Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Taming The Green-Eyed Monster

This is an Advanced Lesson for the Soul.

You may stop any time you feel uncomfortable with this lesson.

It is optional.

Think of it as Extra Credit.

Let's begin.

Today we are going to talk about the Elephant in the Room.

Here is a story:

My son came home from his weekend with his father. He was out of sorts.

He has been asking for a lot of things lately.

I am concerned, it seems no sooner than he gets something -- which is expensive--he wants something else.

The joy that it brings doesn't 'stick'; I am at a loss because I grew up poor, and I was very happy with the few things I got.

Others got cars on their sixteenth birthday in my neighborhood. 

I never even had my own stereo--I didn't dare to ask for it.

We were that poor.

I asked him why he never wore his watch he got from Santa?

Santa was still paying for it, $160 a month...we talk, me and Santa, and Santa would have been happy to know if the boy still enjoyed the watch as much as he did when he opened it?

(This was the last 'I Believe in Santa' holiday, as the child was growing older. He loves Christmas more than anyone I have ever met. While shopping last October for a Pandora Charm for his grandmother's birthday, as the gifts were being wrapped, he discovered Tag Hauer, and that is all he wanted. Careful thought went in to this gift. He is a very good child with a hectic and chaotic life because of my work assignments, and he never complains. But was it reasonable? I thought against it. However, direct advice from Ross made it happen. BUY THE WATCH. It is something to 'grow into' and acknowledge the child's future. For whatever reason, this is what was...and on Christmas Morning there were tears of joy, shouts, and disbelief--I KNEW Santa would get it, I KNEW it! I KNEW IT! He had actually taken it off the wish list about one week before...)

His father, and his grandmother who had gotten the jewelry as a gift herself, told the boy repeatedly ever since Christmas day, 'You shouldn't have gotten that watch for Christmas.'

(They had estimated it cost twice the amount it actually did. This one takes batteries, and was on clearance, at the store.)

Here is the message they gave the child:
  • Santa was wrong.
  • In their eyes, the boy didn't deserve it.

He was shattered.

I spoke candidly with the child after comforting him through his tears.

Your father and grandmother LOVE you.

They are having trouble with their 'Lesson': how to be happy for someone who has more than you.

It is one of the most difficult lessons to learn.

Please forgive them.

They love you the best they can.

Both Ross AND Santa decided together that you deserve it.

Would you like to wear your watch again?

(it is kept in a safe place). I got it out, and he wore it for the next three days straight, full of joy--never at school--but on Mother's Day outing and around the house.

It starts early.

It is said that when a sibling comes home, it creates the same emotions in the older sister or brother that it would in the wife if the husband came home with another woman and said, 'This is how it's going to be forever now, and I love both of you the same in my heart! We are one big happy family!'

Children are not stupid.

They know resources of time and money are limited.

Perhaps they have to share a room. Perhaps mommy is a little cranky and tired. Perhaps the crying baby ruins their sleep at night. Perhaps the little one pushes the older one out of the mother's lap, literally (this one happened to me, and my mother did nothing to stop it.)

I survived one of the worse cases of sibling rivalry that has been on the planet.

I felt like this for all but three years of my life--but the last ten, I have decided in my heart to rise above it, and not 'feed' the emotions that come up when they surface from my soul, ego, heart, whatever. I decide I do not wish to be like that and I keep my energy up and change the channel to lovingkindness to myself, my sister, and my mom.

If this rings true for you, take heart.

Love Is The Solution For Everything...

And there is plenty of love on this page here for you...

I had this problem when it comes to having children and relationships.  I was always on the outside looking in. In the delivery room, with my anesthesia, witnessing this joy was unavoidable; it was like a knife slashed through my heart!

How could this be?

Then, one day, I woke up.

I said, 'Just because I can't have a baby/am single/have fertility problems doesn't mean I can't be happy for someone else who is having one when I am not. Why not share their joy instead of make it a little less for everyone with my feelings? I don't want to be that kind of person, forever, and there are plenty of children I can love in whatever way God has planned for me.'

I was pregnant the next month.

It wasn't easy.

I was single the whole time, and I still am.

I had my miracle.

I am very happy.

Sometimes I ache because I wished I had more.

It's not going to happen. 

But I just got a text from one of my Reiki students at work--

Thank you for the Mother's Day card to a Mother-To-Be you stuck in my locker. I was so surprised and happy that I cried. I am that hormonal! You are an ANGEL! Thank you for thinking of me

I learned my lesson well.

There is no jealousy or envy in 5D.

This is because Love Is The Solution For Everything.

And the Vibration of 5D is incompatible with those lower vibration emotions.

This is extra credit.

You will have as long as you wish to complete this lesson.

It is optional.

There is no grade.

You will know in your heart when you have passed the lesson.

Love Is The Solution For Everything.

The rest is up to you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc