Monday, June 17, 2019

There You Go!

Today is the day.

If you look outside the window, what do you see?

Most likely, it is the same view as you saw yesterday and the day before that, isn't it?

If you look within, what do you see?

Are you different?  How do you think? How do you feel? Has anything changed in you, compared to one year ago?

And if you look with your third eye, to the energies, you will find that things are vastly different! The 'soup' is right for co-creation and people with strong minds and wills are picking up the skills at co-creation and manifestation as we speak.

Galactics have very strong minds, and very strong wills. They exercise them every day.

For example, someone with authority to request it, has demanded that all seedy, dark, not for the team of us (in essence, TWDNHOBIAH) be escorted off the planet, pronto.

THIS triggered red alerts from a certain 'snake man' who is a schill.  All of the alerts are always, always, always, to his team, not ours.

Further, the one who has authority to set the tone on the surface of the earth, has requested, in tandem, that not only do these influences leave at once and for all, but that the predominant energy of the life experience on earth be one of Peace, Joy, Happiness and Fulfillment. That even the experience of a mosquito bite be too unpleasant and not happen here any more. That all tummies may be filled, all who need rest may be rested, for illnesses to improve so there is less suffering, and for people to work together to heal the planet and the souls of everyone who is left here.

Strong minds are thinking these thoughts.

Strong minds are thinking these thoughts in an energy milieu that is as rich in energy as dynamite.

It's going to happen.

Here is what is going on with the stars--is it a very powerful full moon and once Neptune goes retrograde we can see without the fog and learn some startling truths.

Here is the Gaia Portal:

Will you join us?

Will you join us with your very strong minds and strong wills for the Highest Possible Good Outcome from here on out?

First part of the training is to routinely weed out any thoughts you are thinking of fear, doubt, and lack. Because in an energy soup like this, such thoughts are counter productive.

Second, you think strongly and with conviction of Very Good Things. For you. For your loved ones. For society. For all the problems we face, as individuals and as a collective, to be remedied.

Third, you roll up your sleeves and you work together with Spirit. Keep a tablet for notes near you bed, and carry paper like this with you through your day. When you get nudges to do something--you will feel it like little bells going off inside of you, and you will find these nudges can be very persistent! When you do the thing, it stops. For example, I had been nudged to bring an angel food cake to my ballet class years ago. I thought it was crazy, and I didn't. It turned out to be my teacher's birthday THAT SAME DAY. We were close and I wished I had listened. I have listened to my nudges ever since. As long as these nudges do not hurt anyone, follow them.

Last, give thanks for all that is good. This reinforces the forward progress. And if you are of very strong mind and will, you will give thanks for the good things that have not happened yet too, exactly the same as if they have happened. This empowers the energies of co-creation to align in the direction you are giving thanks for, and for it to happen.

And watch for signs.

Yesterday Anthony wanted to play catch, and I was tired. I wanted to go for a walk. We did. On the walk we found a sunglasses case for Oakley sunglasses. We hoped perhaps we had found a new pair of nice shades.

It was our shock that inside were needles and aluminum foil that appeared burnt. There were five insulin syringes, some filled with fluid and some more, some less.

We were horrified!

Seeing this on the path where Anthony is to walk to school was not what we wanted to see! Immediately we called the police so we could dispose of these drugs. But the polices even though we waited, didn't come for a long time. So we drove to the nearest police station which turns out not to be a station like it once was. We couldn't get in the door, it was locked on Sunday. But we called, and dispatch sent vehicles.

Two patrol cars came. They said it wasn't drugs, it was paraphernalia. We were surprised. I know what fentanyl looks like. This wasn't clear, it was clear with a cast of color to it that was kind of yellowish.  They said it would be disposed of, and we thanked them.  I didn't argue that is was drugs and not just paraphernalia.

This changed our whole day, to do the right thing.  But there were Poke stops nearby. And we took over a gym together in the game Pokemon Go. Then we went to dinner for sushi, much to Anthony's delight. It was our one and only nice dinner out--the all you can eat for twenty-five dollars for dinner place. We watch our budget. I give thanks for the new owners of our old house. I had to buy shower curtains and bathroom mirrors yesterday to stage it. Hopefully by the end of this week everything will be done. It's cost a fortune. We are down to the wire. And Ross keeps telling us everything will work out.

Yesterday was the first time I learned Ross likes sushi. I think we are going to be even more compatible now. I love sushi!

So, welcome to the Higher Realms, here on Earth.  Remember you have been sent here, by your own application and the acceptance out of all the candidates you got the position you have, to be here now and to REMEMBER how to do the things you once did with grace and ease back when you were home as a soul without a physical body.

Do great things!

Starting from within.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple