Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Message

Today I was a little out of sorts.  I couldn't figure out what to do with myself.

I finished the book on Mental Liberation, by Kerth Barker, and it was fascinating. I won't discuss it now...there's other things to share.

And I changed the sheets on my bed.

When I was a child my mother changed the sheets every week.

It's much longer for me. Anthony's get changed more often than mine.

Ross spoke with me today about my clutter. I told him I would rather have fun. He asked, 'what kind of fun is this? Living with all this stuff? Isn't there anything you could give away?'

He understood many things are happy memories for me, or things are useful. I confided I don't really know where to put things away so it looks nice.

He said he would help.

I cleared some. And I got some old clothes that don't fit ready to give away.

Then I didn't know what to do with myself.

Ross said, 'go in the garden on your swing'.


Getting a taste of my own medicine! It was nice. I looked at the clouds and the sky.

I could feel the connection to Spirit, only stronger than usual, with tingles. This is what a 'download' feels like. Your energy gets adjusted. For example, I'm feeling it very strong at the moment. I used to feel them often around 2012. I used to tell my teams to 'crank it up!' just to the point of physical discomfort, so it would be faster and I would get it over with. Now when the feeling comes, I'm a little nostalgic over it. It's really nice, like an energy massage. People who have trouble adapting to the higher frequencies tend to get what we call 'Ascension Symptoms'. For me, they are no trouble at all. Karuna Reiki attunement typically carries with it similar symptoms, as one becomes 'multi-dimensional' with this attunement. It takes a while to adjust. But for me, it was the first time I felt 'normal' in a long time.

I like the higher vibrations.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I have an escort to take me to Ross and Home.

My escort is specially selected for me. I won't say who it is. It doesn't matter. But Ross has his protocol to do, and apparently I do too, before we meet or whatever it is that is planned that is 'official'.

I have had two prior 'visits' from my escort. The first was to announce themselves and their role to me. And the second one was Friday morning, to cleanse my aura.

I know this escort. It's an old friend.  But this friend is in Spirit.

Today was the third such visit, while I was on my porch swing.

We said greetings. I always thank this person for being good to Ross 'up there'...I worry less about him because I know he has someone I know who is there. escort inspected my fingers. Each of them, back and forth, moving the joints.

I was standing and my escort was standing. My fingers were pulled a little and 'adjusted' in ways I don't understand. But I didn't question it. And there was no talking.

Then I was given something like this to eat.

It was all white, and it wasn't cold. In fact it was almost powdery, or like a wafer. There was a little crunch to it like a wafer on the top.

My escort looked at me intently to make sure that I ate it. And I realized it wasn't a time to talk. I started to make a comment about it, and there was a gesture to eat.

Next I was given a glass of water to drink, so I drank it.

The instant the water was in, there was a blinding flash of light, whiter than white, swirling all around me.

It caught me by surprise!

I was taken aback, and I was informed there was more work to be done, not to mind it and to pay attention.

This individual made me levitate.

I floated up.

I don't know how, because nobody touched me.

I just floated up taller than my escort, about three feet off the ground.

Then I was lowered down, but my feet didn't touch the ground.

He said, 'up! down! up!' and I went moving up, down and up, slowly, in this peculiar way.

After the last 'up!' I started to fall.

I noticed a familiar presence behind me as I was falling, and next I knew, Ross had caught me in his arms, like this!

Our mutual friend, my escort who wishes to be un-named, excused himself.

Ross never explained what it was that I was doing. When he caught me, the lights went away. It was just normal, like always. Then he directed my attention back to the swing and the fresh air and the garden.

I spent some time in the garden pulling weeds, watering, and turning over the compost pile. It was therapeutic to work with my hands in the fresh air. I got one Hungarian pepper, too. It's really pretty, like a little orange lantern.

My mentor called today. We spoke. I asked him if he'd have any part time work open, because my work is slow. A person my mentor doesn't like offered me work --near my work--outpatient stuff.  But I knew not to accept it. My mentor has been good to me.

He didn't say 'yes'. He told me to go to the last place he set me up, where I worked a few day shifts two summers ago. It's really far.

He's right about the money being good, and it being a good work for me.

I'd have to move from my house because the commute is far. I'm not sure if I want to.

I have to sleep on it.

And ask Ross for guidance.

Ross is wanting me to share something with you. It's a lesson of sorts, I suppose.

I went to Chicago last year, in September. I bought a Potbelly Deli gift card for my cousins daughter who had just relocated to the area. But I lost it. Today, I found it. I will send it to her.

Ross' point is, it still has value. There's twenty dollars on it. And it's never too late to send it.

He says that's the end of story.

It's also time for me for bed. I know it's a Saturday night. But there's been lots of work and I'm ready. During the week, I sleep early too. If I stay on the same schedule it's lots easier for me.

This is just an aside.

There are four steps to think about:

  1. Awakenment
  2. Memory Recovery
  3. Authentic Self-Realization
  4. Emotional Sensitization
This is how you break free...if you have suffered at the hands of those who do not have our best interest at heart.

Many of the 'truther' movement out there, reflects the 'Awakenment' phase. This abuse DID happen. The lies DID happen. Something isn't 'right'...

The memory recovery is happening in our collective consciousness...with all the scandals, the secrets being exposed, and everything that is hidden coming up to be known. 

Once all that 'stuff' gets 'out there', we start the healing process. We get to rediscover whatever it was supposed to be, the original plan, before all the 'sidetracking' at the hands of others.

Finally, we blossom and we will thrive. With healthy emotions of joy and love. 

It's something I want you to think about.

I am also, for those of you who are 'truthers'--going to give a small assignment. You are to take any symbol you like--that 'the other team' uses, and give it a stupid funny name that YOU create.

For example, for the 'eye' especially the one in the pyramid, how about I call it the 'google-y eye'? You know those stickers with the eyeballs on them that move? Yup. Now when I see that 'hiding in plain sight' I will say to myself, 'Hey, what do you know? I found another google-y eye!'

This empowers YOU because YOU rename the symbol to something funny and non-threatening. It won't hold power over you.

I've inadvertently done this with the compass/square symbol--it looks just like a pair of vocal cords at the glottis. So I have called them, to myself, the 'vocal cords' when I see them, for years.

What is important that YOU think of your own names, ones that aren't frightening, but are funny. 

It will help.

Ross smiles and waves hello.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple