Tuesday, September 26, 2017

God's Time Not Yours

The last few weeks have been almost surreal.  I came home from my vacation, and both Anthony and I got sick. We thought it was food poisoning, but I'm certain it was the flu because I couldn't breathe and we had hot and cold chills.  I got a traffic ticket because I was looking up a movie  my boy wanted to see while I was at a stoplight, and I had my phone in hand.  I've been negotiating like crazy with my colleagues so I could attend my ACLS and PALS renewal courses I scheduled outside the one with our group so I could keep a promise to another anesthesiologist so he could go to see his kids play in a tennis tournament.

It makes my head spin!

And yet, yesterday, I finished ACLS, a buddy did a favor for me (he owed me) and did one case that was scheduled in the middle of my class (I was supposed to have the day off)...and last night I took Anthony to see his movie he wanted to see. The theater has been remodeled and the seats are VIP, every one, for the normal price ticket. Today, I have 'off' practically, and I can take my PALS renewal.

It's like, what I wanted, but a week later.

And I declined my annual mandatory flu shot, officially yesterday, because I just had the flu and I therefore have natural immunity. I will be wearing a mask inside the hospital from November 1 to March something...at all times except when I eat.

There was a reason I was sick, and Anthony, right?

'God's time and not yours' is a quote a former resident (student of mine) used to say to me and I would say to him. The implication is that everything happens for the best, and sometimes in some ways we can't seem to control it.

Sometimes it is best to accept.

Why the train station?

It's visual.

I'm going to talk about something in two ways, the same concept.

The initial concept was with phones. Anthony upgraded to iOS 11. I'm still on the old one. I don't want to update my phone.

They both work.

His has more 'bells and whistles'.

So many people have so many phones, all in different models and makes and operating systems...yet we are able to communicate and function, no matter what the phone, right?

On the one level, a phone is a phone and it functions basically the same, yet at the same time, some have more advanced capabilities...wouldn't you agree?

The same is true for souls.

Some souls are like steam engines, like the one above. They work. It takes  a little bit more care to keep it going. Broken parts don't have replacements at the store you know? But it can run on the same tracks as a more modern train. It's still a train.

Some souls are like this diesel here, still in use, very functional, not exactly the state of the art in technology, but wouldn't you agree they have more advantages than the steam engines, and for sure are easier to maintain because their replacement parts are still being made?

Some souls are highly advanced, and can go at very high speeds. They are the future of the train industry. And yet, with this futuristic purpose, the people who run these trains are still sort of 'working out the bugs in the system'  because it is so very new. Compared to the tried and true diesel and steam trains.

Yet all three, steam, diesel, and high-speed train, are in fact, trains, and move along the rails which are interchangeable, more or less.

There is movement, and it's plenty fast to the eye, and causes a blur like this when you look out the window.

The train is our soul, its development, its level of mastery, within the confines of this incarnation's Life Script and Life Lessons.

The track we choose, is our 'timeline'--the combination of our belief systems, our life experiences, and our personality--and it's going to go wherever our 'ticket' is intended for us to go.

I've spent a lot of time researching the ways of the dark because they trick us and I don't like to be tricked.  I want to have 'eyes that see' and 'ears that hear' and see through the smoke and mirrors. I am grateful for the  brave souls like the Black Child who even though they have had serious threats against them and loss of money (advertising on YouTube)...they bring what is hidden to the surface for all to see.

So in my mind, the dark ones, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--they are their own train, on their own track, and I look at it like, 'so THAT's what their train is all about'.  I look forward to the day when they are in a museum and that's it.

The people who 'buy' all the shill and the slop that the dark ones sell--through media, entertainment industry, news, sports, (the diversions)...they are the diesel souls to me. Asleep, so far, just like I was for most of my life....going on the train track that has been basically designed for them by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. It's sad, but true, and I know I can't stop a train in its tracks. The train has to want to stop or change lines. So I send unconditional love and tell myself, 'God's time, not yours'.

I do send unconditional love to the dark ones on their train, they are technically God's children too, but I don't want to get sucked into it, their dark energy, so I send it generically and I pray a lot for both the steam train and the diesel to wake up and heal.

The one which really delights me, is not only the advanced train, but the view from it. I am starting to really see the spiritual gifts--not just of the community here, but everywhere I go--these are the people who for whatever reason, have a very high vibration and a heart filled with love. Like me, they aren't perfect, but they are in touch with their soul, their Life Purpose, and are making headway on their own paths. Our work is starting to benefit one another. Everyone has their own gift. I smile when I see it in action. We send things back and forth to one another. We share healings with photos and Reiki with one another. We love and support one another emotionally in friendship and faith in a better world. This delicate plant from the seed which has been planted is taking root and starting to thrive!

We are each responsible for creating our own reality.

We have the ability to change our reality at any time by changing our thoughts.

For me, reading about Asperger's is helping a lot. The frustration is less in my personal interactions, and I'm able to know myself more. For example, when I had a day off last week a colleague asked me to work for him in the morning. As a favor. I did. Last night, another person asked me for the same 'favor'...but my mental health isn't the best and I needed time with Anthony. I had to get away from the home and the 'office' and just relax and enjoy being a mom. I remember the first Kingsmen movie we saw, together, in Vail, at a fancy theater, clear as day. I remember how excited Anthony was and talked about it. It was more than a movie, it was a part of our lives. And yesterday, first chance we got, we went to see its sequel. (don't get me started about the themes in that movie--total Agenda 21, OMG) It was a special time. My colleague called me repeatedly during the movie, but I didn't answer or text back. That's how intrusive my job is in my personal life. I can't escape. But I CAN set boundaries, limits, and adjust my perception/reaction to it. Money is tight. It it how I support us. And I won't complain.

The simple practice of being Loving with Unconditional Love--both for yourself and others--the SAME!--is an excellent way to begin and maintain this transformation to your highest soul development, the fancy train, the new iOS...

What if we all blow up tomorrow in global thermonuclear war?

It's unlikely, as it's against Creator's wishes, and intervention will occur. That's my understanding.

The news is totally out of touch with the reality of Divine Creator and of the rest of the Universe.  So I don't listen. It is 'compromised' by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.  You might argue this tooth and nail with me, and I'll give you a gentle gaze and a loving smile, and not say a peep back. Because all it means is it's lonely on my tracks, you have yours, and I bless you to travel on your path.  I like my tracks. And I know in my heart if everything were to end tomorrow, I'd have no regrets...and I'd go on to whatever is next.

I have Peace.

I also have Ross and my teams to assist me, with whatever is asked of me to do next.

This Peace is stronger than any news show that is 'agenda-driven'. It's stronger than fear porn. It's stronger than the sleep which affects so many around us.

The seeds which have been planted are growing right and left, and they are strong!

When they bloom, we are free.

It will be fun.


I am from the realms of Light where the energy is absolutely blinding to the uninitiated.

I am also invisible to the naked eye of those who are incarnate in the earth plane at the moment.

It is only with the Spirit eyes can I be visualized.

Am I real?


Am I your future? Are one day you going to be like me and return to your original form?

You can count on it.

Is there anything stopping the progress from where you are to where I am?

Nothing is capable of stopping it.

Not even the lowest of the low, those who promote cannibalism and the dark.

All shadows must hide when the light is turned on.

(He points to his chest--ed) This is where the essence of Divine Creator of All That Is resides in you.

Get familiar with it.

Get used to it.

It is what you ARE...so much more than this physical body.

And, like Carla, you are learning to direct this force to create better lives (that's the message behind the saying, 'God's time not yours')...it will get faster and more direct and harder to break.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart always, always, always have hidden this from you. And tried to block it, your natural powers at co-creation, to get inside your heads in order to hijack your natural creative ability for their own use.

It will be the last to go, the news...and it will be the most welcome to leave the planet, in Carla's eyes....the deliberate manipulation of the hearts and minds of the masses...POOF one day gone from earth forever!

(he smiles--ed)

You are what you think.

(he taps his head-ed)

Think about it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple