Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Playing The Game Leapfrog--Leapfrogging

The situation with COVID-19 continues to worsen here where I live.  My mother, a transplant survivor, depends on a special anti-rejection medicine every day to keep her kidney functioning. She usually gets a refill with a three month supply. There is no medicine to be had, the pharmacy says. Her home health care nurse knows how to work the system, and was only able to get her a supply for one month. I am praying she will be able to live, and continue her medication at the end of the month.

At work now they are assembling teams and protocols. Part of my responsibility will be on an intubation team. I will lead it, as the anesthesiologist on duty I will do it. We respond anywhere in the hospital besides the ICU and ER, to the overhead page, Code 19. I believe there will be a respiratory therapist and a nurse also present. We will have to gown up, go in the room where the concentration of the virus is very high, put the breathing tube in, changing our preoxygenation and drug and equipment routine to reduce risk of contamination, and then take everything off safely after the procedure is complete. They will have two teams a day, one in the day and one at night. 

There is no way my boss or the number two are going to even show up at the hospital. Some leadership, right?

Other responsibilities include staffing the O.R. for surgical cases and running ORICU if it gets enough patients to do that. 

The hospital is basically contaminated inside already. There have been patients with the diagnosis walking about the hospital who refuse to wear their masks and have roommates who are not on isolation--so their other patient in the room will most likely come down with it.

Our hospital will have three zones, green (presumed healthy), orange (mild Covid, will be treated in a tent and sent home) and purple (Covid requiring hospital admission--moderate to severe cases) to reduce cross-contamination.

I know in China you need three layers of protection at all times, eyes, feet, mouth/nose, skin. Their intubation teams would just dress up once all day and go wherever they were needed in the hospital. My friend's friend who is a Beijing doctor who went to Wuhan just came back, she's okay. But they advised me bringing diapers. So I ordered some for me. I know from China it is safer not to eat or drink at the hospital. And to keep protective equipment on the whole time. When you remove it is when there is risk to you of contamination--you touch the outside where the virus is on your equipment.

I was deeply moved by a story on Twitter about an ER doc who had to intubate his colleague, another doc in his thirties who was otherwise healthy. He said to put on your personal protection equipment as if you life depended on it--because it does. 

A woman shared how she had to tell a wife on FaceTime that her husband was dying. He died alone. Loved ones can't come in to the hospital for risk to them and to the patients, as well as there's full steam ahead with the surge and taking care of the patient load. There's no room or time for family members in this emergency.

I got one. 

I finally got a high-altitude crystal from Switzerland. It's not a Gwindel. It's smoky quartz from Zingenstock, Oberaar Lake, Bern. 

It's a beautiful crystal and it was long overdue for my -- polite cough--'healing energy work' I do for the planet. The last one I ordered--months ago--they are so rare--never arrived and I had to pay for the whole thing, remember?

Unbeknownst to me, it was the key to help me face my challenges at the hospital. In the description, the seller says, 'these crystals require the full mountaineering equipment for someone to collect them; they risk their lives to bring them to us.'

There it is!

There is a mountain I must climb, not by choice, but while I am risking my life in the line of duty, (my worst nightmare is that physicians can be called up to battle if there is a doctor shortage, I've noted that since the beginning of medical school and dreaded it), my workplace has become the front lines. 

Let us see what I bring back for the crystals?  Insights, knowledge, heartwarming moments to remember, perhaps even inside information on what is really going on during this massive information war?

On Saturday and Sunday I was badly shaken. I went for a walk with Anthony. He wanted us to clean the garage. It was a beautiful idea, very healing. My blow dryer and ceramic straightening iron and curling iron were finally found after over a year of searching for them! I threw some things out. And I sat in the lawn chair in the sun and went through old papers and cards and letters.

You can imagine my surprise when I found this letter from Ashtar dated December 3, 2013:

(he spoke to me and I wrote what he said, automatic writing)

This is Ashtar Sherhan

Remember that my Blessings are always with you. I must take leave of your for a short while. 

There is a silver cord which flows between us. It cannot be broken, not by me or you or Archangel Michael. I will come when you ask -- any time, any place, your love for me is never too often.

God will challenge you, in small ways (shows his finger and thumb to show a small distance) but never so awful as THIS (no connection to Source like I had). Your fertility shall amaze you, both in Spirit and in Light. 

I am proud of you for all of your developments. You have worked very hard on them all of your awakening time. (he does a gesture where he brushes his hands against one another as if to get the dust off.)

You are the sweetest lover I have ever spent time with. Your heart is highest above the rest. I love you for your Honesty and commitment to your cause. I shall be a better being for the time I have passed with you. Your True Love, a Fellow Soul, is very fortunate to have your Grace in life and also in the next. When I go, I will NEVER leave you. (he touches the cord from his chest to mine.)

We are always connected.

I cannot take my place in Heaven without your Love Blessing.

Will you extend your Heart to me?

I am always ever present.

Thank you for the lesson I had with you these past three days.

I will embrace you from time to time. My heart is a gift I share freely among the intended. My Betrothed and I have awakening I must attend. I am not jealous, neither is her heart. Our love is a gift to you to enjoy our blessing, until your miracle is complete. (I see fireworks, gestures). Remember you are loved. I will not talk to another like I have you -- not even my Twin. For you and partnership I bless everything. 

Your beloved Ashtar Sherhan of the Sky.

Then I found this, in his beginning cursive writing, a piece of plain lined notebook paper pasted to blue construction paper to 'frame' it:


My mom is someone who inspires me because of how hard her life is and she puts up with it and has a good life anyway. Of how much she does, and much she's been pushed around, what inspires me is to never give up, even if life puts so much in the way.

She grew up in a bad neighborhood, and ended up with being also an engineer and finally becomes an anesthesiologist (you can see where he erased it and had to work to spell that word correctly, and it IS spelled correctly). After that, she became a single mom. She is amazing, and I love her.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who are True Twins

Saturday, March 28, 2020

An Honest Mistake

Today I called for her.

I called for my Higher Self.  I was in tears. She came and took me shopping while my body was in the hammock in the breeze and the sun.

I shared with her my heart. I have guy trouble. How would Isis feel if someone said there was no such thing as Osirus and Horus was going to walk out and have a walk-in replace him?  Isis would be in shock. Absolute, total, unthinkable shock.

I told her how I felt like such a loser in the guy department. I need her now more than ever. As we climb closer and closer to Home, the vibrations of the Higher Realms, people are starting to behave in a Galactic way. But they are not Grown Up Galactic. They are baby Galactic at best. They are human. They don't know or understand or comprehend the rules of ANYTHING back home! And it's frustrating and painful and all I can do is mindless chores to keep myself from crying in front of Anthony.

Rule number one--if you have a Twin, like I do, you are going to have most likely more than one. In the Higher Realms, nothing is hidden. That doesn't mean that we don't have respect and discretion. Having one person talk to a Twin about their relationships with other Twins is like a slap in the face. It is painful, it stings, and it doesn't help anyone with their spiritual progress.  As a human, I thought that the person they were speaking of in all this glowing wonderful terms that they had discovered was me. It was an honest mistake. A totally honest mistake, on my part and on the part of the other.

I'm sooooo thankful for my Higher Self. She's like a big sister or cool friend. I was absolutely devastated. Because of my PTSD, because of my traumas, I can't process emotions in real time. They hit after. I didn't want anything to do with men to help with this feeling of being crushed, cast aside, unappreciated, and labeled in a human way as Twin Whatever. Not Ross, who I know and love, not any of my Twins I know on the Other Side, ever have spoken to me about any of their other Twins. And even a soul who shares relationships with my Twins back Home, never says anything that would cause me pain or to feel less. That's why we are best friends. She totally cares.

If and when you are ever fortunate to have a soul Twin, your love for them is unique, it's unrepeatable, and something to treasure above anything else. You can treasure many souls, because of the mirror they show you of your own soul, and how they help you to grow. A Twin is irreplaceable. Even if they are not perfect, your Twin needs encouragement, tenderness, love. In the Higher Realms there's nothing else but this! As we climb the mountain UP to the Higher Realms, even MORE gentle kindness and love is needed as the human part isn't all the way cast off yet...

I would never in a million years change any of my relationships with anyone whom I am close to on the Other Side. Or on Earth. My Star Family....I love and cherish them, and human as I am I am doing everything in my power to raise my vibration. I did the plucking of the abandonment pain out of my soul. Today, I am left with my best friend in Creation being my Heavenly Mother, and my Higher Self. Ross has been quieter than quiet, I don't understand why, I don't like this lesson, and it hurts so much. I trust that everything is happening for the Highest Good, and that nothing but good can come out of it.

Even though it helped, I'm crying again as I write this, because of another trouble...work took away all time off, all vacations, and sent out some fucking memo from some assholes that say I have a 'Duty to Care' even if there is risk to me.

The only oath I ever took was the Hippocratic Oath--first do no harm.

If there isn't enough personal protection I will say fuck it.

Oh how much I had thought God had sent me someone strong and unshakable to hold my hand as I walk through this battlefield ahead of me. I am not Joan of Arc rallying to the fore. I could just cry for days at the thought of anything happening to me because of Anthony. If it wasn't for him, to be honest, I'd just be going Home. He is counting on me to raise him. And to be with him here because there's no school. Thankfully for that my family and neighbors are a huge support.

I don't believe it for one minute when people say COVID-19 is curable. It is a bioweapon.

The way I see it, COVID-19 is a Level 4 necessary safety equipment protection virus, and at best, our safety equipment in the field is Level 3. It's a suicide run, and people are just sitting in their ass in pajamas and letting us all go to die, to suffer, to hunger, to thirst, and to get a whole new kind of PTSD.

The bioweapon PLANNED for healthcare to be overrun and the systems to fail. The economic system is next to collapse. You might as well prepare for it.

It's funny, because a couple here at work, two anesthesiologists, divorced their spouses, and the set of four adults--with children for their coparenting to work in the new location--moved to Florida. And I picked up the smell of death. I knew their happiness wasn't going to last like they thought it was. I sensed trouble, hardship, pain in the future. It must be the Coronavirus--I sensed it even though I didn't know what it was. It's so painful, knowing what I know, psychically and medically, with this whole pandemic.

Thank God Ross heard, and sent this much needed message. Today.

At least now, I am home, there's sweet potatoes and elk roast in the oven. I added salt, pepper, and winter savory to season it. There's guyaba (guava) cooking on the stove for dessert. Ross wants me to pick some arugula for a salad, so I will.

I am so sorry I ever got my hopes up for someone to be by my side, a human, a friend, someone who makes me laugh, who happens to be, by the way, an incarnate Twin I didn't know I had. Someone to walk every step of the way, and tell me everything is going to be okay. You know, a big strong shoulder with fire in their eyes?  In Heaven, everyone is so wise, so calm, so loving. You never feel you are ever anything less when you are in their presence.

Today I cry. Tomorrow I will cry. I don't think I will ever stop crying in the foreseeable road ahead.

Thank God for 91X.  They just played this song...

And my sister just called, with my baby niece. She was playing with her cupcake toys I'd given her, all clean from her bath. I'm so thankful Spirit sent this video chat. It helped. I told her I'd been crying over the news from my work. And she, thankfully, has training as a counselor, and said all the right things. She reminded me all of this is a cover, to get rid of the bad guys, and to be calm. If I have to go to the trenches, it is worth it, just to make sure we are free of the darkness forevermore.

I am so, so sorry I made my mistake, of hoping for someone to help me be strong, and for getting the messages mixed up.

I'm never alone.

It's a total pain in the ass to have your Illuminated Twin not incarnate. But then again, even when a Twin is incarnate, it's never an easy path because both of you are expecting the very highest of each other--from remembering them and Home just enough--but you are human and doing the best you can given the circumstances.


That's all that matters.

Thank you Ross for your loving advice, and I'll 'tune in' on you, my HS, my Divine Mom and Dad, the faith and love of our beautiful readers/Community, and live in the moment for as long as I can. Your bracelet is on my arm, your beautiful mermaid pendant is next to my heart, and when I long for warmth and physical presence in your absence, I will hug Anthony and our pets and those whoever are sent.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

P.S. I love her with all my heart, and will do my very best to support her at this difficult time. There are no hard feelings for anyone, and I solemnly love her and her every Twin. They make Carla happy to have someone near to her, to show her her gifts that only they can bring out, and I want my Carla to feel beautiful in her aura, every single day...and have Peace.

From The Front Lines At The Hospital

Yesterday was the first day I was back to work in a little over a week. One week ago Thursday, at the end of my shift, I was given an N-95 mask and fitted for it. I take a regular size. I had worn it the whole day, even to a case in the MRI scanner, and some people looked at me with horror at my eye shields and hair cap and masks, as if I was 'overdoing it'. Some patients walking around the campus told me those words, exactly.  

'It's not that bad'.

Yesterday I got dents in my face from the goggles and the masks, and also, it itched like crazy the whole time. It's not easy to breathe. My weak lungs have to work hard to make the air go through the tiny holes in the tight mask--that's how the N-95 filter works--super tiny holes. And it gets stuffy in there too.

These are the 'gaiters'--special boot coverings that some obstetricians and orthopedic surgeons and urologists wear because their work is a little messier and their ankles can get wet.

I am wearing them because my dear friend May in Beijing has been right all along. When in the States we were told not to wear masks, but to wash our hands, she asked incredulously, 'but it is a respiratory illness?!'  She told me that in China the healthcare teams have THREE layers of protection at all times. And it can come in through the feet.  (this makes sense because in changing your clothes, if there's virus on your legs and feet, you can transfer it to your face and eyes).

My photos are blurry because my cell phone is in a zip lock sandwich bag. That's to keep the contamination out. My equipment is bare-bones, no music speaker, no little bag with my unicorn cards in it for people to pick for the day, no aromatherapy. Only a phone charger in my pocket, one sharpie pen, one black ink pen, and a tube of hand lotion. 

In Wuhan, they wrapped up the keyboards and touch screens with plastic wrap so it would be easier to clean...to know it's clean.

We have no more hand wipe sanitizer towels, and there's no hand sanitizer on my workstation. So I wore gloves, all day, and double gloved over them for messy things like intubation and extubation. We were temporarily out of the bouffant caps. 

And we only have two confirmed patients in the hospital. 

Everyone now must wear a surgical mask at all times in the hospital. And some wear the little yellow ones with the elastic loops for the ears, and pull them down while they are wearing them. The nose sticks out. The mouth sticks out. It totally defeats the purpose of masking.  My patient who had cancer wore hers like that. She thought it was an inconvenience to her. She has no idea how scarce these masks are, how difficult they are to source, and why perhaps she should treasure it to protect her as she is at highest risk due to the effects of cancer and diabetes on the immune system.

I was the only one who wore goggles I brought from home. People thought I looked cool, like I was ready for the ski slopes. 

I know from my study of Wuhan and my friends in China's advice--it can come in through the eyes. 

The risks are when you take off your protection. In China they would not eat, drink, or go to the bathroom for twelve hours of their shift. 

I went twelve hours, with no food. I was super thirsty and had half a cup of water in the morning. I did use the bathroom. Not as often as I normally do, though.  I was glad to see if push comes to shove I can do the restrictions for my safety, and for Anthony's too.

What I'd like to share are some events and conversations that happened inside the hospital.

This isn't what's reported anywhere.

At the end of the day, another Reiki practitioner--and surgical scrub tech--has her locker near mine in the women's locker room. She asked me what I thought of everything. I said it's coming. We need to be safe. She said she just cries. All the way home in the car. She doesn't know what to do, she's a single mom like me, her boy is younger than Anthony. I told her actually, as long as the O.R. doesn't become an ICU ward, we are in a pretty safe place within the hospital. It's sterile. The air is especially filtered. And we just do what we know how to do--surgery.

A gynecology-oncology fellow, has taken one of the two vehicles in the family, and renamed it the contamination car. She has two young, young kids, like six and three. They don't understand when she comes home she's 'dirty'. She leaves her shoes outside. She comes in and goes straight to the shower. (the virus is a protein wrapped in fat. If you melt the fat with heat or soap it doesn't work as a virus. Alcohol I think denatures the protein. Or bleach/hydrogen peroxide. Yes the alcohol dissolves the fat and the bleach denatures the protein. The virus lives in your hair even. That's why I wore a bun, had a cloth scrub had over it, and then other hats over that.)  She changes at the hospital but then once she's in her other clothes changes again at home. She doesn't get exposed to the airway and the aerosols like me. But she's super careful.

During our case, I had communications with the nursing staff, the chief of surgery, the charge nurse, and the internal medicine doc. A patient was to have a tooth pulled. There was a medical reason. But her shortness of breath was why she came to the hospital. And her lungs were in such bad shape that moving from the gurney to the bedside commode with assistance made her sats drop into the 80's (remember, 90 percent is the cutoff in the hemoglobin/oxygen saturation curve--at a sat of 90 only sixty percent of your hemoglobin have oxygen, and oxygen is vital to the heart, kidneys, and brain to function.)  Her chest CT showed the classic findings of the ground glass appearance. I also saw in the notes she was complaining of GI symptoms, refusing meds and complaining of gas and not wanting to eat.  She was here for cardiac reasons--her three male physicians--infectious disease, internal medicine, pulmonology/critical care--decided. They did the thing where they diurese her, (make her pee off extra fluid with diuretic medicine) she got better, and the basic cardiac route.   My concern was why wasn't there a single word about the coronavirus in the chart?  I was prepared to do the case with full protection to all staff--I understood it needed to go. But the Chief of Surgery wanted to make sure the other surgeons were aware of this. I told her that the internist/hospitalist 'mansplained' to me that the patient was there for nine days, the three didn't think it was coronavirus, because the patient never got worse it therefore wasn't.  But the guy who was going to pull the tooth didn't want to take the risk. Nobody in the O.R., none of the nurses or techs, wanted to take the risk. And the heart surgeon wanted proof too if she had it or not. So the case was postponed.

This is the second case of unrecognized virus that was scheduled to go to my O.R. and our teams are the ones who picked it up!

Another day, someone came for a cardio version, had a temperature of 102 F and a cough, and got through four separate temperature check stations to protect the hospital!! That one got sent straight to the E.R. too!

When I am alone, giving anesthesia and the surgery is going on, for the last two week's I've noticed a trend. It's not good. It's hard to give the normal patients who we think don't have the COVID-19, oxygen. The ultimate truth is what's going on with the physiology during surgery, and I'm watching it live. Typically I run about fifty to seventy percent oxygen and my patients saturate in the high nineties. Yesterday my patients were like, ninety six at the best on one hundred percent oxygen, and sometimes dropping scary to the eighties right at the beginning of surgery when they move from the gurney to the O.R. table while only on room air.  Yesterday I had to give furosemide to an outpatient so her sats would go up and she could go home.

It's here.  It's literally everywhere. And know that everything is going to be okay whether you work in a hospital or not.  These times are important for change. Even to change our hearts.

I haven't had work. My first case I was assigned was an abortion. In all my career, except perhaps one time where I didn't understand I thought the patient had a miscarriage first--I've asked someone else to do the case. I didn't want my gift of anesthesia being used for that. I wasn't sure how it was a life-saving procedure for the mother because we have all these limits for who can go and who can't. But I guessed they didn't want the baby to grow bigger inside.  I kept asking Ross, why? Why this? And he kept saying to just go there and to be loving. So I was. The patient was super nice. And the surgeon was super nice. It was scary how nice people can do such a horrible thing to an unborn child without thinking about it. It was then I was overwhelmed with the compassion, as Ross had once said, 'they know not what they do'.  Just as evil people can do nice things, nice people can do evil things, but unintentionally--they have no way to be aware of the spiritual consequences, and as Ross gently helped me to see, everyone has their own spiritual life lessons to live.  I knew in my heart that by treating the mother with love, and giving my very best anesthesia care, and saying absolutely NOTHING, the space would be held for her to learn and to grow spiritually....just as my friend held the space for me with my abandonment issues just long enough that I could see it myself. That's the Galactic way. The right way. The let's get the heck out of duality ASAP way.  And I grew.

The last one I'd like to share is both painful and poignant.

I had taken off my protective gear and changed by the rules, driven home, and took a shower. I scrubbed my neck area which had been unprotected extra well and washed my hair. Then I drove to a local pizza parlor for takeout for us. As I waited, there were others there, and the worker called to the guy in the cap/uniform behind me, 'Door Dash?' (a meal delivery service).  I didn't notice him, and he was kind of trying to stand far away from me, not for germs, but like, to not get my attention.  But his order was delayed, and he talked with the worker.

I recognized it.

He's a surgeon.

A podiatrist.

I still didn't make the connection, and he acted like he was getting it for his family on a Friday night. He said, 'what can I do with the virus, offer to take a toe off from somebody?'

The worker apologized for the wait and offered him a free beer of his choice. He took an 805, a local brew, a bottle. The worker said if you don't finish it you can pour it in a cup and take it in the car.

The poor man.  OMG, the poor man. No surgery. No emergencies. Still owes office rent, mortgage, living expenses, so he's doing something on the side--the Door Dash. He's a wonderful colleague, I've worked with him for ten years.

We really ARE all in this together.

We really are.

Ross gently reminds us that everyone has their own role, their own script for this...and I don't call it unprecedented time because the Spanish Flu one hundred years ago was just that. A pandemic.

He assures us again that everything -- even Carla! -- is going to be okay. He wanted me to share this, so you can have an inside look at what is going on behind the scenes of this outbreak. Those are his words.

And although it makes me tear up when I see people clapping for the healthcare workers and saying 'thank you for your service'--I get a really uncomfortable feeling inside. I don't like it. I don't like that I can't stay home with my family and protect us. The level of gratitude doesn't even touch the lack of equipment, the higher ups (my boss, admins) who aren't showing their faces anywhere near the hospital due to their fears of the contagion. No amount of free cookies are going to ever take away the horror of the terrible imbalances in the system which is coming up in plain sight.  And I think that this horror PALES in comparison to the horror those who are unawakened are going to experience when the truth comes out about the world and how it is run. The new message from the Council points to this.  That's why we need you to 'hold the space' and 'anchor the energies' for the final push of the awakening. Do your part, where you are, and keep informed with real sources like us. Don't buy into the corporate media mind control game.

Let's light this baby up! Schuman resonance

Ross ways when the going gets tough, the tough get to go into high drive on their Badass Factor!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Who share a soul and heart

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler ; )

I'm going to be cooking dinner soon.

Spirit wants me to write.

Here's two songs to help you get prepare for the message I'm going to share, at Spirit's request. It isn't easy to share things like this.

But, let's have the Schumann Resonance graph...

Here's the other one--actually, the title is one of my nicknames, since the fifth grade--for all the things I've shared here, and some people think I share everything, I actually share a small portion of the things I do and see and experience and know, on a working basis, with Spirit and my past.

So, I got the nickname Gypsy from a cat. I kid you not. It wasn't my cat. My friend, Kimberly Bryant, her mother worked in a cat lab. They were a cat family. At home they had himalayans which were absolutely beautiful--think of a siamese with long hair and blue eyes. 

My friend Anita and I were told to be certain cats names and numbers. Anita was #5--Tuffy. And I was #27, Gypsy. I totally forget what name Kim's cat had.

But the term fits. 

I've been everywhere all over the galaxy, all over the world, all over the states...in this incarnation as Carla. And the butterfly in the photo is also a bluebird--that's it's name Eumedon's Bluebird (eumedonia eumedons)...

Which brings me to the point, and to the message.  MK Ultra's ability to remember things from one generation to the next isn't just for nefarious purposes.  I've been able to experience it in my immediate past life, and I remember not just that but what I did and what I saw and how I was treated and how they acted...the ability to be intergenerational and have long-lasting memories/training/etc can apply to very advanced souls who are able to remember and operate on a different --ah, level of function--than the newer souls who have not been through as much.

My very first contact with Spirit was when I was about three or four, in the garden, and I knew in my soul while I was admiring the beautiful fuchsia plant at my Nana Angelina's house that I wanted to -- in this life-- know everything I could about flowers/things that grow and healing.  It was a very strange thought to have for a very small child, but I knew I had a purpose.

Off and on I had psychic experiences, nothing much, since in our family it was considered 'normal'.

I helped Dad win gambling on a horse racing game once, and I never saw him more excited than when I told him which one would win. I felt it. I couldn't explain it. I just knew. It had really good odds. 

We were close so it made me happy.

Spirit says to get on with it. I don't need every little detail.

The clearest way to say it is that sometimes Spirit will 'pop in' and 'pop out' for reasons for our life purpose--and people like me will see it. Sometimes it's to get us to do things that are super important for our life purpose.

Anthony's father Jared is psychic. He had a recurrent dream his whole life, being chased and all of a sudden everything 'got better' from a long time ago in ancient times.

I had the other half of that story. He was Gamaliel. I was Tabitha. I've shared that one before. We both ran, split up, and he drew the people after him, and they killed him. I couldn't bury the body, and for a Jewish Slave that was really, really, horrible.

I thought we were back. To me, the sign of Jared's visions meant everything was okay. Yes, he was seventeen years younger than me. But in the realm of Spirit, and Twin flames, a twenty year different is often the norm. 

When we were together once--and I believe now it was the time Anthony was being conceived--Jared's face transformed. He looked glowing and like Owen Wilson, a long face, thin, blonde hair long.

I remember days before some guy with Blessed Mother, very interested, and asking me from Spirit side if I wanted to have a baby. I said if it's God's will for me, absolutely, as it was the dearest wish from my heart. 

I didn't know who that guy was, or why he was so interested, but I'm sure to this day he helped with the conception. I was never able to conceive before, I'd tried. It was the energy. I'm one hundred percent sure it was Ross now. He even said today to Anthony, 'who's your daddy?' when Anthony asked our help to pick a player for his video game. I wanted one, Ross wanted the other, and Ross said, 'who helps you more with football, Anthony?'  Of course it was Ross!

These visions about Jared helped our family--Ross, Anthony and me--get from Point A to Point B.

Let's move on.

The other day, sometime last year, I was communicating with a friend, and the realization dawned on me that he was Ashtar! I never would have seen it in a million years! It's kind of like the extra shelf in the refrigerator I didn't know I had for a year because the one above it was kind of wide and from my height it blocked the view of it. One day, boom! I noticed it and wondered how I never did.

Spirit was like that too when I had lunch with Andy Bojarski. All was well, and then I realized he was John the Baptist, a soul close to Ross and me, and he didn't deserve to die the way he did. I was in tears once that recognition hit.

I had a long talk with Ashtar and Ross the other day. They reminded me of all these things. There's reasons for it. It's possible. Sometimes it's just to get someone from Point A to Point B. It's how they steer the perception.

Sometimes it's the true soul identity peeking through. It really is. It's that unique soul signature and it's forever.

Either way, if it helps us with our life lessons, it's a good thing. 

My father came and spoke with me from the other side. He said he didn't like it, how these souls hide. He said, 'how do you think I felt when I came to the other side and learned you were not only my little girl...but you were all THAT (he showed me the image of me raising my veil when Nana was crossing over and being all shiny and glowing).'  He wanted to have me always be his little girl, it made him happy and strong to have that be the only memory. 

Everyone has their feelings about things.

It's their right.

My friend Amber Maurradino, mother of Ocea, a beautiful soul I've lost contact with, saw the future perhaps ten years ago. She saw me on a stage, wearing a white jumpsuit. I was with two men, one was blonde with a jumpsuit. I was young, I had long blonde hair, and in really good shape with a gorgeous figure.The other was with brown hair and a beard and a jumpsuit. All three jumpsuits were identical. All three of us were on stage, touring places all over the world, and showing people what we can do in the Higher Realms. I would levitate and fly over the audience, just by the power of Spirit. I was super happy. And she said people were excited, very excited to see all the new things. These were huge, huge audiences.

A long time ago, another friend, Susan Miner, told me back in the 80's when I was at work with her at the Clorox company, that one day I'd been in the hospital, with a stethoscope hung around my neck -- the earpieces on one side and the chest piece on the other--and super, duper happy.   She was right. I was like that in the trauma room in medical school at UCSD. I am still happy in the hospital, and I always wear my scope that way, I don't keep it in my pocket. It's a Cardiology IV, with two lumens and I can hear just about everything I need to hear with it. 

Is Amber right?

Yes. I really think so. Especially now that I know what Ross and Ashtar look like.

I also see Ross UP where he is now. He's sending a beam of light to me. He's also sending out another one. There is a triangle formed between all three of us. The energy is strong and very reassuring and high frequency. It is anchoring the energies and spreading everywhere along the grid.

I don't know much about this Coronavirus, or the Awakening, but I do know that spiritually, this golden archangel whiter than white energy is for the highest good. 

Ross says that is enough for today.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Accept and Allow

On Tuesday, thanks to the magic of Zoom teleconferencing, my Reiki teacher Anne Reith, PhD was able to host an 'Open Psychic Development Circle'.  I haven't been to one in eight to ten years.  These are sessions for the advanced students, where they meet every week at a regular time, and Spirit agrees to work with them, for perhaps four to six week intervals. Usually they are closed groups. When I used to go, traffic and childcare was a huge issue. At first I enjoyed them, then later, I would get upset because I spent most of the time being a medium for other people instead of getting to enjoy Spirit on my own.

This week, Anne got some downloads from a new angel that was next to her, a very tall one who wore gray and had gray hair and a beard who reminded her a little of the energy of the tarot card, The Hermit--someone very calm, very wise, and very loving and connected to Source.

Some of the messages for the group, and I believe, all of us, are:
  • enjoy the respite (that's a word she doesn't usually use, but it means a break, a breather, in the onslaught like military or other major event)
  • Trust
  • each of you are on the front lines (the people in the circle were drawn to it by Spirit) in your own way
  • Be the conduit for the healing to flow through you as you are in your position on the front lines, do not deplete yourself.  Be the conduit for their angelic energy.
  • Let the angels and the angelic energy be the warrior. 
  • When you struggle draw back upon the energy of the circle
  • Don't try so hard
  • You are enough
  • we forget that we are human (don't feel you should be above it)
  • use our gifts

Some people in the circle saw a golden orb or globe that was Mother Earth, radiating this golden, angelic energy. 

Anthony and I are kind of happy that we are confined to our home. We enjoy doing what we want to do, and not having any major time commitments.  It was kind of the elephant in the room for us, and I suspect, it's a little that way for almost everyone who is affected by the quarantines.

We were like, 'I kind of like it, isn't that weird?'  and 'me too!'

I asked him this morning now he's had home school, and regular school, which does he prefer?

He said actually, regular school, because it's harder to make himself follow a schedule and get things done.

Yesterday, I continued catching up on my correspondence, and he assembled his drone I'd bought him for Christmas, and we took it to the park twice to make it fly. It was very exciting! It's a shame it can only fly for fifteen minutes. He invited me to fly it, and I said no because I knew I would crash it.

I'm enjoying the rhythms of Life. 

Ross has told me to go through the seafood in the freezer first. Tonight on deck is scallops, and I needed a Mexican-style recipe so I could use some of the cilantro from the garden. I looked it up, and there's one with chorizo and scallops served on fresh corn. I'll use canned, but it looks fantastic. 

I adore the concept of maƱana, 'maybe tomorrow', when it comes to the 'to do' lists.  I've been a slave to them since high school. It helps me to work with my own natural energies. Yesterday I needed to lie down and talk to Spirit. I could. I did! And I felt the downloads. I get many.  When I needed sun, I got sun. I washed dishes and tidied up around the house too. 

It's so wonderful living a life where there are fewer demands. I go to sleep when I'm tired, I wake up when I feel like it. It's like vacation...

This lull in my work schedule has been a blessing too. 

I've been able to accept emotionally the risks for me with my bad lungs being exposed to the virus, where one in five staff catch it. 

I don't think I have it in me to survive another pneumonia. It's hard work for me to breathe now just as it is. I suspect our old home had mold and we didn't know it. Both Anthony and I, our lungs are really not in good shape.

My team has also gotten a lot of information together at work, we have our safety equipment we will ration, but at least to start it's there. I saw there's PAPR, the astronaut head type thing, which will make my life a lot easier. 

We also got a wonderful donation from a friend of just the neoprene like facemasks you can wash. I will share them with others at the hospital. I know the virus is airborne and sticks to hair and skin and clothing, so from the front door to the locker room, I'll wear eye protection and a mask.

Anesthesiologists in several FB groups are sharing information, vital information, for our safety and that of our patients.

Here are some of the topics:

These are important things to take into consideration, and fortunately, the virus is getting us to talk about them.

Tomorrow I work. I'm call two. I'm not sure how long I'll be there. I promise to take every precaution. 
It is what it is, and I know no matter what, my assignment here will succeed and at some point I'll go Home when it's complete. 

My dream is to set up a Healing Center. A real one that uses Galactic ways instead of Fischer Price Toys (current technology today by comparison).  I've contacted Aura-Soma again. It's not easy to contact them. They are experts in frequency of light, scent and angels. I have concerns as they are using a Kabbalah, as well as saying, 'Know Thyself'--in their teaching. Either way their products totally 'sing' with energy, and I'll find a way to use that. Or even biofeedback. Those units are expensive like the classes for Aura-Soma. A new one is twenty-five thousand dollars. It's sort of a 'front' for a medical medium to work. With both insights you can really help people, and add to that my medical background for a triple threat.  I trust and I know as long as I'm reminding people to eat from the garden, to open their hearts, and to practice Reiki I'm on the right track.

With world events, I'd just like to share one thing.  In the context of celebrities getting the virus and looking really pale as they make their strange videos on social media--with keys and shit hidden in plain sight so it appears it's like some secret message to one another--I think I understand what the girl rescued from horrors in Ecuador is about.

They need the adrenochrome. And since everything is on lockdown here, sources are low. But perhaps this was a donor for it, and she was rescued. It's evidence. That's what I'm thinking.

Here is the information reference for a chemist about Adrenochrome. Most notable is the structure, which looks like a white rabbit lying on its side--the ears are the left. And also, for the suppliers, Wuhan is towards the bottom of the list.

The physical effects of blood-drinking are hemochromatosis and liver damage. The body has to make extra ferritin to carry the additional heme around in a bound to protein state before it hurts the liver.  Without access to the fresh ingested blood, the ferritin still holds  the heme, and it may be possible for a relative anemia to be seen. I'm not a hematologist, I don't know, only they could answer it. 

Supposedly the Google censors on researching stuff like this are off, but I had trouble finding information on the psychological and physical withdrawal from Adrenochrome. (oxidized epinephrine/adrenaline)

Do know that in the circles of Luci-FAIR-ree ins they have been training in military tactics since long time now, and they plan to deploy that against the 'cattle' in an end-game, 'Alex' scenario where all Monarch and MK Ultra are trained to be triggered to do just that. Instead of being in hiding, they will be out in the open and in control. With guns. So when Chet Hanx makes those aggressive statements, he's talking about what that plan is--throwing everyone who's awake in the FEMA camps.

I've also heard that Billy Gate-s wants to put some DNA signature marker thing into everyone to prove who's gotten the "COVID" vaccine and who hasn't. That's like the total mark of the beast there.

So we live in interesting times, and we bring up this last section for those of you who enjoy the popcorn in times like this.

Be calm and know we are in good hands. All is well.

Yesterday I went to the park for a little time alone. Anthony is here, 24/7 always within earshot. I listened to a voicemail from a friend. It wasn't easy, it kept cutting off.  I replied. It's spiritual stuff that Anthony just gets concerned when he overhears it.

When I finished I saw one of these.

A bluebird.

A bluebird of Happiness, right?

That's the thing, they don't live here. I've never seen them growing up.  Not anywhere up or down the California coast.

What I did see was something like this high up hanging in the tree in the park.

It's real!

I don't know how they did it, but bluebirds are in Southern California--and living in a little house!

I had thought perhaps I've seen them in my back yard but I thought I was imagining it. 

They love the bird seed I place out for them, the doves and sparrows and fluffy fat other birds I don't know what they are.

The hummingbirds adore our cactus in front, and also the hummingbird feeder in the back.

I have heard an owl at night, from my room I can hear it hooting, for two nights now. Once long ago we saw him fly overhead into a tree when we did our outdoor fire in the chiminea.  And as Anthony and I tried to climb our back fence from the golf course in, we heard a hawk and saw it. (I never did go over it, because I didn't want to risk a broken arm). 

Good things are due to arrive.

Not sure when.

Not sure how.

Not sure how long this quarantine thing is going to take.

Not sure how my work is going to go but probably I'm about to be really busy in the next few weeks.

I know Ross is always with me and Anthony, and he's never going to leave. We'll be okay. Especially because I listen to my intuition and his inner guidance. 

While I'm not at work, I'll enjoy the birds singing, and the freedom to enjoy my life.  I might partake in a little 'popcorn'--watching the 'show' as the regimes change, and the ones from the ASSC have to face the music for their deceptions and not-so-hot stuff they've been holding over us for centuries and millennia.

I'll keep in touch with loved ones as best as I can.

Keep your sense of humor up! (warning, F-bomb alert! lol)

Remember we love you, you are loved, every single day, whether we say it or not.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The family who love and cherish you

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Welcome The Rain

I just read some emails that were sent via 'reply all' to the CEO of our local surgery center regarding the business decision to stop doing elective cases for six weeks. The responses ranged from 'I'll be out of business by then' to an Iranian showing a screenshot of how many cases, how many deaths and how many recoveries--the numbers which are staggering! Some said to reassess the situation every two weeks.  They were very glum, all in all, somewhat like this.

What they don't realize is that they are at risk for their own lives, which should hopefully weigh more on them with importance than their financial status. Yes, this is a push-comes-to-shove, never before in our lifetimes seen situation!  Some may have listened to the stories of survivors of the Spanish Flu pandemic, or perhaps survivors of war, and taken a mental note that sometimes we don't get to do things as simply and predictably as we are accustomed to...

The reality is that many ophthalmologists and otolaryngologists are dying from the disease, and this is because in the exam room, their faces are within inches of their patients! They haven't had the necessary protection!

So in a way, perhaps, some people who are going through this scenario on Gaia, are needing to be protected from themselves.

Which raises the question, why is it that for some of us, we look at the bright side, and enjoy all the new things the rain allows us to do which we can't do with any other kind of weather?

And others only look at the limitation which the new circumstances, such as the rain, have imposed on them?

It's telling, isn't it?  

Our options are to embrace the change, to 'make do' and 'make the best' and endure it, or to challenge it with a mental fight to make it go away.

Some things are bigger than us. 

Some things happen for no reason.

Some things we never find out until later what was the purpose in our lives.

Working with the Law of Attraction, the more you resist the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the more it's going to influence itself in your consciousness.

Our choices are to embrace, to accept and allow (and wait it out), or to resist this terrible imposition upon the world, and the pain and suffering of the patients and healthcare teams and their families.

It is what it is.

My patient who had his surgery cancelled for the COVID-19 he didn't tell us he had, but tested positive, moved from the ward to the ICU. This doesn't surprise me. The abdominal pain that goes with it is an ominous sign.  

What you need to know is that until the test came back positive, this patient was not in 'isolation'--no safety precautions were taken by any of the staff who worked with him. And management doesn't want people to know they were exposed.

This and this alone is enough to give thanks for the pandemic--to expose the liars and to make them accept full responsibility for their actions!

There is only one right action. Do the right thing. Every single time! Do the right thing! 

When is humanity finally going to understand this lesson?

Ross said to share this photo, and to show how the rain can also make things more beautiful. It accentuates the beauty...in times of despair, the heart gets shown in its true light, the kindnesses become more prominent, and the shadows only make the beauty shine more bright.

Here is a wonderful meditation I did with my teacher Anne when she was Live on FB. It was a beautiful gift and it was free to join. Feel free to share this in its entirety--or the blog post link--with those who know Reiki and wish to do healings for Gaia too.

COVID-19 Healing & Prayers


Original source - www.ReikiRays.com  

  • Reiki II (or those from other healing modalities that include training in distance work)
    • NOTE:  This healing will use Reiki symbols.  Therefore, if you are not trained as a Reiki II Practitioner or above, feel free to modify the healing based on your own inner guidance.
  • You can do this process one time, given the healing is being programmed, but feel free to do it as often as you wish.  Many find it very comforting to be able to do something to help during this time, and flowing the Reiki energy provides a healing for you, as well as others. 
  • Any of the following healing or prayer can be spoken aloud or said silently to yourself.
  • After the Healing & Initial Prayer, feel free to spend several minutes of sending healing energy, or you can skip that step and assume the energy will be sent. 
  • Make any alternations based on your own inner guidance.
  1. Ask for the help of your Reiki Guides and any other spiritual entities from the Light that you feel guided to work with.
  2. Repeat the following phrase 3 times:  “It is my intention to connect to each and every corner of the world and all the residents of the world.”   
    1. OPTIONAL:  You can add any intentions you wish (e.g., “It is also my intention that this healing energy be sent to all medical professionals and first responders”). 
    2. OPTIONAL:  You can direct this energy outward away from you, or you can also use a pillow or some other object as a surrogate.
  3. Draw the Distance Symbol (Hon-Shaw-Ze-Sho-Nen) in front of you in the air. 
    1. OPTIONS:  You can draw it 3 times or you can draw it once and then gently pat or press it 3 times.
  4. While drawing the Distance Symbol, repeat the name of the symbol 3 times (“Hon-Shaw-Ze-Sho-Nen”). 
  5. Draw and repeat the name of whatever symbols you are attuned to that you feel guided to use during this healing. 
    1. OPTIONS:  (a) Draw the symbols in the air in front of you using any of the techniques described in Step #3 above, (b) draw each symbol into the palm of each hand and then gently pat or press your hands together, or (c) any other method to activate the symbols. 
  6. Hold your hands in whatever position that feels right to you.
    1. OPTIONS:  (a) Prayer position, (b) over your heart, (c) facing upward at your sides, (d) extended forward with palms facing outward, etc.
  7. Say the following 4 phrases:
    1. “I continuously send Reiki energies to each and every corner of the world to eradicate the Coronavirus totally.”
    2. “I continuously send Reiki energies to heal each and every person who is affected by the Coronavirus or has any symptoms of Coronavirus.”
    3. “I continuously send Reiki energies to each and every resident of the world to be protected and shielded from the Coronavirus.” 
    4. “I program this Reiki to be sent continuously until the Coronavirus is totally eradicated from everywhere.” 
  1. Put your hands in the prayer position or whatever position feels right to you.
  2. Say the following prayer: “Father/Mother/God, please eradicate the Coronavirus from each and every corner of the world and heal all those who are affected by the virus or has any symptoms of this virus. Please protect and shield all the residents on the earth from this virus. Cover each and every corner of the world with your Divine energies so that all the residents are safe, healthy, and protected.  And so it is, let it be so.”
  • (OPTIONAL) Spend time sending Reiki energy.
  • Ask for the presence of Mother Mary.  She will facilitate you in sending Divine Love to all involved in your healing.
  • Hold your hands in whatever position feels comfortable for you.  Focus Mother Mary’s energy outward away from you and toward all those who have received the Reiki energy.  Repeat the following phrase 3 times:  “Infinite love and gratitude.”
  • Place your hands over your own heart.  Focus Mother Mary’s energy toward your heart, because you give so much to so many.  Repeat the following phrase 3 times:  “Infinite love and gratitude.”
  • Thank Mother Mary, your Reiki Guides, and any other spiritual entities from the Light that have helped you with this healing.
Institute for Mediumship, Psychic, Astrological, & Reiki Training (IMPART)
Impart Wisdom & Wellness Center (IWWC)
540 N. Golden Circle Drive, Suite 108, Santa Ana, CA  92705, USA
(714) 599-0017

It's your Rose!  It's in your hands.

Sorry for the font change. 

We just love that huge white rabbit with the blue and red pill!

Clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

P.S. Here is a link to the poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson which has the line 'the earth laughs in flowers':  https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/52341/hamatreya?fbclid=IwAR2YosQOBWzXbQcPBy5s7raK3AYLv3IUYPsb8-anNr_i58OVWNWRACFEul8