Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Endurance Builds Confidence!


In this phase of my life lessons, it appears that endurance and belief in myself are top goals or priorities. The combination of happenings defies logic and is beyond probability that they would stack up one after the next.

Case in point, yesterday, on my way to work with my travel mug of coffee in hand and the next-to-last portion of the panettone I eat when I'm in a rush in the car--my neighbor the new widow stops me. There is gratitude in her eyes, and we hug. She is overwhelmed with the changes, doing the best she can, and I encourage her by sharing how I know there's lots of official things to do, mu mom experienced that with my dad. We agree how sudden her loss was, and how it was 'a lifetime' they had been together. Over thirty years!

She says she knows I need to go, and she has no idea how I am clocked at work--precious minutes make a huge difference in my job security--but I know her soul means more to God/Creator, and I tend to it. Then I go.

I never say a word about the loss of my mother. There is no need.

At work, the day is long. One case after another after another.

There are new forms to implement. Because of my first call assignment, the pre-op nurses contact me regarding patients who are recovered from Covid who are scheduled for surgery the next day. There are two. One is positive still on the Covid test. The nurses don't want to be difficult, but the protocol is complex and hasn't been followed. I contact my senior partner who helped make these protocols. Apparently medical specialists can waive the requirements and just 'clear' them for surgery. 

At lunch my ENT friend informs me of a complication which can be fixed. I'm devastated because I thought it would get better on its own. It's also the patient of my very close friend. 

More cases and more cases. I have cases scheduled until ten p.m. 

A patient drank a quart of juice before surgery, and said the pre-op nurse said it was okay. I speak to review the policy with the head of pre-op and also the head of the whole pre-op/pacu/GI lab. 

I had a quesadilla for dinner. Everything off the grill is quesadilla after hours. And even if you order a burger, it still tastes like a quesadilla when you eat it.

There are more cases and a surgeon is delayed. I excuse myself to take a nap in the call room. It is much needed. Anthony wakes me up with a FaceTime call. I do my best to be a mom and to get my sleep too.

The nap makes a big difference. I am more refreshed.

The last few cases have some hiccups. I work my way through. And the last last one, in recovery, is tachycardia. I can't leave until it's resolved. So at two in the morning I am still working.

I choose to drive home.

The onramp to the freeway is closed. There is a freeway detour. But it leads to flashing police lights and flares where I would go onto the other onramp. I avoid it and take the back route, seeing from the other side that the lights were for a traffic accident.

I remark to myself driving is easier when there's no traffic. 

More freeway work, more lanes closed. I finally exit and even on that route, the street, lanes are closed and there are workers. 

Did my mood sour at any point?


I told myself, 'it's only for one day'.  I was paying back the favor of one who had covered for me many a time when mom was sick and at the end. A favor is a favor. 

Once home, I was wired. I saw the new Gaia Portal. And I noticed this. I had felt downloads during my nap. Strong ones.

If you find yourself going where you think you just can't go on, and one ridiculous thing after another pops up, don't hate your Higher Self. Don't get upset. It's some kind of bizarre gift or test from Spirit to keep you strong. Just hold your head up and get through it.

One of the most rewarding moments of yesterday, was how my Vietnamese is showing, my new language skill. I told a patient to take a deep breath in Vietnamese, and the tech who is Vietnamese, said to me, 'now you're getting it!' I'm learning by immersion and I enjoy it very much.

I'd like to share something important I stumbled across. The theme, to use biblical lingo, is 'God's will versus your will'. It's important. 

Sometimes, when we use a crystal for protection, in some people's hand, this practice is a form of using their own will. They want protection. They understand Spirit. And so they reach for the crystal. This makes total and complete sense for one who is vibrating in the angelic frequencies. 

What isn't said, is that middle step--I know Creator will always give me infinite protection, it's always available, I just have to ask, and I KNOW THIS. With the crystal, I am in the physical, and this is an exercise to help me soak in the sensations of asking for and receiving protection in a tangible way I as incarnate human can understand...

There are just as many who are 'spiritual'--who are on that slippery slope of 'do what thou wilt'--who believe that they can INVOKE protection by reaching for the crystal. Creator isn't a part of it. 

I believe there are metaphysical experiences which are in complete and total alignment with the will of Divine Creator. Myself, for one, have followed the path of Obedience for decades. I know through Kerth that there are mystical Christians who keep things very secretive and quiet. 

It's all about the motive. 

Think about it.

It's more important than you think.


Carla spent a large portion of today relaxing and enjoying screen time with some of her favorite sources of information.

The picture that is being painted is rather grim. 

Carla understands that no one knows the future, not one hundred percent, and also has me for support. 

What we would like to explain is that the dark regime behind World War Two, is gearing up behind the scenes for larger scale world domination. This isn't to say or not say what will come to pass.

But consider reading the book by Corrie Ten Boom, The Hiding Place, to witness how God can spare one of his workers in the exact situation which might be before us. 

Carla has to go. Anthony needs his athletic clearance uploaded to the school.

We will talk more about this subject later. 

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. 

Buy the book or read a free copy online!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple