Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Oxygen meter near the Baltic Sea

Today we are at countdown number 209, which, as you can see by the reading on this oxygen meter, the oxygen level near the Baltic Sea is 20.9%, which is close to the twenty-one percent of oxygen we live in and breathe.  We live in an ocean of air, a mixture of mostly nitrogen and oxygen, and other levels of trace gases. 

In anesthesia, I don't run my patients on room air. I run them on higher percentages, sometimes even one hundred percent during a case. Why? Because this gives me more time if there is a disconnection in the circuit (it happens, all kinds of things happen during surgery, fortunately not often! But they do.)--to recognize it and correct the problem.

Highway 209 goes through  the town of Jim Thorpe in Pennsylvania

Yesterday I had only one short case. Afterwards I went home. There is no school this week for the Thanksgiving holiday. So instead we went to a place where there's a main street like this, and we spent the day. 

We go there a lot. 

From time to time, I suppose. It was crowded. Things have changed there a lot. Everyone reserves everything through the app. It's very hard to find a restaurant that can seat you on the spur of the moment. And it's a long wait in line for a restaurant that doesn't take reservations. We had to eat at a standing up table for a lunchtime snack. We were lucky to find the table. 

Even the rides can be reserved through the app so you don't have to wait in line. By late morning we had booked big rides for five, six, and seven thirty p.m.

The mobile order feature isn't that great, because it's not like Star-books where you drive on your way and it's ready when you arrive. The order ahead at this location in the theme park means you book a pickup time window. So if you are in line, the earliest to use mobile order is one hour after you order. 

There's always work to be done. It was recently a certain murine celebrity's ninetieth birthday. And from what Ross explained, our presence was able to disrupt what was slated for the full moon in Gemini there--it's actions were already effective and there was a block through our presence and the work of those who are on Ross' team.   What was discovered was that time travel in general and networking across locations had not been addressed. And now it has.

Oddly enough, I also appreciate a conundrum. If everyone attending knew the truth about what was hidden, they would be disgusted and leave. Forever. Yet there are many people who are dependent there for work, it's a huge local employer and part of the local economy. It's that way everywhere all over the world. In every, um, 'compromised industry'.  Yesterday was the first time I saw both sides of the situation. 

Yesterday was when I realized all we have is this day, and you might as well enjoy it. There's no promise or guarantee of Tomorrow. With recent events with Jared and Anthony, I had been badly shaken. Yesterday was an opportunity to just enjoy the passing of time. And it's true. In our hearts we want our kids to stay little forever. That's not going to happen! They grow and they learn! But, we can open our hearts and be aware and appreciate the small easy to ignore gifts of Today. I was glad he wanted to spend time with me.  When he was excited about a bear, a beautiful stuffed animal I offered it to him. It turned out it had a hole in its head like a puppet, so he said no. I got excited over an 'ugly sweater' for the holidays with their 'themes'.  Anthony wouldn't let me buy it. I think my old lady gene is activated, and thankfully he didn't let me act on it!  At the end of the night, he wanted a balloon. Usually I say no, but this was the ninth time out of ten, and I said yes. I knew he would pick blue. He didn't want the one that glows, he wanted blue. Buying a balloon is fun in itself, you pick it out from the worker who has a handful of them, and also, they tie a weight on the bottom so you can't lose it. 

This brings me to the main point of today--you and your physical body.

I realized that I won't always be able to ride those rides at the park, so I appreciated them more. Already I don't ride the tour of Stars because it makes my stomach feel funny. Some you need to quickly get in and out of the car, and you bend a lot. 

You don't have to accept the deterioration of your physical body on the trajectory our society sets up for it.  Being sedentary speeds it up.

Being active slows it down.

I walked a lot yesterday, Over seventeen thousand steps!

I feel good. 

Movement is very very good for you, it raises your vibration, and if helps you mentally and emotionally too. 

Make time for movement.  Yoga is a gentle and safe way to start--I used to use a beginner's videotape in medical school. Swimming is easy on the joints. And there are aqua-jogging and aqua-aerobics that take the gravity out of the equation. If you can't move your legs, move your arms. Taking deep breaths and relaxing your mind is just as important as the physical activity. 

I haven't lost much weight on my WW. Maybe I'm close in a few weeks to ten pounds total. But my energy has gone up, and I can reach my feet to put on my shoes a lot easier. And this helps. 

I saw some people, workers and guests, who were very obese at the park. 

It doesn't have to be that way. With WW you get the tools and the knowledge to live the life you want to live, forever, and there is the support of those who have walked this path before you. Even on the online only version. I don't feel hungry. And I don't feel like I am doing without. Actually, I am surprised at how with the partial portions feature, I can feel happy with a much smaller serving of a 'treat' than I used to eat, and I can still make my budget on my points. For example, I ate one quarter of a donut that was on the break table during a hard day, and actually it was a little too sweet for me but I enjoyed it! LOL.  The way I see it, there are a lot of poisons out there to fatten us up--that's the trajectory set up for us by TWDNHOBIAH. But we don't have to follow it. 

When you have a shock--something spiritual that's hard work or a tough lesson--you will need carbohydrate rich foods to help you 'ground' and recovery. Things that grow in the ground--potatoes and sweet potatoes, radishes, etc--help. But also, for me, I ate gingerbread cookie dough lumps while I was baking the cookies. Food can help you spiritually. Usually higher vibration foods and clean water (we drink distilled to avoid the fluoride) are best.  I also know a woman who went from vegetarian to vegan at my work. And she's hungry all the time. I was too, when I was vegetarian/raw vegan for those eighteen months. The nuts and stuff just didn't fill me. If you have a work style where you can eat outside of breaks, I supposed it works. But for those in the O.R., it's a struggle. Keep reasonable balance and don't push yourself too hard on the 'raising your vibration with food' --balance is key.

Happiness and Group Harmony photo 209

I was asked yesterday how to support someone who is awakening?

Apparently someone saw a post on her FB page, and realized what's up with TWDNHOBIAH, and now is really going at it, and wanting to post everything all the time.

Here is our general advice:

  1. Know your soul. Tend to your own awakening. Then you will be able to listen to the subtle cues from spirit how to assist those who directly come to you and ask questions. Your job is to answer them honestly, with loving kindness. For example, my cousin had sudden memories of abuse in her childhood come up. Her parents denied denied denied it. But my mom --my cousin called her when she was near suicidal because these memories were so strong!--my mom validated it for her, and said she often saw bruises on her that weren't on her girls or even the active boy cousins.  It saved her life, this validation of perception with love, real love for her niece. My mother made time for her, and through many phone calls and therapy and healing, and my cousin was able to function again.
  2. Trust THEIR soul. How do you know that this person is not meant to be a 'rooster' to awaken the sleepers? If they want to post far and wide of what they know and they feel an urge/need to do so, then, let them. It can't and it won't hurt the cause. Ross and his teams are well aware of all that and can manage it.
  3. Teach them how to ground, how to cope with the energies if they appear to need information and guidance on it. Too get ten minutes of sunshine direct on un-sunscreened skin to help the aura 'straighten out' in times of rapid change in energy level (downloads). How to nap when the soul and body need it. How to let the dishes just sit in the sink, not to force it, and know that when you do feel the need to wash them, you'll be way faster than before and not even realize the change or why! How nature and meditation daily can help you find your way--and how getting away from electronic/entertainment can help you release the hold that TWDNHOBIAH can have on you. 
  4. Teach Discernment and it's importance. How to listen to what resonates with your center, your heart of hearts, as true, and not to let the mind dominate the awakening. To be aware that there's plenty of disinformation out there (click bait, right?) to throw you off course. And not to be too disheartened when someone you looked up to and admire as a celebrity is exposed for what they are--their hidden occult persona. Be glad for the truth to come out. But not too glad! Rise above it, the drama. 
  5. Seek like-minded community. This is important too and will give you a safe place to vent as you awaken. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins