Sunday, June 27, 2021

Healing Tears


I have an unusual spiritual gift.

Because of my Spiritual growth and development, I understand the bigger picture right away.

So I cry.

I cry tears of joy whenever I experience anything like Heaven even when I am here on earth.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to cry twice, both times unexpected, at shows held at SeaWorld amusement park. 

The first, was similar to when I was there last August, at the Sea Lions Live Tonight show. The entertainers wear masks, but are doing everything they can to reassure the audience that everything is normal, that we are going to be okay, and there will be happier times--starting now with the funny show.  Last year we wore masks in the audience and sat six feet apart. This time, we were without masks, and sitting normally. 

Tears just roll down my face, quietly, as I take it all in, the goodness and kindness of the performers, and their genuine caring for us in the audience. 

Laughter is very, very healing, it raises the vibration, and helps us to have common ground. It is a wonderful gift.

Also last night, I went to a 'rock concert' at the theme park, by a small eighties and seventies cover band. It was held where the animal rescue show used to be held, the same amphitheater. I wasn't expecting much...

...but I was completely blown away.

What I saw live, knowing what I know, both medically and spiritually, had tears rolling down my face!

Tears of joy.

The playlist was selected to boost morale. Songs like 'I will survive!' by Gloria Gaynor. Happy songs. 

There was an adult woman who went up and danced before the stage, at the very first song. I had compassion for her. Music is her thing, concerts is her way of expression, and to be OUT, dancing, was very healing for her.

The little ones, the kieki (children in Hawaiian), were all lined up before the stage, dragging their parents and grandparents with them. They were dancing like nothing ever happened, full of love and joy and trust in the wonder of music and being able to have fun together. 

I couldn't dance. 

Not me.

I remembered the horror of the intubation of the Covid 19 patients. I remembered how the hospital was the last place on earth I wanted to be, but to keep my job, I had to go, including taking the Covid 19 intubation call (I still haven't been paid yet, for my shifts in December and January and February). 

I realized in an instant, music is part of our culture, it's our form of expression, and even though TWDNHOBIAH create and market it, at some point, it also becomes something humanity owns and the goodness of humanity counteracts all the darkness.

I couldn't believe my eyes as I realized even in the darkest hours, of Spiritual battle against TWDNHOBIAH, the little ones are leading the way, with complete and total trust and innocence and love.  

What brave souls! What very brave souls!

I saw Corky. She's the same age as me. I sensed she remembers me. I met her first when I was nine at Marineland.  I saw Nakai, he's all healed up on his chin. You can barely tell. I saw Orkid, Orky's kid. And I saw Ikaika, who had a horrible legal battle over him to get him back from someplace in the Midwest or Canada where he was mistreated, and to be back home at SeaWorld San Diego again.

Kasatka is long gone, RIP. But her daughter Kalia, and grand baby Amaya, are still there.

Whales and dolphins are smarter than humans.

Way bigger brains, faster processing to accommodate the echolocation. 

These creatures, historically, according to Native American lore, hold the library of all the information of the Universe.

Cetaceans are Sirian in soul origin.

We have a lot to learn from them. 

In Russia, there is bee healing. There are hives, with a little shack built over them. You sleep on the wood over the bees--not even with a cushion. The sounds and buzzing cure many, many ills. 

Can you imagine what kind of healing would be possible in the presence of dolphins and whales?

What is missing is language. Being able to understand the whales and communicate with them. Once we understand their language, we can help the ones in captivity re-learn the language of their pod, and then they are free to come and go back to the pods, being 'ambassadors from the Higher Realms' for agreed upon lengths of time to help benefit humanity.

Here is a wonderful video about dolphins used for healing special-needs children in Bali. At around 1:45 mark, you will FEEL a sudden change in the energy that is brought about by the dolphin. It's smarter than humans. It knows what is up And it's bathing the child in higher frequencies and aligning it with Source, Unconditional Love, Healing, whatever it is you wish you call it. You can see in the parent who speaks a language that isn't English, that this encounter helps the son, and the family. click here to see video

People who are judgmental, perpetuate duality. It is either-or, good or bad, etc, etc. Many people who 'think' they are 'against such confinement' are blindly accepting what they are told by TWDNHOBIAH who wish to keep the status quo, the lower dense energies, and people in the dark about the Higher Realms. They get emotional reactions going, and even stand outside with signs, because they have been conditioned to 'do their part' to 'free' something they don't understand except for their two dimensional mindset--'free' or 'caged'. That's it. There's no other way, no mutually agreeable moving forward, nothing. 

I'm so tired of this.

Look UP. Look HIGHER. Look at the enormous possibilities of collaboration between smarter-than-humans, and humans. From here. And from Home.  Give credit to Love in all its forms, and to Healing.

Gaia longs for her people to awaken to Reality. REAL Reality. Not the fake stuff perpetuated as 'real' by 'News, Weather, and Sports'. Or anything the 'Builders' have 'created'.  We deserve so much more than to be slaves as we are.

When I saw the movie Han Solo, I knew in my bones that the future TWDNHOBIAH want there to be, was the kind of reality where Han was an orphan and trying to escape. It is the natural progression from duality to totalitarian enslavement. 

Raise your vibration. Give thanks for all that is good. And Heaven is REAL. All of it. Every little bit of it. Get yourself ready to meet people from Heaven, and make sure your vibration is 'spit-spot', in your most wonderful, presentable version of your energy signature, you can muster!

Foster a curiosity for that which is beyond the imagination.

Let go of the need to be right, to be a 'protestor' and to perpetuate the 'status quo'. Look for the source, the root cause of our dysfunctional society. It's hidden in plain sight, right in the open, right under our noses. And just don't buy that crap they are selling any more!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Angels from another region (Ross points UP)

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

What Matters


There's not much time to write. It's been a busy week at work. Ross asks me to cover points carefully, so I will.

Point number one;  TWDNHOBIAH and their hierarchy are organized.  Everyone knows their place in the plan, they go over drills and stuff all the time, and that is our opponent. They are so dark that they take advantage of our natural assumption of good versus evil, so if they control both sides of the situation--for example, both candidates for office--then for them is it a 'safe bet', a 'win win' and nobody trained in duality would ever suspect that they have been 'had'.

Our side isn't exactly organized. 

We are scattered.

Do we need organization to win? I don't know.

I suspect a lot of people wouldn't recognize our leader if he came back to earth again, and even more so, a lot wouldn't listen to him if he did. 

Point number two:  there is no better example of ego unchecked and dominant than drivers trying to get home out of a ballpark after the game. Poor Anthony was driving, and he said he hasn't worked that hard to drive, ever! The aggressiveness, the me first, the person trying to sneak in behind the one you let cut in to merge in front of you. 

It's shameful.

I commented from my heart that if assholes could realize they were assholes, as clear as other people see it, then our world would have eternal peace and joy forever starting on that magnificent day! It's that thinking that nobody is looking, that nobody cares, that it doesn't matter, which becomes sadly, a habit and a character trait of 'me first'.

Unfortunately for us this is human nature.

On the drive to the stadium, it was lots of traffic, and lots of assholes trying to jockey in and out of the traffic. I asked out loud how Ross loves everybody, and how could he even love people who act like this? What's the point?

Ross said, 'it's the potential' in the people that makes him love them so much.

And I suppose, in my meditation, I should contemplate on the potential for everyone to be their best self, including the assholes, and be more like Ross. 

Like he says, 'anything can happen'.

Point number three:  our big splurge post-coved was tickets on the very front row of the first base line at last night's Giants versus Angels baseball game. What Anthony and I didn't know, is that this was the rooting section for the other team, and we were outnumbered. It was a beautiful spot to view the field, though. Very nice view, up close to the players.

To my left was a couple. I couldn't believe how nice they were. They offered to buy us food at the stadium when they went to get it for themselves--food, drink, anything. 

Nobody is that nice where I'm from, and here are these Giants fans...were they trying to kill us?


They were legit. Owners of a sandwich shop in a town about an hour away. Nice people. The man had caught three foul balls before, and was lucky. He promised Anthony he would get him a ball.

'YOU SWING LIKE A RUSTY GATE!' he would yell at a player. I totally cracked up.

They took a lap of the stadium and came back with cotton candy for us. 

Playing second base was a player who had coached Anthony two or three times at a team event where kids who play baseball can learn at different stations on the field from the team players and coaches. Anthony was the only one who got the baseball inside the tire, I recall. And he has a very unique look. 

I could tell that the player recognized him, and that he's grown up. 

We were down by five points. But Anthony yelled out loud to that player and asked, 'ARE WE GONNA CATCH UP?' and the player looked at Anthony, and nodded his head, and gave a big thumbs up.

That player was next to bat, and got on base!

The man next to me, was overwhelmed at the actions of our team player. He said he will always be a Giants fan, but from this minute now, he's a Fletcher fan. Because that's what the game is all about. The people, the fans, and the influence on the kids. Here are these players getting paid millions of dollars. Yastrymski was near us for his team and ignored everyone. But Fletch? He was 'real' the man said.

There were many foul balls out our way, some closer than others. One bounced off a higher tier of the stadium, and the man sitting next to Anthony caught it. But none, not even the balls thrown to the crowd from the players, went to him.

The couple to my left got up suddenly and left. They didn't say goodbye. They were nice people. I figured they just wanted to get a jump on traffic.

At almost the last pitch, the man was in the aisle, with a gift for Anthony. He bought a Shohei Ohtani baseball with a number seventeen on it, for Anthony. 

He had kept his promise! He said, 'I will get a ball for you!' and even though we all thought it was catching a foul ball, he bought one. 

Anthony had so much fun, he hasn't had fun like that in years. It was the PEOPLE. All the chatter. All the fandom random comments. It was the players. And the people. We all sat there, nobody hardly wore masks, and we were free.

Gotta go!

Our love and blessings are with you!

Clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Consider This

I was back at work again. So many things are on backorder. Our eighteen gauge needles are out, and this and the syringes are some of our workhorses. A sixteen gauge needle actually takes pressure off my hands when I draw up the medicines, it's a little bigger. But all of them are out, and the 'you can't stab yourself' kind are all that's left. The plastic addition to the needle affects the balance in the hand, and the work is even more challenging. I dropped several things yesterday because of this.

Our 'prep' solutions and sticks are backordered. Chloroprep. For a block yesterday I watched a colleague use alcohol swabs to prepare. I've been told others use the skin-safe wipes from the dispenser.

Backorders have been part of my career since the late 2000's. Before then it was unthinkable. 

Ironically, many times before a new drug comes out, it's cheaper alternative goes on backorder. Most people don't think of why but I often make the connection.

During Covid the Glide Scope 4 blades were backordered, which makes sense because it's a favorite size and means to intubate someone. It's back fortunately now.

Speaking of Covid, I ate lunch yesterday (I know, surprise, right?) with a surgeon whose brother died from it, and a pediatrician. Both men were of Latin heritage. Apparently in South America (under the equator, where it's winter, and around the equator too) there's lots and lots of deaths. The healthcare isn't like ours. A big university hospital only has like, six ICU beds, that's it.  The pediatrician asked me if my son was, um, you know what?  The answer is no. It's because of me, and my autoimmune (one involved clotting easily, I need to take aspirin, and I do every day). I would clot like crazy. And I'll watch others to wait and see for enough like us...

He told me the myocarditis is 'transient'...and he's a big believer in that whole type of therapeutics...but he admitted it's a 'hard sell'. I told him I heard of a boy who was previously healthy who died three days after dose two. He's never heard of it.

All three of us believe another wave is coming. Because it's a winter virus and that's what winter viruses do. You get a break in the summer. He would know those well, the children get all kinds of seasonal illnesses, and he's spent his whole career on it. 

The learning points here are 1) if you study Spanish Flu wave three was the biggest and most lethal. That's not to say it is and not to say it isn't. 2) It is possible to disagree and be civil in the most delicate of medical settings. Note how my knowledge of how the world is really ran never entered into the conversation.  3) for any situations, spread out the information like a tapestry before you. Look for what is highlighted (what they tell you), add to it what you know from your looking things up, and after that, focus on the shadowy gaps and things that simply don't connect up or support the other things. A prime example would be therapeutics/cures/treatments/prevention in my last conversation. Gaps--areas where the truth is hidden--are often our best insights to what is true. Censorship topics would also be similar guides to what is true. 

I worked long and hard yesterday. I got home after nine thirty p.m. 

But I brought my best self to each case, to each patient, and each team of surgeons and techs and nurses. 

Even the last one, where the surgeon was upset to be missing bedtime with her two daughters, I was able to recall our five top favorite books, and to share them with her for her older daughter who absolutely adores reading and bedtime.

Here they are--they make great gifts:

  1. Yummy Yucky by Leslie Petricelli. All of her books are delightful.
  2. Goodnight Gorilla
  3. Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock 
  4. Quack Quack Moo
  5. The Huntersman and the Crocodile, a West African Tale
You give each character a voice, it's own voice and you use it every time, and the children love it. Anansi was my favorite character to bring to life. He's a sneaky spider, and you can hiss a little as he tries to trick all the other animals.

Trust in God.

Trust in Divine Creator.

The opposing forces are sending out energy to make all of us scatter. The energy isn't there yet for us to cohesively unite.

But think of it as being little cylinders of energy anchored in to the Earth wherever you are, your feet being the point of contact. I saw a vision where each of us are like platinum metal--we won't react with anything--and we are solid and strong and this thick syrupy like energy is flowing and flowing past us, trying to knock us over but we are so strongly connected to Source and Home it simply can't. 

That's how we win.

Behind the information wars, are the energy wars and the spiritual wars. 

I believe the vision was a gifts and we are going to be closer and closer to the eventual victory.


Carla had her meals yesterday. She was busy taking care of her animals and was almost late. I promised her I could get her to the hospital in ten minutes, and sure enough, she did get there just in time. 

Meals make a big difference in her stamina. 

With a proper lunch (it was interrupted by a nurse calling about a patient's blood sugar) and a proper dinner (it was cut short by a colleague asking for a favor)...she was able to do everything she was asked to do. This wasn't an 'I'm in a hurry I better feed myself so as not to starve', it was proper sit down with your tray and eat kind of meals.

Carla noticed a big change at the cafeteria. They outsourced their sandwiches, and many cups of fruit were replaced with machine-made canned fruit in little cups. She worried for her chef, her friend, as the food was simply terrible. Hopefully he was only on vacation and not permanently gone. The same three choices from lunch were in the steam trays all day and available at dinner. Blackened chicken breast. Fake chicken asian stir fry in too much sauce. Funny colored, overcooked broccoli beef in too much asian sauce. Tasteless rice. Tasteless mashed potatoes. Tasteless string beans and tasteless corn. 

Even for this, she was grateful.

I want you to work on your gratitude. For the small things. Even if they could be optimal...still give thanks.

Carla had a very big intubation, and once she got it, she thanked me for it openly, just in the same way she gives grace over her meals. The nurse chimed in with 'sweet baby Jesus' and 'Jesus, Mary Joseph'. 

Spontaneous moments of gratitude such as this are key and VITAL to our eventual success on the battlefield. 

And the moment is bright for our team when it shall win!

Walk forward to it, giving thanks and praise without ceasing, the whole time.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mashed Potatoes (just kidding)--Mahalos,
Peace,(whirled peas...he giggles)

Ross and Carla
Your continual friends in fellowship

Monday, June 21, 2021

Long Overdue


Yesterday I did physical work in the garden. I had two wheelbarrows of weeds I pulled, and carefully, I placed them around the beds where the compost bins are. It will help the worms.

I noticed I was sweating. 

I haven't sweat in a long time.

I had to take breaks, I had to drink water, but it's a good way to help bring all your energy into alignment. To do simple tasks, and to work as hard as you can. I've been sedentary for many years now. It doesn't take much to get me to break a sweat. 

But I'm glad I did. 

I listened to a video of Jessie Czebotar while I worked. The one where someone asks her 'Too Many Questions'. 

Also during my breaks, I listened to Robert Sepehr's The Fall of Lucifer. 

I've been going through a period of intense renewal, taking classes, and also, drifting more towards herbs and the healing they can offer,  all the while staying close to Divine Creator and our Lord Jesus Christ the whole time. 

Jesus Christ is Lord.

Demons can't say it.

Rebuking Demons is possible when you use His Holy Name. 

Jessie says that some demons scare her the most. They aren't the ones who present themselves as 'demons'. They are the ones that present themselves as helpful, or something nice. They are liars, basically, and at the end ask for a price. From you. Like, something important to you. And they will just take it. 

Jessie says angels usually say, 'I am sent from God to give you this message'. Then they give it. And they go away. They never, ever ask for a 'price'. 

Robert describes two factions, both sides have infiltrated and contaminated the other , time and time again, to give us what we have now. 

It was good to get that perspective. 

In the heat of the day, I rested and watched a baseball game on TV. 

The only other things I did yesterday were lots and lots of dishes and putting them away.

I fed the worms. I'd been meaning to do that for some time.

And Anthony helped me pull weeds for one last wheelbarrow.

I took a wonderful, warm bath that was like my own private onsen. (Japanese bath).

Simplicity is so healing.

Do what you can.

Ask Spirit for guidance.

Ross gave me assignments. One was to walk in the park. I learned the dog I was afraid of that was running off leash the other day is a sharpei, It was so muscular I didn't like it before and told the family that I'm scared of dogs (only one kind of dog, but that's someone else's dog running around off a leash). This time Anthony was friendly to them, and I could hear their New Hampshire accent. It made me happy. Anthony saw how tensed up I was, and said, 'let's go home mom'.

I've seen mauled patients and given them care, I've seen too much, and I don't ever want to see it again.

On the way home, Anthony saw what I thought was an old ugly rusted barbecue that had been out on the street for four days.  It was a smoker. A perfectly good, clean inside, Brinkmann smoker. He took it home. It was Ross' gift to him on Father's Day.

I wished Ross a happy Father's Day. All weekend. He appreciated it. He thanks you for your kind wishes too.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Sunday, June 20, 2021

My Beautiful Sign


I've been struggling.

The difference between my struggles before, and now, is that now I turn to Ross. I tell him what is going on, inside, and how I can't figure it out. I don't feel right inside, I tell him. I'm sad. I don't know why?

He helps me to work through the words to describe the feelings. A lot of the feelings are from overwhelm.

I've been in this house two years, and its a lot of work and I still haven't moved in. The pandemic really made a mess because I bought extras for 'just in case' and there's no place to put it. 

I had an invitation to go to a friend's son's graduation party. But I felt RAW. I didn't know if I could handle all the energies at the part. It's a forty minute drive. Ross asked me, gently, 'what do you need for you?' I decided to stay home. 

There's a little statue of Buddha I have in my yard. I honor Khiem Dao, MD with it. It was surrounded by healthy garlic plants. But yesterday I decided to take the nice stone bowl I have and place it next to Buddha. So I pulled/dug up garlic. It's nice Sicilian garlic, and there was enough to make a braid.  I found a tile that says LOVE on it, and I put it on the other side of Buddha to balance it. 

Ross asked me to cut off the dead lavender blooms to make room for the new ones. He asked, 'will you do this?' I said yes. I've never done that. Usually it's covered with bees, but the bees seem not to mind me much these days. As I worked, I realized this is the only plant I've ever bought from Trader Joes that has done well. 

But I started to cry.

I miss so many of my loved ones who are on the other side now. 

I just miss them. 

I miss their voice. I miss their smiles. I miss even their quirks that used to bother me. 

But I said out loud, as I cut, 'I'm taking out the old to make room for the new'.

There wasn't a single bee, they had moved on to the winter savory that is blooming. 

Today I'm going to pull weeds. I have to go early because there are a lot of them. I'm creating garden paths. My grandfather used to have them, metal signs but used on the ground. They were narrow and easy to walk. I've taken old cardboard boxes and open them to a single flat piece. I'm putting them down to give me an idea where I want the paths, and also, perhaps I can put decomposed granite or gravel on the paths. The cardboard should keep the weeds down.

It is very important to me not to commit to anything permanent in the yard. I like change. That's why I could never commit to a tattoo, I'd grow to get sick of it over time. Even if at the time I got it I thought it was the best thing ever. Permanent isn't good for my mental health.

So, I'm learning to talk with my plants here. And the trees. They can stay because they are living beings. 

One died recently, it was a eucalyptus I'd grown from a seed. It's in a pot and taller than me. But, I couldn't plant it in the yard, it would get huge. I've come to understand with the heat and the years--over ten!--it was time. I tell it I'm sorry and it's spirit still talks to me, and it says it was time.

I'm working to heal deep ancestral pain from my mother's native land. It's hard to explain but I've been called to do it. And the sorrow that needs to be healed is not being able to sustain themselves by living off the land. 

I didn't think I could do it. But for tonight's Caprese salad, I have the tomatoes and basil right here! I was told to save the figs from this season, and to dry them. Even last Spring I was able to eat our own salads from greens and dandelions. 

On the side yard the mint is going crazy and in bloom. It's never bloomed. The bees love it. I have felt sad because I didn't plant it. I wanted to plant other things. But somehow I understood that I inherited a big healthy field of mint. There's lots I can do with mint. And if a time comes, and I really want to, I can take it out. It doesn't have to be forever.

As we heal, we receive love from the Earth, and the Earth receives our love. 

Make a point to spend time healing and growing close to Nature soon, and make a regular habit of it. 

Ross smiles and nods. He says I have written enough.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins

Friday, June 18, 2021

Invest In You--The Sequel

Ross wants me to talk about my experiment.  

I practiced growing wheat.

I actually bought some seed wheat and watched YouTube videos on how to grow it, but before I committed the whole seed wheat, I bought one of these from the know the wheat grass for the drink?

I know there's lots of different types of wheat, but I figured if I planted it in the yard, during rainy season, I could see if birds or pests would try to eat it, and I would see how much wheat I got from my harvest.

I was surprised how short it was, not even two feet, and how thin and weak the stalks were. It wasn't like the stuff in the field here. And some had only one little grain per stem, not like a wheat one with a bunch of wheat berries. Just ONE. 

Yesterday I picked all the stems. I used scissors. 

Then I made a pile and cut off the head of every stem into a bowl.

While I was doing this, I felt so connected to Earth. These simple actions, this connection to the land and to survival, flowed through my energy field and I could tell my soul had experienced this many, many lifetimes before!

I liked that feeling.

Instead of doing this, threshing, I picked the berries out by hand from each part. It took me two hours. I watched a baseball game while I did it.

I couldn't separate the wheat from the chaff. When I tried something like this the wheat blew away too.

How much did I get from a standard wheatgrass unit?

It fills up one fourth of a spice bottle. Including kind of lots of chaff along with the seeds.

It won't make me much flour!  There's a hand mill I've seen people use on YouTube. I think these water mills are so very beautiful. This one is in pigeon forge, Tennessee.

Some YouTubers say to plant a ten by ten foot plot. I've seen that, and they get maybe one small sack of flour worth out of it. 

To plant enough for a family's needs would take considerably more land. 

Remember Yeonmi who escaped from North Korea. She would dream about being someplace where she could eat all the bread her stomach could hold! She thought Heaven was where you finally were not hungry any more. 

One day a loaf of bread will buy a sack of gold.

Don't hoard gold.

Make bread.

I found this to be a little disturbing. It was in the set of photos where I selected that 'bible' picture from the last blog post.

This is the description of the symbol.

Vesica Piscis, ichthys or ichthus Christian fish symbol, two intersecting arcs. The eye of Phi mystic heaven and earth, vector illustration Jesus fish sign isolated on white background

If you turn the symbol somewhat on its side, so it looks like the Master Card logo, that's the orientation that occultists use it. And it symbolizes the female private part.  (Obelisks symbolize the male phallus).

Remember what we are up against is an ancient sex cult. TWDNHOBIAH practice, and deeply believe, not only in the metaphysical laws of existence, but they practice all kinds of magic, including sex magic, to get what they want. 

The world was terribly infested with the thinking of TWDNHOBIAH before the time of Noah. Every person, every thought, was wickedness. So the flood was sent to save the holy ones and rid the world of wickedness.

Unfortunately, one of the wives of Noah's sons, practiced this religion, and saved it, and eventually it came to Nimrod. It's been here ever since. 

Here is a timeline of the Old Testament click here if you're interested. Yes the flood is before Sodom and Gomorrah, and its being destroyed for similar levels of wickedness. (the townspeople lived easy lives and took to kidnapping and abusing and killing travelers to the area for fun).

It all fits together. 

Much of our history, our true history, is hidden.

Here is something I just saw yesterday, totally fascinating, by Eusebio Escarpo:


One of the most interesting monuments to visit in Enna (Sicily), is the Tower of Frederick II of Swabia (1194-1250). Besides being the King of Sicily, he was the Holy Roman Emperor, and the King of Jerusalem.
This great emperor was crowned King of Sicily when he was 4, under the regency of Pope Innocent III.
Since Frederick II grew up in Sicily, he was able to speak the Sicilian dialect as a native speaker. However, he also spoke Latin, Arabic, Greek, French, and of course German.
He was a man of extensive learning. Being thirsty for knowledge, he came into contact with the Sufis, the troubadours, esoteric schools, artists, and men of letters. He loved Sicily to such an extent that he wrote in his will that his body should be buried in Sicily. In fact, he rests in the Cathedral of Palermo.
He was the founder of the Sicilian School of Poetry and of the University of Naples. He also built several castles. Of note, Castel del Monte, in Puglia and the Tower of Frederick, in Enna.
Both these buildings are characterized by the number eight.
The plan of Castel del Monte is octagonal, the eight towers of the castle have also octagonal bases. There are eight rooms on each floor with windows facing on an inner octagonal courtyard. Somebody says that this unique castle was built to enclose the Holy Grail.
The plan of the Tower of Frederick in Enna is also octagonal. It is similar to the towers that form Castel del Monte. Both the monuments are made with stones of varied hues. It is said that Frederick II collected stones from various Pagan temples, which were particularly rich in energy, to build these structures. Besides having an octagonal base, the Tower of Frederick shows eight loopholes vertically and eight loopholes horizontally in one of the walls, while other sides of the tower are without loopholes or windows.
What is the meaning of the number eight, so dear to Frederick II? According to esoteric schools, the number eight symbolizes the union of Earth and Heaven. In other words it symbolizes the infinite.
Ettore Grillo author of these books:
– November 2: The Day of the Dead in Sicily
– A Hidden Sicilian History
– The Vibrations of Words
– Travels of the Mind

King of Jerusalem???

Now that's interesting!

The South of Italy was the third or fourth most economically successful nation state in the world, then the North took over everything. The people of the South were labeled 'stupid' and had to live in deep poverty after the unification. That's why so many people immigrated in the early 1900's to find a better life.

As a wise teacher once said, 'man does not live by bread alone'.

Keep your eyes and discernment open for any and all signals.  Monitor your inner feelings.

I've been sad lately. Sad because my life never is really under my control. I've had one day where I could work but my Boss asked me to trade--so it's been three days 'on standby'. I trust in the Plan, and I truly needed these days. And yesterday no only did I bury my father twelve years ago, but I graduated from High School thirty-nine years ago. Oddly enough, I looked through two photo albums, you know the kind with the sticky pages from the seventies? One had a photo of Zurich on it, the church towers are unmistakable, and the view was from the roof of a hotel we stayed at. Back then I never thought I would make it anywhere, not when I was in school. But in 2019, I did. 

I expected photos but no, inside, were all of my grades, and awards, and comments from my teachers. There were letters of recommendation, awards letters, even documents from a Youth Leadership camp. There were awards my PE teacher made for me. It was from both Junior High School (grades seven through nine) and High School. 

The pattern was unmistakeable. I loved to learn and loved to work hard, and success was the result!

It was really nice to see it. 

On this day in 1988, I was a bride for the first time. It was a beautiful wedding. But my family wasn't very supportive. My mom didn't like him. I guess he said something unkind once about my sister Vanessa who was like nine at the time. Mom felt if someone didn't like Vanessa, and everyone loved Vanessa, then there was something wrong about him. 

Mom was right.

But I had to learn what I had to learn, and she never told me her concerns. 

I was horrible being married to Mark, in the end. In the beginning it was good. I'll try to remember those times, and not the anger and abuse and helplessness. 

Today is another day.

Sometimes I get sad over the enormity of the lies TWDNHOBIAH tell innocent people. It makes me almost cry, and sometimes I do cry, to think of the quarantines and the deaths and the ruining of businesses. Even how I can't go places I want to go, places where I have been. 

Life changes and we move on. We adapt.

And I know, no matter how much TWDNHOBIAH 'foul the waters'--Divine Creator is much wiser, much smarter, and infinitely Loving. Ultimately, Divine Creator wins. And we will have freedom once more.

clap! clap!
Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

It's All Coming Together--A Message To You In The Trenches and On The Front Lines--from The Two Of Us


Ross is going to write this one, so no one gets their feelings hurt.

First off, Carla had an enormous AHA! breakthrough this week. She has been noticing how when she wakes up in the morning, she has absolutely no clue how her day is going to be. She goes to work, and she 'rolls with the punches' as she goes through her day, with herself and with Anthony. She is conscious she has been developing a new found 'resilience' to be able to just go along with the flow and ADAPT (just as I had told her to do, to just flow along with whatever comes her way).

What is the AHA?

That in contrast to her desired 'lifestyle' of having a 'predictable schedule' where she can create her 'to do lists' and fill out her 'checkboxes' under the false impression that Carla is in 'control of her life'--being denied this forces her to let go of time and to truly embody the Now Moment. Which is all anyone every has, honestly. 

And by making her choice, and successfully sticking to it--to be loving to everyone and under all circumstances--consistently, Carla is adequately prepared for 'taking the next step' in her own spiritual evolution and development!

This was a very exciting realization for her indeed!

And needless to say, she thanked me for it! All my work and gentle guidance and preparation. For, truly, 'time' does not exist in the Higher Realms. Not like it does here where you are incarnate reading this blog post. 

The world unseen is full of lofty goals!

Prepare yourself and reach for them!

Carla was consulted recently over a 'social media mishap'. We are not going to elaborate on the details.

Carla's advice was deemed wise, wise enough that the person receiving the advice exclaimed, 'no wonder why you are Sophia!'

The advice is: don't post anything how you really feel or believe online, because people are no longer able to accept/allow/acknowledge differences in belief any more. Only stick to the positive. Try to take as low profile as you can, furthermore, because everything you say can and will be used against you to advance the narrative. 

What Carla and I would like to add, ever so gently, is that humans have been the recipient of Military Grade Psychological Warfare for most of their lives, only now it is coming to a head/peak, and everyone, even our strongest warriors, are starting to reach their limit and show signs of the strain.

So remember what you earthly Mother once advised you back in early childhood--'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.'

Remember there is an evil out there, an evil so vicious it not only killed me in a brutal and epic murder in and of itself, BUT... is an evil that wraps itself behind 'human shields' of good and innocent people who believe whatever has been told to them. 

For example Carla knows someone close to her who is very awake on topics of health and injections and the like, but is largely unaware of how wicked a certain 'entertainment company' with a 'mouse' is, and permits her toddlers to watch hours and hours of it. This mother has happy memories of the company and the theme park. She is not yet ready to put them behind her and realize what is hidden.

Everyone develops at their own pace.

Look at Carla with the amount of time her AHA lesson has taken her! Not only this entire blog's duration--over ten years!--but her entire working career...

We invite you to give others the time and space they need to awaken, and to spare the 'what might be perceived as brutal truths' for now, to honor them for having withstood all the highly sophisticated psychological warfare.. 

The Truth itself cannot remain hidden. So do not be afraid about it being 'unheard' or 'unnoticed'.

It will.

We really cannot say much here.

Actually this is because others have said it better themselves.

So here we are going to provide the links, again, do not be concerned if anything does not appeal to you, or make sense, or 'resonate'.

This is just keeping up with what Carla as a 'trailblazer' has experienced, recently, and sooner or later others will follow in her path:

Carla has come to the conclusion (wisely so!) that the Bible is what is called a Living Book. And that meaning will 'jump out to her' if it is meant to be understood by her on her level. And this goes for any translation by anyone. Just like Spirit can send a message to her through a song which plays on the radio.

It is the discernment and receptivity to messages sent on her 'bandwidth' that is the most important of all.

Remember, inside the Bible is 'spiritual food and sustenance' including a lot of stories, or parables, to help you learn to live a better life. 

Do not dismiss it.

(he taps his head with his index finger right at the temple, it's pointed straight up) Be Wise.

We want you to be as wise as serpents. And as gentle as doves.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Monday, June 14, 2021

The Answer Is In The Cards


Many years ago, I was at a store in Berkeley, on North Side, near the gourmet ghetto, which no longer exists. It was called Gaia. There were two stores I used to frequent--the moon and star, on College Avenue, and Gaia. I was drawn to a deck of tarot cards that were colorful. There was a bee motif on it, and the deck was called Servants of the Light (SOL). 

They seemed like good cards. I would do readings for myself every three months or so to help me 'find my way'. I was in the middle of a marriage that was falling apart, I was going to Children's Hospital Oakland on Saturday nights for my volunteer shift in the ER to help get me into medical school (I needed a letter for my application). I sensed that this incredible world of Spirit was opening up for me. I knew a visionary who spoke to Divine Mother Mary every day at the same time, when she went into trance that could be called 'in ecstasy'.  This woman was actually tested at UCSF medical center in her 'trance' by non-Christians. She simply 'wasn't there' when she was in ecstasy. They did cold water calorics in her ear, a test for coma, and she didn't respond. Two of the three medical examiners converted to Christianity because of their experience with Barbara.

I didn't really get good information or guidance from my cards. But I learned what each one was, what it represented.

One day I saw a little ad or something in the back of the little book that goes with the cards. It was creepy. It said if you'd like to know more and learn and study with our group contact us and send us a check for a lot of money. 

I was like, 'I don't know who these people are, but I don't want anything to do with them!'

Otherwise, this has been my only deck of tarot. 

I've always resonated better with the runes, and with my Animal Medicine cards. I like the Steven Farmer deck a lot too. 

Ross reminds me that whenever I do any sort of reading, I don't have upside-down cards--I just put them right-side up and don't add any significance to them.

All of this was about ten years before I found Reiki.

There's a local radio station in San Diego, it's one of my favorites. They are independent, and play what they want, instead of the same five songs someone tells them to play all day. And the ads, although in English, are from Mexico, and directly translated from Spanish. There is one where the tag line is, 'the world of drugs is not a happy place!'

Lately I've been like, 'Ross? How about all this metaphysical stuff? Is that world okay honey?'

He told me my answer was in this deck, so I shared my story.

He says to let you know more why I asked. Okay. 

There's some Christians, who are saying things like stuff like this is a 'stepping stone to demons'. People who know the end times that I trust. And even some Christians like Jessie Czebotar, who is a minister. And YES I know only Jesus can save you from demonic stuff, if you're in deep like Jessie once was, as generational hierarchy--that's the only way out.

But my cousins, who are very religious, told their daughter to get her tarot cards out of their house, it's witchcraft, they thought that's what's causing them a string of bad luck.

But I hear Christians talking about how God told them to do this and Spirit told them to do that. And when I see them in groups, they are doing exactly the same as what I used to do with Anne Reith, PhD, my teacher. There is a world of Spirit out there that we can't see, and some people are able to access it. 

My time is almost up.

What I think is key is intention. And vibration. 

My tarot cards never really worked for me.  Not that one deck.

Even though it was mine and my energy was in it, it was maybe sixty percent 'right'. I could have flipped a coin. 

It taught me to look for signs and symbols all around me, to be aware, and to be open to connecting with only the very Highest Vibrational Beings. 

What Ross says is everything has a purpose. And 'all the answers are within us'.  

It's true. 

I have a strong sense for gems and stones and their energy.

I know we are Children of the Divine Creator, we have our intuition as our birth right, and we are told (in order to control us) that 'none of that exists'. And yet, the ones who are controlling us are deeply, deeply 'into it', that same exact thing!

Just a quick word on the power of prayer.

On Friday I was absolutely crushed. I'd worked hard all week, and Jared was on the way to pick up Anthony. I just wanted to see my boy awake and give him a hug.

It didn't look good.

But Anthony said, 'mom, I have faith.'

And I said, 'I will trust in Ross'.

So I took a short cut home.

I saw him!

I had time to make us a snack.

And actually, all three of us ate 'dinner' at the table--turkey burgers, warmed up leftover french fries, and pickles. With milk. 

Ross started the weekend off right for us, especially for me, as well as for Anthony. Those two, Anthony and Jared, have a long drive with traffic. 

Sometimes when we let go, we are wonderfully surprised.

The same was true for my call on Saturday. I was kind of stressed because there could have been a conflict and I might need to call in backup. But as I decided to be calm and just hope for the best, one case cancelled, and everything flowed through the day no problem. I chose to sleep at the hospital, but I was not troubled all night. I actually was so tired I fell asleep around five p.m. and next I knew it was eight p.m.

For backup call, no calls. I got to spend time in the pool. And it was the first time my mom contacted me from the Other Side. She said she's sorry. And she gave me a hug. My Dad and Uncle Ben came through too. Short messages, but to the point. 

Today is a big day. I'm home. Going to get started. 

Ross and I had a nice weekend together. He's so good to me, always. No matter what.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The 'tourists'.   (I don't know why he's saying that but he is)

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Galactic Halo


It's been a long week. I've worked very hard at the hospital. I've had some very long days. I've learned much as the week has passed. Here is a distillation of what I have been able to learn just by being observant from my position 'in the trenches'...

First off, I want you to know, realize, understand, that my life is so hectic that I am forced to choose between eating and sleeping, and when I find the time to exercise or take care of other things is really really difficult to find. The anesthesia itself is better, my blocks are improving, and my patient care is growing by leaps and bounds. I am more confident and efficient in my delivery of care. A new colleague was written up for her inability to use the new Omnicell medicine dispensary cabinet. It's not easy, I don't like the machine, but I've adapted to its use. I don't have the energy to write daily like I once did on this blog. When I can, I do, but you are always in Ross' and my hearts--always always always!

First thing, is this--kindness has an effect on people, which, under the right circumstances, moves them to tears, almost in the same way that being near Heaven and angels has that effect on people. A neighbor is undergoing IVF. The husband was going to be away for a few days. Would I give her the shots? Yes, absolutely, no questions asked. She cried the first day, after I left the house and did the favor for the couple. She couldn't believe a doctor would come to the house and help them. I didn't know she cried. She told me on the last day, when she came to our house because the daughter might have suspected things. 

I was like, 'how could I not help?' and 'I'll do anything for a little baby, I love babies so!'

She didn't understand how anyone could help her in her situation, how anyone would even want to help.

I found my heart was moved with compassion on the last day. The lighting was good enough that I could see the many prior injections on the skin, on both sides of her hips/buttocks. My God! Is this what is being done to women now so they can bear children? So much pain and heart cried to Creator to help with this situation on women worldwide who have to endure all this...

Another was a patient who refused nurse sedation and wanted 'anesthesia with the propofol like last time' in the GI lab. The nurse and I were uncomfortable because now we were in a position to request cash from the patient for my services, since insurance hadn't included it, and this wasn't the time or the place to collect it. The GI doc talked the woman into trying it with nurse sedation. But I saw my boss and said, 'this is really sad, can we just do it for free because it's so awkward trying to collect the money.' He agreed. We have a system where our pooled money pays units for the service even if the patient is 'self-pay' (usually doesn't pay). When I told the GI doc my boss and I would do this for free, he was deeply moved, and I heard the emotion catch in his voice. He would have taken us up on it, but he'd convinced the patient, and didn't want to waffle...but if she had trouble with the nurse sedation then he would call me in and insurance would cover the services. He was concerned about me being able to collect my fee...

Kindness is important, especially the kind where you are not expecting anything in return. 

I've come to accept the inevitable.

Everything in Revelations about the end times, although terrifying, is part of Divine Plan. 

For years, ever since I'd heard about it, I'd hoped I would be spared, that there would be some other way, that perhaps God might show mercy...

The carrying out of Divine prophecy IS Divine Mercy. And surely, what is to come will be brighter and more wonderful than anything we can imagine. 

I did have a few heart to hearts with Ross though, and he's not talking yet, he's taking it all in.

The first one is the reference to homosexuality in the Bible, 'in the end men will become lovers of men'. There's talk about it in Sodom and Gomorrah. Lots of reference to it all over the books. But right now, it's Pride month here in California. What do I do? Clearly the homosexuals I know, are wonderful, delightful people and my heart leaps with love and joy for these individuals--both gay and lesbians. They are friends, colleagues, excellent souls I deeply care about. Who am I to call anything a sin, since I am a sinner myself?

Right now Ross says to 'put them in God's hands and love them like a brother or a sister' as the right thing to do.  

From what I'm understanding of the 'download' he's giving me, these individuals are being used as a 'shield' for political reasons much like the lower members of some organizations like may to avoid getting into the political and to keep everything on the 'up and up' with individuals. I'm so glad it's okay to love my friends and colleagues for what they are, and not to have to worry about the rest. It's in God's hands.

The other one gave me a sharp double-take this morning when I was spending time with Ross. He grew up as a carpenter, actually, from what I understand, the son of a 'contractor' more than a 'carpenter'. He was good at the work and he knew the skills. But the 'builders'--you know who we are talking about, instead work with stone. They are craftsmen, too, like the 'carpenters'. It is unsettling how close the two professions are, and how they both 'build'. Is someone making fun of the original by choosing the 'copy' with stone builders to further the goals of the very few who use the lower levels as a human shield? I think they both use similar tools, squares and stuff. 

Ross says 'only God can build. Men may 'create' things with their hands and with their imagination, even things that 'border on the spiritual'--but only Divine Creator can truly 'create'.' and 'to let it rest'. 'Even if someone is trying to get their digs in, it wouldn't work anyway, because Creator is all-wise and all-loving--way more bigger than that where a dumb joke could bother Creator.' Even from someone who really hates Creator and all that is Divine, the leaders of TWDNHOBIAH. 

This photo deeply moved me. I shared it on my FB page. The boy has a name. In the poor section of Brazil, a music teacher was lost to the pervasive crime/violence of the poverty-stricken area and died. His students are playing at the funeral. 

So much sorrow, so much reality, so much suffering--all experienced at a very young age. 

I asked Ross to please spare us these sufferings.

But what I've come to realize, is that all of these sufferings, help us to grow as souls. We are given limitations, restrictions, and quickly adapt how to overcome them. It is all part of the human experience. 

The other day, I was being shown this video here by Zebra Corner, and some other ones by them, about the bank and other things. I was totally cracking up. I realized that all these crazy things we experience in day to day, are character building and we have earned the right to laugh about them. We've earned our stripes. The smokers who say they quit but haven't. The people just trying to get their job done and they are encountering someone who is difficult. The need for people to find something to help them cope, like cigarettes in the first place! It's all so human, so humbling, so completely relatable...we've all been there.

Ross was very happy I could see from this perspective about our school here on Earth. 

Everything we are experiencing, truly, is a gift. And while we have our blessings--food, shelter, sleep, etc--remember to give thanks for them.

Remember the one thing, no matter what, that is in our control under any and all circumstances, is our freedom to choose how to react, and to decide to be loving, in any and all situations. 

It's why we are here, incarnate.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The Call To Heal


There has been a shift.

It's hard to explain.

But it's like the Universe keeps sending my way people who are in need of something only I can give. 

It might not seem like much, but it is as if the Universe keeps asking me, 'will you say yes? will you say yes? will you say yes?'

And I do.

My brother-in-law from 1987, is a friend now. We both married into a family. He needed medical care and flew to the area for treatment. I sensed from his hesitancy, that he didn't want to drive. So, I had the day off. Anthony and I were his driver team--from the airport, to breakfast, to the appointment--we went somewhere else for the two hours plus--and then from the appointment, a quick tour of Pacific Coast Highway locally, and back to the airport. 

While we were 'somewhere else' (the mall), I saw a local candy company, and bought a tin for him to take home to the wife and kids. 

I was home on Sunday. There was a phone call. Random, totally random. They had gotten my phone number from 'a nurse' and wanted to book Reiki treatments for anxiety. It would have been nice to have income, and the referral was appreciated. But, deep in my soul, I said no. Something wasn't right. 

We send Reiki immediately from home. We also activated Team Doctors With Reiki. That felt right. And Anthony commented he hasn't felt 'that' in a long time. (I used to treat him with Reiki every night when he was little, to help him fall asleep.)

This person had money troubles. That was the cause of the anxiety. And the treatment for money troubles and anxiety, is spiritual! Money is a fake construct created in duality for energy exchange--it's useful, and I get it its hard to live without it. But for those who have money issues in their life scripts...realizing there's something else (besides news, weather, sports and money, right?) is absolutely priceless. 

There is a pattern, I see it more and more. Even my boss asked me to cover for him on a day in June because it's the day after eye surgery. I said yes. Didn't think twice. He knows I work elsewhere (his daughter is a nutritionist there and saw my name in the chart)...and I'm probably booked. I am. But I can change it with advance notice. 

Look for patterns.

See what the Universe is asking you--and watch your response closely. 

It's time for me to get ready for work. I'd hoped for a day off, but, alas. It's okay. It helps pay the bills.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins

Friday, June 4, 2021

Good Things Are Ahead


Chester was the horse I rode when I took riding lessons. I also rode Brownie and Frosty, but Chester, the old bay, was my favorite. I took English riding lessons. I loved brushing the horses I rode, and being in the stables. I even learned to jump, which was very exciting and thrilling to do!

As I was falling asleep last night, I was thinking about my friend Jeff, and how many people were influenced by his music, and how that wasn't exactly for our team. I thought about rituals and other things he must have at least known, if not participated in, and I felt queasy about his influence on the masses. I asked Ross, 'what can we do?' 

Gently, Ross guided me to the best part of junior high school, the horses, and Chester. He encouraged me to fall asleep thinking about him, and reliving my days when I used to compete and ride. I was in a trot, and going to a canter, watching as Chester flicked his ears back to me, as I fell asleep.

Sometimes we need to think of happier things to get by.

And here are some very happy videos:

The school year has finished! It's time to celebrate the day. Summer, my favorite season, is here again. And just for today, I have work, the only day I've been able to work all week. I'm grateful for the chance to be home for Anthony during his finals week, and to be available to him. 


There is something beautiful inside each and every one of you. I want you to let that show, and allow it to illuminate your very essence with your soul. 

Do not keep it hidden.

For what you are is a miracle.

Yesterday in the automobile, I told Carla to rest, to have an easy dinner, not to cook, for she had done a good job for her and Anthony (Anthony had many appointments and Carla shuttled him around all day).

Carla started to cry.

She said to Anthony how life is so difficult all the time, you don't stop to think about it, you just keep going and moving forward. So when someone gives you a pat on the back and says you've done well, it gets you emotional. Because life is so hard, everything about it, just trying to get the simplest things done takes time and each has its own challenges which must be overcome. 

For those of you on Earth, everything is going to get better, and continue to improve.

Think of Home, and when you can't think of that, think of your happiest memories. This is going to sustain you through the coming times ahead.  It might appear unpredictable, but I am gently in control of all that is going on behind the scenes of today's current events. I am at the helm. You have done well. And just for today, you may rest.

clap! clap!
Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twin Hearts

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Comments On Current Events


I've been taking a lot 'in' lately. There is much instability in our day-to-day situation here on the planet. Changes are being introduced rapidly. This isn't 'natural', it's clearly the implementation of super-long-term planning...

How I see it there are two main 'weather fronts' which are heading towards each other and are about to collide--energetically.

But first let's take a step back and talk about an entirely different subject, which, fortunately, in its own way, dovetails right in with our main theme. Let's talk horses.

Horses are nomadic. They do just fine on their own. This is an Icelandic pony here in the photo. But there's a long fur coat and an independence and nobility to the horse, isn't there?

Here in the United States, there are herds of wild horses in the desert. They were able to survive after being left there by humans and I've seen them, the Mustangs. They are beautiful and their herds keep far away from humans and their motorcycles.

So how do we get to this? The point where not only will a horse accept a rider, but will follow commands and work together with them?

From what I understand, from an early age, young horses are 'broken in' to allow them to be ridden. It's a process that takes time and patience and skill. You need to earn the horse's trust.

Pared down to its most simple description, one 'weather front' could be called, 'Service to Self' and the other would be 'Service to Others'. 

'Service to Self' is basically a philosophy based upon the ego, which glorifies the five senses, ignores the realm of 'spirit' that is 'positive'--focusing only on the 'spiritual service to self' side, and does whatever they want, which is, what their egos tell them to do.

They are lawless.

They make plans for a long time.

The 'Service to Others', follow their heart, their conscience, and are well-informed about the current events, the timelines, and the plans of Divine Creator. They have been given instruction to teach others and to build spiritual communities.  In many ways, the majority of these have been asleep at the helm.

In the middle, are the ones who are unaware of anything happening with 'the weather' but they focus on Here and Now (survival) and do the best they can. And these have definitely not taken the Red Pill. In effect, they are next up for the Red Pill in suppository form. 

As a very small example, the Widows of Co-nineteen are pretty angry and upset over recent email disclosures by a certain physician. These emotions generate a spiritual 'life force energy' for the 'Service to Self' (TWDNHOBIAH)...which has a name, either 'loosh' or 'vrill'.

This is why our last lesson about acceptance of being humiliated and fooled and WRONG is Very Important in our Spiritual Lessons we signed up for. With acceptance our self-love, our self-confident are still intact, our sense of humor has a wonderful opportunity to 'step up to the plate', and levels of 'loosh' and 'vrill' we emanate to the 'ethers' are diminished. 

This is how we 'starve the suckers' and disempower know, TWDNHOBIAH.

Perhaps we should name 'Service to Self' as 'false reality' brought on by the 'Incarnate Experience'--it's got a 'spin' on it, and these folks don't want to give up that 'spin'. They want to heighten it and impose it on the masses and literally 'break them in' for whatever plans are next. And these folks like to plan. 

The other 'Service to Others' is in fact, solid, spiritual Truth from the afterlife and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

There was a video shown the other day about a Red Horse. One prophetic one being released. There was drama with it...however, if you have studied Svali, you would realize the somber truth that the video was underestimating the danger to people posed by the 'plans' and the 'military excellence' instilled in TWDNHOBIAH since they were toddlers and practiced on a regular basis in the dark of night. 

So where does this leave us?

We have a front row seat to the conflict when these two 'weather fronts' collide.

We can set an example on how to diminish the 'loosh' and the 'vrill' for others.

We can dig deep into our roots, for when our kind was forced 'underground' and 'under the radar'...speaking in hand signals, and code...because everything is monitored and the wall have ears and our neighbors do too.  Is persecution a possibility? I don't know. Ross won't say. But it's on the table undoubtedly if there is resistance to the plans of TWDNHOBIAH to 'break us' and implement their way.

Who can you trust?

I'm super cautious with all I 'ingest'--I may have my 'sources' I look up and sometimes share, but I never take them at face value. I look for patterns. And I also know that the higher our vibration, as a whole, here on surface Gaia, the higher the Schumann resonance frequency goes. This is very good for our team.  Nobody has the complete picture--we are all a little distorted because we are 'in it' and 'on the front lines' and we don't have a complete view. 

So I PRAY. A lot. I pray for our supply chains. I pray for our people. I pray for all of humanity to awaken so as to lessen the blow. I pray for wickedness to leave the planet and the hearts of the people. 

We saw it live yesterday.

My mom had put aside money for Anthony for college. I didn't understand what she had done. When I was looking up his social security card I saw her bank information. Her name. And Anthony's. I finally understood what it meant.

We called the bank. And asked about the account. They wanted us to send in papers. Instead, I took him in person the next day.

Here we are in the office. The money, which was more than enough for one or two years of college--was gone. Only five dollars was left. And it was included in the Trust--everything was taken out from the regular bank account with Anthony's name on it, and put into the Trust, which is not led by the oldest (me), I'm the last person named on it, and no copy of it has ever been provided to me or my other sister, since it's inception in 2013 when my Nana died and the wills were 'updated'.  

Five dollars. 

Anthony broke down in tears to understand the wickedness, to experience it first hand, how power corrupts, and how someone he once looked up to, admired, and trusted, betrayed him and his future and the wishes of his beloved grandmother. 

He is never going to see that money. It's been already spent. And he knows it. Everyone knows it. 


I wanted Anthony to build up some resilience.  His intuition was strong. He knew that if the money deposited had been allowed to grow interest over sixteen years, the true amount would have been near double.  He was right on target.

Yet, for the experience of not having it, to discovering it was set aside only for him, the excitement and gratitude at the wisdom and foresight of his having his hopes dashed and crumbled to pieces in an instant...

Carla knows that this message will go through the channels of notification to the Trust. She doesn't have to say a word about it to anyone. 

In anger she had wanted to notify her other sister of the truth, but she knew both the setting aside of money as well as its being taken might be upsetting to her. She leaned on me. And after sleeping on it, she understands how to explain this money. 

One small comment, 'Who is Angelina?' from the banker tells Carla everything she needs to know.  

It was her grandmother.

As a mother, Carla's heart went out to her son in his predicament. They both had wanted Benihana, but afterwards couldn't eat. Instead, Anthony wanted curry. And at the restaurant, he confided he was feeling better. I encouraged Carla to let him buy a mug, of his choice, and it helped cheer him up.

Carla also was going through her old Junior High school yearbooks. One face stood out to her. The pale boy, with the 'towhead' of blonde blonde hair, Jeff Hanneman. She remembered how kind he was, and gentle. They sat near one another somehow in classes due to their last names. He would crack jokes and make her laugh.

But he developed a taste for metal music. Hard rock. His studies would slip, and he would show her his designs on his PeeChee folder. She remembered his one that said, 'Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden, they are so fu-c-in bad you have to say it twice'.  It gave her an icky feeling to see him resonating with that energy.

She had heard he had gone professional. But she didn't know what or how. 

He started the band SLAYER. 

And he died.

He had necrotizing fasciitis of his right arm, survived, but two years later died of cirrhosis complications. He died in May 2013. 

She didn't even know.

She researched on him, and looked things up online, and learned with great sadness that SLAYER stands for Satan Laughs As You Eternally Rot. She saw the symbols. She knew what they meant. And although Carla awakened with the Red Pill in 2012, Jeff wrote 'Angel of Death' about Mengele. He knew too. 

She was deeply troubled for her friend.

She reached out to another friend who could help explain to her what happened to Jeff? And why?

The answer was he might have been raised in the system. Clearly, with his stature, he was effectively a 'priest' for their 'religion'. He wrote the music and lyrics for just about everything the band did, and if Carla understood it right, he started Death Metal. 

Remember the warning.

Remember what SLAYER is really about.  

Remember to keep that serious, and don't make jokes about it. It's not funny. It's truly how that 'spirit' feels about all of humanity. 

Remember this. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Team Leaders who work so hard for you to bring you the latest, the greatest, and the eternal.