Friday, July 3, 2020

Keep Your Eye On The Sky! (Things Are Looking Up!)

They sky is the limit!

I was looking through some videos to find one that shows how a propeller, once it is moving fast enough, is invisible to the eye. A fan blade is like that too. The reason I was looking for it was to strike up a discussion among out followers on DWR on FB, how raising our vibration will eventually lead to us having vibration that is compatible with the Spirit world, which to our earthly eyes, is invisible.

Another theme I'd like to present to our discussions is that the people with the 'clairs'--clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clair olfaction--might be useful in these times of change because the average person has only five senses to perceive information but our 'gifted' and 'awakened' friends have extra help us sort the truths out.

I'd like to share a video that gave me a lot of insight and respect for Ross and his role in Ascension--

What really struck me is the startup and pre-check that's so important. Even hearing the 'contact' sputter and he had to push for a while...just to get it started. Here he is, the pilot, flying a fifty-year old plane!

It's a miracle, isn't it?

So, one would imagine, for Ascension, there's even more checks and pre-checks and other things to be involved in the system. Once those are met, then the engine starts up, and everything GOES!

Ross asks me to let you know how I have been. Not great, not bad, just in survival mode because of work. We are extremely short-staffed now, and the surgical caseload has been way up. The hospital is full, but nobody seems to care about the impact of the Covid or the possible surge. 

I caught myself intubating a patient without my N-95 on yesterday. I had on the cheap yellow one that goes behind the ears from the temperature check station at the entrance to the hospital. It was so easy to breathe in it, and I've worn masks my whole career. My N-95 was in my pocket. Fortunately it was a young and healthy patient.

There's also, due to the shortage, I'm being 'thrown in' to the cases I ordinarily wouldn't. I worked yesterday with one who has thrown me out of working with him on spines. It wasn't my fault. I was just tired at the end of a long day when a patient had laryngospasm/obstruction, and I got the patient out of it in PACU. I was so tired, beaten to the bone on that day years ago. I did a shoulder, and he was polite and I was polite as if it never happened. He asked me why I didn't put an LMA in? I said, 'I can't reach up there when the patient is in beach chair position, that's why. I'm a midget. So I put in an ETT that's the most secure thing I have.'  Some anesthesiologists cut corners and put in LMA's for lateral position, prone even, or beach chair. I was taught otherwise. 

I'm scheduled for Monday to do knee replacements. That means I get to do a block for that. I'm getting much better at them, and there's no time like now to get even more skills at it. 

We had a problem where people at the surgery center were to come relieve people in the Main OR at the end of the day. Many were trying to juggle cases and didn't want to spend the hour recovering patients if they were the last one to go home there. So my boss has changed the order of who goes home and who gets what assignment. I got the worst assignment out of the group both Friday and Monday. I'm first to go home from the O.R. But since it's full, I get gaps of unpaid time between the few sparse cases. Yesterday I waited one hour for the surgeon. Unpaid. 

I asked my boss how I can schedule appointments now? Before if I was on a certain list, I could guess when I'd come home. 

He said to schedule appointments on Saturdays when I'm not working. 

We work post-call, it's expected. One new hire started yesterday. But it's been very hard.

I come home and  I'm stunned, really. Tired from a long day. 

Anthony has been with his father for three nights. I have to drive halfway to pick him up. His dad put him to work. They demolished a kitchen for a remodel, and then yesterday lots of heavy lifting moving his dad's and his girlfriend's furniture and belongings. 

I discovered something. For the first time I'm actually bonding with the new home now Anthony is gone. I rearranged some potted plants by the chiminea (Mexican outdoor fireplace made of clay). It's a lovely seating area. I was delighted to see that last year's snapdragons seeded themselves and came back.

For a while there, I hadn't even wanted to come home. Anthony, this house is more his than mine, really. And with the video games, I just can't stand it. I don't like the noise. It keeps me up late when I have work the next day, and I'd been getting sleep deprived. This is the first serenity in the home in a long time.

I love Anthony. I get it that video games are a part of life, and socialization for kids, especially with the Covid. 

But the breather from it, and from having to cook and entertain Anthony, was really nice.

Some kids are good at finding things to do. Anthony never has been. Except for the video games, he would follow me around because he needs someone to play with him. So I let the housework go by the wayside when he was really little, because those were his needs. Reading bothers him. Legos he can't stand. Coloring never--no even at the restaurant to pass the time! I can get him to cook a little now. We made onion rings the other night, and he enjoyed it. 

Next summer he will have a job. I might as well enjoy him while I can. But these last few days have been a gift. Kind of a mini mommy-moon. Last one I had was when he was seven. A conference in Hawaii and he stayed home with my mom. 

Ross asks me to share with you 'what is my outlook'? on the current events.

I'm absolutely thrilled that Ghislaine Maxwell is arrested. It's a huge step forward. I've known and understood that lots will happen behind the scenes and the media will be the very last thing to report Ascension. We will be floating up in the clouds practically before the media gives up it's control by the six companies that own everything!

In general, I trust the plan and I know a better life is ahead for us--no matter what. 

I cringe when I see some of the agenda of the NWO though. It's a really close call and I don't like it.

With the Covid our count went up from eleven back to nineteen at our hospital. What we are seeing is that everyone is eventually going to get it, the masking and lockdowns are to keep the rate of people catching it from going exponential UP and overwhelming the system. I'm so glad I watched a few videos about the Spanish Flu, to get a feel for how a pandemic skips across the globe and bounces back and forth before it goes away. 

I would say mentally, I'm coping with Ascension and the war for control over my country, as best as I can. The idea I can't travel internationally because other countries are banning United States citizens due to Covid makes me deeply sad. I don't have vacation, we are short-staffed, nobody gets any time off from work this summer. With the Covid, financially, from the shutdown of the OR/Surgery Center,  taking a vacation wouldn't make sense either. 

Physically I am doing the best I can. It's hard work, physically, and emotionally, especially the stress from the vigilance and technical challenges of the work, along with the emotional challenges of dealing with people/patients. 

Spiritually? It's hard to find the time. I spend the drive home talking with Ross usually. And I count on my teams for small things, like the sandwich and chips I got for lunch in PACU when I was starving. 

I experience 'connection' with others a little more...

I took time off FB for my personal account for about a week. The politics was just too intense. And painful. So many are so deeply asleep.

I noticed something at work. There are some who spout and spew and regurgitate what the media tells them. I had a liberal reaching for their phone like a trigger finger to a gun, to search for the latest 'data' on the Covid or whatever. The need to be 'right' is acute, a symptom of being asleep, and the ammunition is the data that the mainstream media serves up. They totally identify with it. It reminds me of Icarus flying too close to the sun, and the wax in the wings Dedalus made for him beginning to melt.

This gives me compassion because I see clearly the effectiveness of MSM MK Ultra 'lite'--and these individuals are in it hook line and sinker.

Ross guided me to gently begin awakening sequences on DWR. So we are posting things, and actually, if you get a chance you might want to look at the conversations, which are on the up and up--totally respectful, and closely monitored by us. It's the silent ones watching and thinking to themselves, 'what is this Red Pill?' hmmmm that we are targeting with this information. Everyone who participates in the discussion is helping us to reach out to the ones 'in the middle'. We accept the mainstream media-influenced as a loss and under no circumstances want to anger that 'sleeping dog'. We are not prepared to handle the outbursts!

The plan is to start the awakening sequence one week behind the DWR on my personal page. We will throw the nets and see how many souls we can catch and bring with us to Ascension.

There are so many ways to awaken the sleeping masses. Here are two delightful examples:

He talks about ways the car companies rip off customers, including secret security codes so only a dealer can talk to the computer in the car and re-set the warnings.

He's animated, and speaks from the heart.

Here's another series, that's six years old, and yet, very timely. I watched the whole two year series last night. 

This is satirical humor, which is based on the questions the actress were asked when she was portraying the role of a slave at George Washington's house in Mount Vernon for tourists. I love how she keeps to the times in her answers--and responds as if it was really back in history. We encourage you to see the episodes and to get a feel for what life was really like back then.

Ross and I were incarnated as Jewish slaves in Egypt/ the middle east once. We didn't really internalize it that we were slaves. He knew and was fighting the system, but I just did the best I can. That's how he ended up dying and leaving me a widow. 

When you are truly a slave, you have so much work to do, that you don't have 'free time' to consider your circumstances, to assemble, and to set yourselves free from your oppressors.

All of us here on earth, the ninety-nine percent, are beholden to the one percent, the ASSC who is pushing their Luciferian NWO agenda on us 'cattle'. The beauty of these times is that Ross and our teams, our valiant ground crew (yes that means YOU who are reading this) are working with countermeasures to deactivate the NWO and to set all humans free.

As @MajorPatriot said yesterday...

We leave you with our best wishes!

Remember LOVE is our calling. Stay true to it.

And we take a moment to extend Birthday wishes to a very dear friend and part of our online family, Catherine.

All is Good! Happy Birthday!


I want to take a moment to thank you, every single one of you, for bearing with us with the inconveniences of Ascension. It has been hard, it has been difficult, and many of you have made sacrifices in your own soul growth and development to work on this assignment.

We thank you.

All of us here, who are working hard, shoulder to shoulder, to get the job done.

When it is complete it is most definitely going to be worth it!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple