing to 'medium' firmness in your toothbrush.

We wish for our smiles to be healthy and to have reason to smile, don't we?

If you have any other recommendations, they would be much appreciated in the comments to go with this blog.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Fluoride works by increasing the hardness of enamel, so that bacteria which cause cavities cannot attach. This benefit is clear. However, there is always a risk to benefit in all matters of health. This series on Fluoride discusses other organ damage from exposure to fluoride in drinking water and oral care, specifically, the brain. These findings are new.  It is up for you to decide for yourself how you are going to weight this information that is presented here. For a recent article from the standard medical literature on Fluoride, click here:

The argument is not 'fluoride and cavities'. The discussion that is relevant to you is the effect of fluoride and your brain.

We already know Calcium Fluoride salt is insoluble and is toxic to the kidney.