Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Source Of Bliss!

It's humor.

Humor and Love.

Love for yourself against ALL circumstance.

Humor and Love makes LIGHT!

I recently have had the honor of being someone's 'Old #twinlove'.


I got DUMPED by my Twin Flame!

Isn't this hysterically funny?!

How can a Twin Divorce a Twin?

It's one Soul, isn't it? From God, all Holy and Light?


The void is so much more pleasant.

I am learning to reach through whatever is presented as 'Lesson', to feel beyond it, to that which never changes, and happens to be also, 'my essence what I am'.

There is the one I think is my #twinlove. We can't even get a friendship going in the right direction!

Then there is the one who calls ME his #twinlove. Or, at least until this week, he did!

My Bliss is that no one, not even a Twin Flame, is going to ever 'complete' me.

Everything I ever 'looked for' would probably leave me feeling disillusioned…

It's in God's Hands.

Until then, I am reading 'Finding God Through Sex' by David Deida. It explains everything, and is one of the most spiritually advanced works I have read in a long time. How the masculine partner wants 'freedom'. And how the feminine one wants 'surrender'. It encourages how to be Love in Everything You Do.

I am so glad for Ms Double D who was introduced as 'his new #twinlove!' LOL

Quelle surprise!

I would not have discovered the bliss that can 'take it or leave it' in the Twin Flame department if it was not for her and her, ahem, 'assets'.

If you have ever longed for that 'perfect match', why not try reading David Deida? It'll help to pass the time. It will increase your 'real estate value' in relationship while you're at it, too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

The 'Closed Heart'--A Lesson In Duality and The Higher Dimensions

This is a story of observation.

There is no right, and there is no wrong.

This is looking at a death in the family through higher dimensional 'eyes'…

Our matriarch breathed her last.
I, who was very close to her, was present in the room.
I am comfortable with death because I am a doctor.

I was glad we were alone.
There was peace, a mixture of joy and sadness at the finality of the 'goodbye'
She had lived a good life, and spent years suffering from the ravages of dementia.

Yesterday was the viewing.
No one was invited but the closest.
She looked beautiful in her pink casket with pink rose sprays and a pink rose heart arrangement.

I wanted to see her One Last Time
The hands that helped raise me
And pay respect to the Heart that guided me throughout my whole life.

I was safe with her
And loved
Very much so

In the room, was another, who was there by duty as much as by free choice
It was better that this one was present, another decided not to even go.
'You were a good mother' this one said to the corpse.

The eyes were dry but the voice cracked a bit.
This one brought treasures to put in the casket
A favorite sweater, a robe, jewelry, a watch

I didn't bring anything
Except my Awareness
Memories washed over me of all the good that has passed, the kindness, the lessons; quickly I was transported to the place of No Time, of Silence, of Gratitude and Heart.

That is the Higher Dimensions.
But I kept being 'yanked' back into Duality
By the one who has 'cried all their tears' and brought the treasures.

This one was anywhere but here and now!
Old hurts brought up against others--the inheritance denied, the savings spent by a careless one, memories of pain, shame, and unhappiness.

None of these had anything to do with the deceased!
There was talk of who would come to the funeral, what time the meal after…
No matter how I tried to distance myself and get back to 'that space of Timelessness'--I was not allowed to return.

I left my hand on the shoulder of the one who had passed, feeling the cold, taking in the Presence.
And I opened my heart in Love to The One That Does Not Understand.
Left behind by parents and husband, perhaps the pain was too deep to fathom?

Or perhaps the knowledge that 'my turn awaits'?
There is Life, the endless busy rushing of the living.
And the Divine which encompasses us all.

Where is your Heart?
And what is its dimension?
No matter where it is…will you open it?

Just a little more, to allow Light to bathe every cell in your body,
Every thought, every emotion, every hope, every pain.
You are Light-That-Walks-Around-On-Two-Feet!

Always remember this.
My lesson from grandmother
Is the beauty and softness of a heart that is opened by pain.

By joy and sweet surrender
To Lessons that Life does bring
Not judging, not worrying…

Staying open to the Light
Through the Heart
To 'Connect' to something that connects us all.

And to share this Light with those who are too tired to grieve,
Too stressed to Open.
Fully present, Here and Now, I Hold the Space for Others to awaken…

In my family
my work
my home.

And also on this page.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Friday, November 29, 2013

Today's Reiki Healing 11.29.2013

I started today's Reiki healing like always.

Usui-Sensei came. He was in good spirits and very animated. I was delighted to see him.

He took me by the hand, and next I knew, I was under the same waterfall at Mount Kuramayama (Kurama is the English name). I felt it cold on my head! He said, 'yes, it is cold!'

Then I came out and he gave me a fluffy towel to dry myself off.

We walked a few paces, and he gestured the the path ahead.

'What do you think?' he asked.

It was blurry. I wiped the water from my eyes. He was very excited to show me something. I 'sensed' that this is the new 5D. I 'got' colors that were vivid and beautiful, but still a blur.  I kept walking with him in the direction…

Then I saw dozens and dozens, no, make that hundreds and hundreds, of Reiki Elders Past. Some were standing, some were seated, but all of them were looking at me, looking for my reaction.

me: Usui-Sensei, what am I doing here? I am not Japanese!
Usui: You are welcome here.
me: How can I be here with all of these Reiki ancestors?! I am not like them.
Usui: You are supporting the cause of Reiki.
me: But…but…are you SURE I should be here right now? I am just me…

And I looked around at all the faces. I felt the energy. There was earnestness, and sincerity in their gaze. I also looked at my body, and I did not look like me. My skin changed color, my face changed, so did my hair…

me: In the past was I somebody else?
Usui: You are here for what you do Now. We want you to know you have our support and encouragement. We want those who follow this work to know we are united with them in this Cause of Enlightenment through Reiki that is encompassing the earth. All of it is holy. Our Hope is with you. Our blessings are with you. For each One, we wish to share the following message: In Reiki You Are Never Alone; Never Underestimate This.

And then it all went away!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

You Are Consciousness ((( Big Hugs! )))

This article frightens me:

As a Reiki Master-Teacher, Blogger, and Physician, I have to speak up…

I won't say anything against my fellow Lightworker and channeller Anna Merkaba, who wrote this from her heart and Source and is sending it with the highest possible Loving Intention.

It needs 'Something To Add' to soften it to the masses, to the non-medical, and to the spiritually active readers too.

What Reiki Doc Has To Say:

So take articles like this in, and check if it 'resonates' with you before you 'take it to heart'.

You are Here and Now because you are a very strong Lightworker who made the 'cut' and 'earned the slot' to be here at this time of all the societal and spiritual changes on Gaia. You have probably 'woken up' many societies before.

You are eternal. You are Perfect. You are Light. Only with a huge case of amnesia! This is for you to be able to accomplish your Mission and your Purpose. And as you 'wake up', recall there are No Mistakes, only Lessons. 

You are Loved. By Creator. By Anna Merkaba. And By Reiki Doc. 

All of us write our own messages with Source to reach you. But when one 'is Super Important' for an Advanced Light Worker like Anna, and she naturally shares, don't feel bad if it is over your head!

You are perfect the way you are!

For me, since it was 'medical' enough for me to step in with 'something to add', I did. Out of love for Anna Merkaba (she can make her message more inclusive and less scary to the non-medical by diluting the message or linking to medical explanations), and love for YOUR dear hearts that are pleasing the Divine in EVERY WAY… the  desire to heal and be whole and one with the Divine is a very strong force of Life. As long as it feels 'right', go for it!!! Let go and trust in your Intuition!! You can do it!

And if this message reaches just one, and puts their heart at ease, writing this would have been enough. Dayenu. : ))) (It is one of my favorite sayings)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is one more article along the same lines:

On Reincarnation: The Borrowed Body In The Big Picture

Yesterday at a family gathering there was a spiritual surprise: my cousin's daughter stopped by with her cousin and my uncle to drop off old driver tests to my mother who is taking her renewal examination next month.

I hadn't seen L except once or twice, and at that, only briefly.

You see, this cousin, along with his brother, and my uncle, got upset how my father's parents put together their will; the inheritance was to be divided among the LIVING children only.

My aunt predeceased her mother by around six months.

As a result I did not see those cousins ever since. The exception was my uncle and his youngest son, my cousin Kenny.

My niece is my grandmother 'come back'. My nephew is her husband, my grandfather, 'come back'. My boy is my nanu Filippo 'come back'. (One of the kindest things I did for my son is to get him into swimming lessons early--my nanu  never learned how to swim and also regretted it).

I see the 'Lessons' continuing clear as day, and although the children are not aware of it, there is a closeness and 'connection' to their 'former selves'.

But my cousin's daughter?

I was the reason she was conceived!

No I was not in the bedroom! LOL. I am a 'good luck charm'! My sister was getting married. I could not sleep at my parent's house because they have a cat. My cousin and his wife let me have their guest room. It was a kindness they did not have to do.

When people extend to me such kindness, the kind that helps me deeply in so many ways--to save face, to feel loved and welcomed, to understand and lesson a burden in my life--guess what?

They have a baby.

They had been 'trying' for a long time with no luck. She was an older bride. But that morning, when I woke up, there was a long delay before breakfast and I could hear them in their bedroom. I could feel the energy of lovemaking. It was genuine and open in that room, healthy between a man and woman who were married. I lay there in my tiny bed, hungry, patiently waiting for them to finish. And their energy was way up as we ate. I was glad to be able to shower and go to the wedding. Always the bridesmaid but never the bride…that's my life! In more ways than one might think!

It's been that way for as long as I can remember, being a 'baby charm'. LOL. The lady who hired me one summer at the car rental place had an 'oops' (Sandy was really nice, even had a cake for me on my last day, and welcomed me back 'whenever I needed work'), teachers, coworkers, my cousin and his wife, I can't remember exactly all of them but you get the picture…

L was the spitting image of my Aunt Jean. Right down to the Vibration!

I am used to working with people 'on a soul level', and I could tell, in the subconscious, Aunt Jean 'knew I knew'. This time she is going for education, in college, and aiming to be a hospital administrator…

A big 'tip off' is that the 'borrowed bodies' tend to resemble the older bodies a LOT.

Same height, same build, same facial shape…Cayce studied it too…as well as some of his modern researchers:
This article has pictures of how they look just like they did 'the last time around'…

David Wilcock is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, supposedly, too. David gets his spiritual connection in the form of dreams…prophetic ones. ; )

So this is enough to get you thinking about some pretty fascinating 'stuff'…

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Today's Cobra Intel 11.28.2013


Today Cobra the Lightworker released an important piece of intelligence information about the Jesuit agenda.

This does not mean that ALL Jesuits are aware of this. Many are good people. However, those in power, the small percentage, are Archon and Cabal-Illuminati influenced to the extreme.

This is why I left the Catholic church.

I used to be very faithful, and would gladly go daily if my schedule would have permitted me the time.

What is at stake here is Truth, and much that has been 'hidden' or 'kept from us' is designed to keep us under the control of that powerful, minority percent.

If this intel troubles you, why not take the opportunity to learn the way I did?

If you are in tune with your 'heart center' and meditate, you will 'pick up' Truth as what 'resonates' with your entire being as True.

There is no mistaking it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

People Who STRETCH Truth A Whole Lot!

There are some people in our family who exaggerate. There are others who deceive. There are some who lie to your face.

I'm going to see one of them today.

This is the one that sent me to therapy.

They are still 'lying' to this day.

My therapist described the situation as:
Truth is a very 'stretchy' thing--some people stretch it a lot more than others.

This family member is like the polar opposite to Don Miguel Ruiz's first of the Four Agreements:
Be Impeccable With Your Word.

