Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Change Has Arrived--English Translation 5.28.2014

This is  a message of encouragement and Love from blogger Marc Gamma, in the original German is found here:

Since I can't read or speak German, I made a translation with Google Translate here, and 'cleaned it up' a little to achieve simplicity and ease on the part of sweet One who reads it:

The change has arrived - Gamma Marc ~ 05/28/2014

My dear blog readers:

Can you feel it? Can you tell? The change we have been waiting for is finally a reality. We have arrived in the New Energy of the New Age .

We, I mean all of us, are finally where we want to be the creation of this New Age. With targeted messages plus lots of energy, many light workers together with the great support at many levels of spiritual hierarchy, we made the big goal. We are now on the 'last stretch' and can now fully concentrate on our individual ascension experiences.

Many things have taught us by spiritual teachers of the highest spiritual hierarchy. Many things that were said to arrive--never did arrive--and many things they have told us are a bit different today than at the time of publication of their original messages to us! Now you will legitimately ask why is this so? The spiritual hierarchy who uses our words , our thoughts, our metaphors and understanding of words to bring us a little closer, actually have no words of their own in Spirit.

In Spirit everything is energy. The concepts of language, words , emotions and everything that makes us as a human being, do not exist in the level one experiences Spirit directly. There is only ONE experience: "Light and Love " What is light and LOVE?  you ask and I only say: " It is an expression of Spirit to bring us a little closer,  for which there are no words or concepts to describe."

Now what exists on this spiritual level ? There is EVERYTHING and ANYTHING and all this exists together at the same time. To understand and to explain this, Spirit is not able to 'translate' it right for you, because for them it's all just energy. It has or it has no power and this is what Spirit knows and Spirit wants us to feel and to learn. Soon we will no longer need Spirit not explain it because we will wake up and understand what they have been trying for so long and with a lot of patience to teach us. .

Do you feel now the change which has come in you? If you feel it, that is good. If you do not feel it at the moment, that is also good because in time you will feel it too. It does not matter , because everyone has planned on a soul level how they want to experience this feeling of Spiritual Awakening at the time of ascension. Everything is right and comes at the right time . Each of us will Ascend, if it is planned in your soul contract. Anyone who is willing in the heart , whether it is now being experienced directed or not, I can assure you this: No child left behind and have to stay here , because everyone can make the climb. It is only a matter of time.

By the way Spirit has always said that they have a problem with time and can not predict exact information regarding accurate time points or the arrival of certain events to us for this reason. Do you agree? Now if I tell you that Spirit understands very well how to deal with time, you will be surprised or disappointed? Spirit IS and IS EVERYTHING! Also that with time, Spirit is present for us at all levels, no doubt--this is their specialty! Time is their ally in the World of Spirit, because of time you can play and you can use time wonderfully when you want to bring people a bit closer, which they themselves cannot understand as accurately we humans .

Very soon, all these spiritual teachings are brought us closer and we will be shown how on a spiritual level, all we need to understand about  time , events ,  emotions , and everything they influence, to help us make our learning experiences. Stay tuned for what is to come. All will then be clear and all of us will realize what it means to BE AWAKENING .

All LOVE for YOU

If you have any suggestion how to make the translation better, I thank you immensely for your suggestions in ADVANCE!!!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc