Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reiki Healing Today--Cleansing And Balancing Your Chakras

Today I was guided to do a very different healing than the usual Reiki Healing I send out to my readers and followers and Twitter Friends...

I was asked by Spirit to Cleanse and Balance the chakras of everyone who needed it.

My specialty is 'large healings'. I can heal an auditorium, a stadium, once even everyone within a three-hundred fifty mile radius of me.

How I do it?

I don't know about why and how I 'reach' the number of people I do.

I just do it.

But on the cleansing and balancing of the chakras? That's an old technique I learned when I took Reiki three. It's really nice because you can see the difference before and after with a pendulum.

Here is what may come to mind when you think about Cleansing and Balancing the Chakras:

Actually, what I did was a deep meditation. I was able to 'connect' to the chakras of the Collective Consciousness.

And using the techniques that I learned in Reiki three, with a little extra 'help' from spirit, I:

  • Opened the flow of Reiki, and grounded everyone to receive the energy.
  • Opened the Red Chakra, which was very tight. Archangel Michael did a LOT of cleaning 'in there'. This one took some of the longest time ever for energy to flow completely and stop. Together we gave the breath of the Violet Flame.
  • Opened the Orange Chakra, which was the sickest one of all in our Collective Consciousness. It felt like an old mushy rotten citrus fruit. Archangel Raphael did a LOT of work there. This one took the longest time of all for the cleansing to finish. This one I was guided to give my own Ray, the Aquamarine ray. As well, Archangel Raphael and I added gold to it, the chakra.
  • Opened the Yellow Chakra, that one felt 'hot', kind of like food fresh off the grill. Archangel Metatron connected the empowering energies of Ascension to the Collective Consciousness. This one the Divine Mother gave the blessing of the SilverPlatinum Ray that looked like tiny little diamonds to protect it.
  • Opened the Green Chakra, with the help of Ross. Together as Twin Souls we gave a 'boost' with lots of Golden Energy. This one wasn't as bad as I had thought, and only needed a little 'tidying up'. (Ross is laughing as I use that phrase to describe what we did!)
  • Opened and Balanced the Pink Chakra--it's at the sternal notch/manubrium--and is thought to represent Unconditional Love. The Unicorns directed their horns at this one and gave it Golden White energy healing, as I cleansed and balanced it. This chakra in everyone is officially in 5D.
  • Opened and balanced the Blue Chakra, of communication. This one needed strengthening, as it had been weakened by the control systems for the mass population. It was sticky and flat. This one now has a direct communication silver cord to Archangel Michael. It will empower you to speak up as you discover and activate your Life Purpose, your Soul Mission, while you are here.
  • Opened and balanced the Purple Chakra, the 'Third Eye' to enhance the intuition.  This one has a very thin golden cord connection to Archangel Gabriel, because in the Higher Dimensions, we communicate telepathically, by thought.  I call it 'word feeling pictures'--for that is how telepathy is when I experience it myself.
  • Opened and balanced the Well Of Dreams Chakra at the back of the head, or 'occiput'. This one  helps us to manifest things into our life experience. Since it is New, Divine Mother has taken this chakra under her Wing, and given it her Pink Ray of motherly love and tenderness. She is going to guide us in how it works, and how we use this ability with respect and Love in all that we do.
  • Opened and balanced the White Crown Chakra. Guess what? It's already Pristine! We NEVER LOST our CONNECTION TO SOURCE. It only looked that way. It was Illusion.
  • Opened and balanced the Silver 'disco ball' Chakra above the White one, to keep connections to the Higher Dimensions impeccable!
  • Opened and balanced the Gold sparkling Chakra above the 'Disco Ball' again, for the same reasons--and to enhance the connection further to The Divine.

I have a Well Of Dreams Chakra now!!!

My chakras feel WONDERFUL now!
I am FILLED with Love and Gratitude in every way.

They are crisp, clear, bright, and connected to Source.
(this is the best picture I could find online)

All it required was a little Reiki...

That Rake-y is all right!!!

Ahhhhh! I'm just messing with you!

With so very much Love,

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc and Ross

P.S.  This song is from Ross to you.

All of Me, John Legend, the Tiesto remix

Here is Ross' Message to you:

My Light, My Love, now I give to you.
All of You.
From the Weakest to the Strongest and the Most Fit to Survive,
My LOVE for YOU is equal.
We are One.

I look forward to working with your Light in the Higher Service of the Highest Realms.
Thank you for your caring for Gaia and her citizens of Light.