Deception is going to be one of the 'hot new topics' in the coming weeks and months. There are lies on top of lies out there in society as we know it. Great Big 'Whoppers' of untruths.

All I have to say about this is Family is still Family.

You love them.

You acknowledge those with 'Stretchy Truth Tendencies' for what they are, don't dwell on it, furthermore, don't set yourself up for disappointment from it, and move on.

There is a sense of 'outrage' and 'desire to set them straight' that rushes over us like a wave of emotion once we discover we have been fooled; that someone respected us so little that they would try to pull the wool over our eyes and smile at us while doing it!!!

This is counterproductive to react in kind.

I didn't say it doesn't feel simply horrible to be tricked.

It does.

But the 'Liars' are sick and not very high vibration. They are to be pitied, for they are locked in a world that is not the way it is meant to be--one of very dense thoughts and feelings, a 'me versus you' mentality, a survival mode of sorts.

You can't fix that. Not until their Vibration goes up. And the only way they are ever--and I mean ever!--going to 'wake up' is if your Vibration is the 'more adult' of the two.

I don't care if it is your elder who is lying to you--the one who is the most Spiritually Advanced is the only one who is capable to hold the Vibration UP and not let it drop with those emotions and behaviors that trigger them.

Holidays are a very difficult time of year for those who have experienced dysfunction in the family unit. This is just about everyone, basically.

Be the bigger person.

I ask of you this.

Be the Bigger Person and KNOW that Love Is The Solution For Everything.

Don't sink to their level of Vibration. Hold your own. Be civil, Be polite. Be LOVE in everything you do, even if it is not reciprocated.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Here We Go!

How can that be?!

Hello everybody!

This is only the beginning of the 'strange revelations' of hidden truths that are anticipated to go along with the New Renaissance.

Our being held 'in the dark' by 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' is coming to an end.

Today, the Light is being shown by a twelve-year old girl, who has an eighty-year old genealogist grandparent who helped her trace the Presidency to one common denominator, King John of England who signed the Magna Carta. The only one who was not of the same lineage is Martin Van Buren who was Dutch. (King John was also the inspiration for the villain character in the story, Robin Hood)

How can that be?

Didn't we elect them?

What are the ODDS of them all being cousins?

Who is behind all this anyways?

Here is the link to the article:

Expect more of the same in the coming days, weeks, months--all of the skeletons are going to start coming out of the closet! LOL LOL LOL

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

If you want to know who is behind this doomsday cataclysm 'story' that is widely promoted in the controlled entertainment and media industries, read this:

Gay Reiki: A Message Of Acceptance

Spirit is guiding this message to you right now.

My Reiki teacher is gay. She and her partner own a Center for Healing in the area. I am straight, but I never think anything about their being gay. It just is.

One of my classmates who made it to Karuna Reiki Master with me, is also lesbian. We are friends, and I appreciate her raising my awareness throughout all our classes and psychic development circles together. She is so compassionate! She is from Peru, and a fiery Latina and healing friend.

This morning, this blog post came through from George Lizos, someone I follow on Facebook and repost often. He has a lot of good thoughts and is very spiritual.

It was so subtle, I didn't think to have it be anything more than a 'what I learned from depression' topic.

But now I look again:

  • At 15 years old I discovered I was gay. At the time, gay people were considered to be pedophiles and criminals in Cyprus – labels that would completely destroy my grand plan of sameness and conformity. To safeguard any chance I had for a “normal” life, I decided to change myself. That was when I entered the two most depressing and debilitating years of my life. In two years, I tried to modify every aspect of myself that could betray my sexuality. When I couldn’t achieve that to a satisfying extent, I rendered myself a human abomination and decided to commit suicide.

Fortunately for us, George had a sudden change of perception, and decided not to go through with it. He decided to love himself just the way he is, and carry on. From this experience he helps a lot of people.

Then I saw Rachel and Jun post their tremendous piece of ethnographic study on being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender in Japan. Over sixty-six Japanese people submitted comments on the subject. It is fascinating, because before Western Influence, homosexuality, at least, among men, was completely accepted. Many Samurai had gay lovers. Their contribution to history and to society was accepted and admired for itself, and their personal life had no connection to their work.

Then, I still didn't think anything of it. Until Spirit nudged me, gently…

My friend Linda, from childhood, is a devout Christian who has become a Gay Activist due to the way things turned out with her son, Ryan. I strongly feel together, this story, combined with the ones above, will help with the acceptance and healing of those who are only discovering their truth about their sexuality, those who are considering 'coming out', and those who are close to loved ones who have just learned the truth about their being homosexual and would like to know more…

I have blogged about Ryan before:
You see, us psychics are the next ones to start 'coming out of hiding' in society! We have been singled out and ridiculed too.

On the record, if you are fortunate enough to experience Love and Partnership on the Physical Plane, I wish you all happiness…

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Diagnosis: Three Hots And A Cot

In medicine, we do not arrive at a single diagnosis.

We carefully weigh the information collected from the patient, the physical examination, the tests, and our gut feeling to arrive at a differential diagnosis. This is a list of all of the things that could be causing the chief complaint that brings the patient to the hospital.

This time of year, on coldest nights of winter, there is a new diagnosis that rises up the list.

Everyone who has ever been an intern and been called by the ER to evaluate a patient for admission knows it; the diagnosis is 'Three Hots And A Cot'.

The patient is hungry and cold.

They do not have a place to go.

Staying outside would mean possible hypothermia and death.

They are smart enough to know the 'ticket' that gets them one night in the hospital--chest pain.

Both doctor and patient know the score while you examine them. There is absolutely no discomfort at all, and these patients do not look like any cardiac patient you have ever seen. All the labs are normal. But to rule out an M.I. (heart attack) takes three sets of labs and EKG's taken eight hours apart.

The hospital has to pay for it. Sending anyone out who is possibly having cardiac issues that are treatable (angioplasty and stent, possibly cardiac surgery) makes the hospital even more liable.

Three Hots And A Cot

Somebody wants food and lodging so much they will say anything, do anything to get it.

Who is at fault?

What kind of society is it where there is no food and shelter for everyone? Wouldn't it be cheaper for the hospital administration to open the gymnasium instead? What if the hungry one does not seek shelter and dies from exposure? Whose karma is it to pay back?

Please consider giving to your local shelter this season. There is great need for warm clothing and blankets. They do not have to be new. This is just as important as toys for the children at the holidays.

Give both.

And while you're at it, give Reiki. Put it in everything that you give. Send it distance to all who are in need of it who do not have a place to live, a home.

Usui-Sensei did. He served this population for seven years, legend has it.

Thank you to all whose 'calling' is to help all of these homeless people.

In 5D Three Hots And A Cot will never happen again; there will be enough for everyone to survive. It will be fair, and there will be no taking advantage of each other for survival again. No 'me versus them'.

We shall experience the Unity of our hearts, forever and ever and ever.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Anesthesia: Moments Of Sheer Terror

Anesthesia is long stretches of boredom interrupted by moments of sheer terror.

It's true.

There are moments where the life of your patient is not certain. They stop breathing. They have cardiac arrhythmias (new, irregular heartbeat that sometimes is not so good). The breathing tube won't go in.

How does Reiki help in these situations?

I don't know.

When I have them, I come home badly shaken. My nerves are worn out. I recognize the need to 'rest and recharge' after a day like that.

How many of those moments of sheer terror end up horrifyingly awful?

Fortunately very few.

Here is one typical example--minimally invasive surgery requires maximally invasive anesthesia.
Surgeon wants 'very light' anesthesia for the case to go as hoped. Patient needs to be able to answer questions intra op.

Patient is nervous.
Patient isn't responding to usual doses, for whatever reason.
You give more.

Patient stops responding.
Patient stops breathing.
Patient turns blue.

This is easy to fix when they are on their back! LOL. Most of the time they aren't!

What do you do?
The training kicks in.
You call for help. Extra hands are good. Especially trained anesthesia hands.
I have grabbed a handful of hair and lifted the head up from the prone position to get the airway open.
Sometimes you bring in a bed and flip them on their back.
Oh yes--the first thing is one hundred percent oxygen and turn the anesthesia off. Wake them up!

Sometimes I am the one who calls for help.

Sometimes I am the one who comes in to help when asked over the overhead speaker--'any anesthesiologist to room 5'…

Sometimes it's something I've seen before.
When the tube won't go in, I know the tricks.
I make it look easy.

The surgeon watches me.
So does the other anesthesiologist.
And the nurses and techs.

My reputation goes up each time that happens.

And I smile and leave, once everything is okay, and confide:
I have gotten myself into trouble more times than you--my career is longer--and I've gotten myself OUT of trouble more times than you, too.

Either way, I had to go take some time to chill and recharge.

Whether it's your moment of terror, or mine, the end result is 'a close call' and 'I'm drained!'.

P.S. sometimes my knees shake. They just shake on their own while the terrifying thing is happening. I don't let on. Even though part of me wants to run home and hide under a blanket, the training kicks in. And it works!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

The Perks Of 5D: ((( AWESOME! )))

Yesterday was one of the few days off I have during the week. I had a lot of errands to do. One of them which was long overdue was taking the spare car in to the shop for a service.

(My work doesn't have back-up if I 'call in'--they have to scramble. I kept my old car, since it was paid for, when I bought my new one. That way I can always get to work.)

As I walked out the door, Spirit told me to take the mail keys. So I did.

After I dropped the car off, and got a rental/loaner, I started my next errand on my list.

I remembered the garage door opener in the other car! I panicked! I was going to have to go all the way back and get it…

But then I recalled--the mail keys have the key to the house with them!

Someone 'in the rafters' was looking out for me!

Be sure to look for any and all of these new 'perks' in YOUR life as you Ascend!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Monday, November 25, 2013

Affirmation: All Heaven's Rules Apply To Me

Today I was guided to say this as I woke up:

All  Rules of Heaven apply in every interaction with me
All Rules of Heaven apply in every interaction with me
All Rules of Heaven apply in every interaction with me

When we say something three times, this acknowledges the many levels we exist--the earthly, the mental, and the spiritual.

It 'sticks' and 'means more' when it is repeated.

Then I went on with my day.

Until I unloaded my car after shopping at Trader Joe's.

The clerk had asked 'are there two wreaths?' and didn't lift them.
I said no, there was one big wreath and three small ones.
I didn't think anything of it…until I saw the three boxes of mistletoe I forgot I had bought.

I didn't pay for them.

I didn't want to go back in.
I rationalized.
Then I thought, if I really want this mistletoe to work, do I want to remember cheating them?

The amount was about six dollars.

I went back.
I stood in line with the same cashier.
There was tax. The total was $6.40 or so.

She was delighted I came back and was honest.

I asked for a lollipop--I wanted a yellow one.
I had wanted it before but was too afraid to ask because I am a grown-up.
She said, 'of course! you should take two!'

I took one.

After all, in 5D, All Rules of Heaven apply--to EVERYONE!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

How Healing Flows: The Tales Of M And Em

I was in the O.R. working recently with a lady plastic surgeon I'll call 'M'.

By some coincidence, it turns out she finished the exact same general surgery program I started two years before I arrived as a categorical general surgery intern. We knew many of the same people, and 'caught up' on their lives. One was a Japanese woman who was 'the most up-beat, enthusiastic, and self-sacrificing person she has ever met in surgery'. I knew this woman. She was there when I arrived. Rumor has it that when a resident complained to this professor about the hours and how long they were, the attending said, 'If you want to go home every night at the same time, sell shoes.'

I enjoyed meeting M.

And as a surprise, M, a healer, by her questions and answers in our conversation, healed me. She asked about my fellowship. I said I did hearts. She was impressed (it's the hardest anesthesia there is). I also confided that I started the hearts program at my hospital…but don't do hearts there any more. The cardiac O.R. team was hostile to me,  there was no support--I was the only cardiac anesthesiologist-- and I did not perform well under the circumstances.

M was understanding. She said, 'If they are hostile, and don't appreciate your work, who would want to stay?'

In reality, if I had stayed in the program, I would never have had time to take Psychic Development Classes and eventually become who I am today.

It was a long day in the O.R. on call.

I  finished at dinner time, and went to my favorite restaurant to share my good fortune: I had a copy of a book I was a contributor to, and my name was in my very small chapter on Reiki.

My friends were excited as I shared.

One server, Em, came and I showed her the book. She asked if Amber had told me about her health problem? I said no.

Em wanted Reiki.

I am Amber's Reiki teacher. Once when I was speaking with Amber about Reiki, and giving a treatment, Em walked by and looked. I sensed she was not open to it, but because I didn't want her to feel 'left out' I offered her anyways. Em declined politely, and walked far away, FAST! This was in April or May.

I sat Em in a chair, and explained the basics:
  • I am a straw and connect to Universal Healing Energy.
  • It's going to flow out my hands and into your energy system
  • I won't touch you
  • It won't hurt
  • There are no side-effects
  • You might feel some warmth or tingling.
  • The healing will go exactly where it is needed to go.
  • Your body will 'soak up' or 'take' exactly what is needed for the healing and no more
  • I have healed a burn with my hand in the kitchen
  • Sometimes when you heal with Reiki like on a cut, it hurts worse for a bit then heals faster
  • How Mikao Usui discovered Reiki and all Reiki healing traces back to him
So I gave a treatment, sitting up. I felt a lot of energy flow. I also explained about the chakras, and used a pendulum to show how they are before and after cleansing and balancing them. Her throat chakra was the one that was in most need.

The injury was overuse from the gym. Usually Reiki is quiet, but this time I let Em talk. 

She got up and left after I encouraged her to watch for dreams and signs for the next forty-eight hours, and to drink lots of water to help assimilate the new energies from the healing.

Then I looked up, for some reason, up and to my right. And there, with my third eye, I 'saw' angels standing at the edge of a rim of clouds, jumping up and down, cheering, and pumping their fists in the air! I had felt them working with me, and apparently the healing 'took' in a big way.

Em felt better instantly; she had so much leg pain before she could barely walk.

Em told the entire kitchen she was 'Tripping Out' over the healing and how effective it was!

The next table had guests from Los Angeles there. One was a Reiki One practitioner. She saw me working on Em. She was curious. They asked for me to come to their table.

I met both S and R and shared the book and my blog. They wanted to take classes…

Another friend, Lien, came to eat with me at my table. There is addiction, terrible crystal meth addiction, in a friend of hers and the owner (who is also my friend--the owner, not the addict!). We spoke about options for healing addiction. The owner was ready to pay for rehab, for this addict who was sleeping in Lein's car (no room in apartment) for the time being…

I encouraged working on the addiction on Spirit side first. There are negative attachments to the aura that is weakened by drugs. And possibly implants, a negative spiritual technology that is used on the etheric body by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I shared how a friend's husband and Twin Flame overcame a twenty-plus year alcohol addiction, with no urge to drink. He has been sober for over sixty days.

Here are resources:
(Look up negative attachment removals; this one does not need consent and is done by distance--consent is obtained on a soul level)

(top left hand corner; this one needs consent of the person who is to be healed.)

Things are moving in the right direction.

The Portal was a pretty big thing!
11.23.2013 Aion Portal.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Attuning Non-Humans To Reiki

Attune the Eucalyptus trees in the back yard.

That's what Spirit said to me this morning.

I came home, and the trees said, 'let the hummingbird feeder be refilled first'.

I have attuned animals, but not plants, and this was a first.

As I held the hummingbird feeder in my hand, Spirit said, 'Attune the hummingbirds through this because they never hold still'.

I recall now this morning, a beautiful hummingbird with a red throat almost dive-bombed me, and drank from the feeder while I was extremely close. We were inches away, and it trusted me. Hummingbird had indeed approached me! (I also had a message from crow, who was recently attuned by Reiki Fur Babies, and felt it's Reiki this morning when I was out there, too.)

I wasn't sure how to do it. I hung the feeder back up. And then did the attunement, with the top as the 'head' and the middle as the 'chest' and the bottom as the 'legs'.

As I was almost finished, I discovered a stowaway in the attunement! Spider was hidden under the little 'roof'!

So I included him the the attunement…

'Ants! Ants! Be sure to attune the ants!' spider said.

I didn't see any ants.

'I'm sure there will be one 'stowaway!'' He insisted. So I attuned the ants, too.

Next came Eucalyptus. He was happy because he could help lots of people all over California and across Australia. (once one Eucalyptus is attuned, then all of them are attuned to Reiki energy).
Very kind, very patient, very gracious, Eucalyptus spirit is! Extremely considerate of the others, in a big way!*

But the other trees in the back were, well, a little jealous. Pine was the most. So I went to the one tree next to the house that drops its leaves but I don't know the name of, attuned it. Then Pine. It wanted to be 'ready for Christmas'. All pine trees have Reiki energy. Not 'fir' but pine. And last, Lime wanted to be 'in'. It wanted to have reiki in all the limes for the holiday drinks. So now Lime is attuned.

The faeries said, 'We will take care of the rest, they can wait'.

I took pictures of spider. It was very excited to have the ability to heal others, especially as a symbol of the Divine Feminine Energy on Gaia. It was patient and posed for photos, but the camera didn't take it right due to the bright sky. You will have to imagine spider under the roof of the hummingbird feeder waving to you with lots of joyfulness and patience and love!

I have to leave for an appointment in five minutes.

Love and Light,
Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. * attuning a plant--there is no head/chest/legs/back. Just one place. And the part with the hands? Use the tree 'spirit' hands.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

So Close And Yet So Far

Today I am writing about experience with the passing of my beloved nana Angelina; I will keep it to the most educational 'highlights' for those of you who wish to understand how souls who are deeply connected to one another prepare and go through 'the last goodbye'…

The Week Before:
I get the same signs that someone I know is going to pass/Transition from this world to the next.

  • I get a sense of urgency to visit them and think about them frequently
  • my own energy system 'wobbles' and I have difficulty focusing or accomplishing tasks
  • everyday tasks take on a 'surreal' energy that is hard to describe
  • In this last one, I started eating lots of things I usually do not--sweets, etc.
Mother gave me the news that 'nana wasn't looking so good' on Friday. I dropped everything to be with nana and to check things out as a doctor to make sure I knew what was up.

The Days Of Transition:
Death is like labor in childbirth--it doesn't happen instantly in most cases, although it can. The scenario was that she couldn't swallow and the family did not opt for a feeding tube according to her wishes. Therefore food and water was withheld.
She was hungry and thirsty the whole time!
How do I know? I asked! I also gave her water, which she took eagerly, but it pooled in her mouth and spilled out. 
Here is the clinical scenario for 'no food':
  • there is about twelve hours of sugar stored in the liver as glycogen. This is first 'fuel' in starvation.
  • the body switches over to ketosis, the burning of ketones that come from fat.
  • the body also changes muscle tissue to glucose, in glycogenolysis (the amino acids are metabolized into glucose.)
  • the brain runs on glucose. No glucose, no consciousness, and death.
Here is the clinical scenario for 'no water':
  • kidneys conserve water by retaining sodium
  • the extracellular space gives up water and the patient becomes dehydrated to keep the intravascular volume up.
  • thirst kicks in
  • kidneys fail (this takes about three to four days for the body to have electrolyte imbalance, acidosis, and uremia severe enough for enzymes in biochemical processes to inactivate.)
She didn't understand what was happening to her, she only knew she was suffering.
This is when hospice was consulted, and explained their services.

Hospice works 'best' when there is time in advance to prepare the patient and the family for 'the inevitable'. Most primary care doctors 'call late'. The nurse identified nana as being in the early stages of dying, which I agreed.

Here is the clinical scenario for 'hospice good death':
  • not too much fluids given, they back up in the lungs and cause distress
  • anxiety medication for the trouble breathing that is given as drops that are absorbed by oral mucosa
  • narcotics such as morphine or dilaudid to decrease the respiratory rate and discomfort 
  • cooling measures and tylenol rectally for fever
  • oxygen 
  • suction available for secretions
  • atropine to dry the mouth and secretions (it also increases the heart rate)

The Transition (physical):
  • Pulse is thready, blood pressure is in fifties or unable to measure
  • agonal respirations begin (gasping for air, 'guppy breaths')
  • feet mottle and cool
  • legs mottle
  • hands mottle and cool (I felt it as I held her hand for a long time)
  • chest mottles (dusky blue in all cases of mottling)
  • forehead mottles
  • gag reflex is lost (I could suction with no response--therefore she was unconscious0
  • she went from talking (cortex working) to reflexes and groans (white matter), to breaths (brainstem functioning) to silence
  • after about one hour, the limbs started to stiffen
  • the mottling went away and the skin was pale yellow after death

The Transition (spiritual):

The First Visits:
Visit One: Yesterday while I was at work, she came. She let me know I work a lot harder than she imagined, and she was concerned about my welfare. I almost cried, and she excused her self and promised to come back later that night so I could write and be home.

Visit Two: Last night I was at my favorite restaurant, Au Lac, sitting at the 'bar' which does not serve alcohol but is a good thing for 'party of one' diners like myself.  As I ate my second course, I saw Our Lady very solemn, quiet, and wearing blue. I was like, 'What?' and then I saw movement from her left--it was my nana coming to visit me, and Blessed Mother was her 'guide' in the process. I spoke with my heart, and cried tears of longing and joy at the reconnection. I tried to hide my grief so nana would not be sad. She looked at me as if I was not very good at hiding it, with concern and love, and asked, 'how are you doing?'

I paused. What could I say, horrible? Awful? I wasn't that bad, although I am taking it fairly hard.

'I am healing.' I confessed, 'How are you?'

Bellissima! she shared with a smile; I know she said this so I wouldn't worry about her, and it was also true. I could see and feel her Presence. It resonated with me. My grandfather came, and it was time for them to go.

Ciao! Ciao! they turned to go and gave me that funny wave where you open and close your hand with the palm facing yourself.

I said in my heart, 'Ciao!' and smiled, for in Italian, 'Arrividerci' means 'goodbye' but 'ciao' means 'see you soon'.

Visit Three: At lunch, for this morning I had two early cases, when I came home, the house was empty, and I had a good cry. I was talking to my angels, and guides, and crying.

What is the one thing you want to say to her, they asked?  I don't remember what it was! LOL, I was crying too hard!

Then a wave of peace overcame me. It lasted a short time, and then the tears started again. This time it was because I am a medium, I can't buy the 'we will meet again and say goodbye and move on' story that people who do not speak with the dead story…I didn't know HOW to grieve under the circumstances.

That is when Sylvia Browne showed up.
'I get it, I get it' she consoled.
I hugged her and explained my pain but struggled to find the words.
'So close and yet so far!' she explained the situation to me, much to my relief.
'Did I do okay with helping her as a death midwife?' 
Sylvia said yes.
'Am I doing okay on my lessons with this?'
She said yes, again.
'I have so many regrets, there was not enough time with her! Not enough time for my heart--to enjoy her and be ready for the separation. I was always working.' 
Sylvia hugged me harder, for there was some truth in a soul sharing they had not enough time due to their occupation and assignment.
'Does nana know I love her? Did I show her enough?'
Sylvia said, yes. She shared how it is a unique situation, that although the spirit understands we are still in bodies with human feelings, and that is why she came to comfort me. She had experienced it too, and had not really talked about her life in this part of being psychic in her books--so close and yet so far.

Then she stepped back. Nana told me to sleep a little while, so I did.

Nana was my nurturer. For those of you who have not followed me for much time, my mother is  beautiful woman, but we never really 'clicked' with our hearts. We love each other, but it isn't comforting like it was with nana Angelina. She baby sat me when I was very small. I also had a trauma when I was four, and her Presence is a stabilizing part of my healing from that trauma which gave me PTSD. Although I have healed, her loss has touched deep into my being, my soul, where the scar from this trauma is.

I feel better. I also make it a point to ask for All Divine Assistance when the grief gets to be 'too much'.

All Divine Assistance:
At my work, and online, the situation just got too much for me. Sleep deprived, hungry, overworked, and aching to unload my tears and enjoy some healing from having my nana die while I held her hand on Monday night.

Many of you posted kindnesses on Facebook and Twitter, and I thank you.

Here is what else happened when I put out the call for help to my team:

  • My next surgeon was eating with my boss in the doctors dining room. My boss called the OR and told me to come and eat.
  • As I walked I was overcome with sadness, and just sat, and stared.
  • The nurse who is the only one that visited me twice when I had surgery and was in the hospital walked by, and shared her concern. Then the whole story came out. She advised me to ask a colleague to let me go home. (someone left before me instead of relieving me--I had rights to go home first)
  • The hospital chef walked by, and saw my distress
  • The charge nurse in the O.R. walked by, and had me call the afternoon charge nurse. (there wasn't anything she could do, but to explain the situation and my distress helped)
  • I walked to the doctors dining room, and got salad.
  • My next surgeon ate a dessert so as not to rush me with my salad, and reassured me to take my time.
  • We walked together to the case.
  • My boss said someone was coming in from home to relieve me, so I would not have to do four cases. (I did two)
  • Someone else came and told me to go to sleep.
  • I went to see my friends and eat high vibration Living Food.
  • Ito gave me the 360J healing oil that was specially made for my feelings of abandonment from God and nana. It worked
  • I got home
  • I picked up my son, who is also grieving, and took him to his favorite restaurant
  • The owner was there, and cheered us both up, and reassured us nana is in a better place.

Next time you are at the end of your rope, be sure to ask for ALL DIVINE ASSISTANCE!

The results will impress you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. In the blood flow to the heart, when there is blockage, part of the heart muscle dies. But there is area around it that is 'hibernating' and when blood supply is returned, the scar is less--it heals. A lot of this blood flow is from new smaller blood vessels that grow and bring nourishment to the hibernating heart. With the loss of my nana Angelina, the biggest supply of Love to my energy Heart was cut off, and I was suffering in agony over the loss of this source of Life to my soul. Every kindness, every patience, every blessing, every prayer, has given me the Love I need as 'collateral vessels'. As I heal, my aura will scar where nana's connection used to be, but it will be smaller because of your amazing outreach of kindness and Love to my soul. Mahalo nui loa, to my ohana, for helping me through this difficult time. I also thank Spirit, Sensei Usui, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, and Faeries for their help from beyond. I feel it, like I do my ohana here incarnated on Gaia, and it makes an incredible difference in my days…

What The Aion Portal Means To Me 11.23.2013

In eight hours and thirty-three minutes from now, an important energy connection in the Universe is going to open with Gaia and her people.

A pair of Twin Flames, Aion and Iona, are coming to assist all of us in our awakening.

They are 11D.

This is the first time 11D anything is going to reach 3D--a physical planet.

There are some things I can't exactly explain--since Gaia and most of her life forms aside from Human are 5D at present…and all of Agartha including the Agarthans inside of Her are 5D…then then only 3D that is actually alive is in the hearts of some of the humans.

My heart, for better or worse, is decidedly 5D.

What do I mean by all of these 'Dimensions'?

It has to do with the Vibrational Frequency or 'Awareness' of the Consciousness and how it 'connects' to your physical, mental, emotional, astral and etheric bodies.

Therefore, we can expect a big 'step up' in connection to Source, to our Higher Selves, and to Each Other as a result of this portal opening.

Who is Cobra? Cobra is a code-name for an individual who has spent thirty or more years working for the Liberation of the Planet. Although Earth is beautiful from space, there is a quarantine on the planet and her inhabitants. It is a long story, but it has to do with the Galactic 'caretakers' or 'the Anunaki' who were given a contract to watch over Her people and guide them. The Anunaki exploited both Gaia and her inhabitants--not just the people but the plant life and the animal life too. The organizations the Anunaki established are being rendered ineffective, harmless, and their 'team' of 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' are being escorted out of the place! (Some Anunaki changed heart and now are working for the Light, so if you ever see one, make sure you know what kind it is.)

Cobra is Pleiadian. That's right, his spirit comes from another place where life is in the Universe. A planet of advanced technology who cares about our situation here in quarantine on Gaia.

There are many beings from other places who offer us their Love and Assistance at this time. In fact, all the eyes of the Galaxy and Universe are on our planet--this is the first time a planet and everything on it has made a significant jump up in energy level (Vibration) at the same time without a massive dying off of Life!

Cobra, like many others who are here to assist (there are 144,000 to be exact), has Galactic origin but still is human in body. He eats, he sleeps, he uses the restroom, he has emotions just like me and you. However, he speaks many different languages, including Pleiadian, which I have heard him talk, is telepathic, and has access to the best Intel both on and off the planet about the Resistance Movement.

Today, Cobra is assisting Gaia by doing Lightwork with a small group of people from the Resistance movement in Firenze (Florence), Italy. This location was the birthplace of the Renaissance that happened after the Dark Ages.

What can you do about the energies of the planet?

You can join in with the worldwide meditation for peace. You can do this with others or alone, just watching a YouTube video. Your mental energy will add to the welcoming of Aion and Iona's energy; since you are connected to others energetically around you, this meditation will help to 'step down' the incoming High Vibrational Energy to one that is more 'easy to digest' for those in your life around you.

Even the barista at your local coffee shop will benefit from your having connected to these energies--all you have to do is be the same, but your Heart and Consciousness will touch everyone you meet in ways only their Heart and Consciousness 'understand', and will make the 'waking up' process easier for them, too.

Although this is not Florence, but Venice, in the picture, I am a water-based soul who, like this gondolier, 'takes people' back and forth through the energies. I make it as pleasant and gentle as a gondolier 'drives the boat'.

For me, the portal opening is another way to help you through the Ascension Process.

And many of you are actually strong healers and guides who are 'sleepers', who have powerful assignments in the task of assisting Gaia and Her people and animals and plants through this transition--only you don't know it yet!

I am a Healer for the Healers.

And here are the links for you:

Well, now it opens in eight hours. I'd better stop now. Be sure to relax, to connect to Gaia and to Source, to ground your energy, to drink plenty of cool, fresh water, and to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

This is NOT the Event, only a 'sneak preview'. 

And many changes will happen, after this portal, on an energy level what will grow over time, just like the first Renaissance spread across the globe…so long ago…

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Buddha Has Motion: (((( LOVE ))))

I am here.
I want to talk to you about something that has been on my mind for quite some time: how to get through to you that I wish to speak about something very important--I Am Alive.

I am not dead.
I am not a statue.
I am making love with Life every single minute!

I smile.
I joke.
I comfort.

I wince.
I pray for something to get better when I see it from where I am--something that affects all of you.
(he touches his heart with both hands)

I am walking in this statue:

But really, am I? Am I walking or in a pose that resembles walking?
I do not go off my pedestal.

And that is where I live in all of your hearts.
Your minds (touches his forehead) have come to expect it: Buddha sits!
(Just like when we sit and meditate…)

That is not true.
I am alive but in body form that is 'somewhat different'.
That makes me no less 'alive' than you.

(taps his right temple with his right forefinger)
I have my consciousness, same as you.
I have my choices that I make through time.

(Reiki Doc--He asks me to describe how he looks when I see him with my mind's eye:

  • he has color of his skin, flesh color, with good blush in cheeks of health
  • he is taller than I would expect, and of slight build
  • his face is smooth and somewhat like this, but never rigid or flat, there is always expression)

Although I am from the Far East, I do not always stay there.
Sometimes I like to see Italy, with my eyes, like a tourist.
Italy is beautiful this time of year:

Can the Buddha go to Italy for a visit?
Or shall I stay on my pedestal, wrapped in gold, never moving, being the object of some worship?

I speak as You, in One.

Ponder this.

(this message from the Buddha has been channeled by Reiki Doc. All rights reserved. Permission given to share in this exact same form and wording and images.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Happy Trails Sign For Reiki Masters

rotate this image ninety degrees counterclockwise

Many have expressed interest in The Transition Symbol.

I have held back in before because of three reasons:
  • This handout is intellectual property of my teacher Anne Reith, PhD. She allows her Reiki Masters to use her materials as long as full credit is given.
  • This is a symbol for Reiki III and above, and Advanced Reiki Technique in the Western Tradition. Only Reiki Masters may attune themselves to this symbol before attuning their students. In my opinion Reiki symbols are best kept respected and not published.
  • It's my favorite symbol, and I want others to treat it with reverence and love the way I do.

Transition symbol is typically given in grave clinical situations where the prognosis is poor. I also have adapted it to childbirth. Every c-section or delivery where I am present, the newborn is given this symbol (to their Guardian Angel of course to allow for 'permission' etc.) to make the Transition IN to this world easier too.

I also give it in some of my Reiki treatments, to help at the time of death, which may be some time away. Get it once, and you are all protected!

I do it a little bit different from the way I was taught. I say, 'unconditional love' instead of 'universal love'. It just happened that way and it 'stuck'. 

To help because it's got a little complicated stuff going on, later I will make a video to guide you.

Well, after many failed attempts, and delays, I made it. 

I checked with Spirit very much over this. I think there needed to be a delay until today for it to be allowed on the internet.

There is special dispensation for this symbol, today, and I have given an attunement to those who wish to take it as they watch the video. For those who choose, this symbol will work. It is the intent more than anything, however, if you do ask your Reiki Teacher to attune themselves and then to attune you before you use it, it will introduce them to the symbol, and more people will be taught this than if you kept it only for you.

Please read about Reiki--even 'Reiki For Dummies' which ironically is actually a really good book, to begin your Reiki Journey if the concept is new to you.  If you have been following this blog, you are well on your way to your Healing path. <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

360 Joules: Anatomy Of Grief

Drawing by Sara Michelle Blakeley

The etheric cord that connects me to my guardian, my godmother and grandmother, Nana Angelina, has been transformed by her death. The physical connection is imbalanced, as she is not in her body any more.

As a result,   my soul and energy system is hemorrhaging energy. 

The aura closes down to protect, just as the blood vessels and the clotting cascade do in actual physical injury.

I am in shock. In my soul, there has been an energy disruption, an imbalance that is a 'body hit' if you will, and my energy system is reeling.

There are the memories that come up, for example, something she loved. And I cry.

There is the need to be alone, in nature. I went to the beach this morning. When I saw a pod of dolphins as I prepared to go, I knew they had been sent.

This is the part that no one ever gets to see in my practice of medicine--how once things are 'safe' and 'done' how I fall apart at home. I cry when one of my patients dies. It really upsets me. Plus every fiber of norepinephrine in my nervous system has been 'drained', and I am shaken from the sudden emergency in the O.R. It will take one day for those 'reserved' of 'adrenaline-type neurotransmitters in my peripheral nervous system' to replenish. I am 'done'.

With Nana, I had the mental, the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual 'perfect storm'.

What did I do about it? 

I saw my gay boyfriend Ed. He feels the same about his grandmother Delia, who passed three years ago. She was his rock, she raised him, she was his foundation. 

Ed nurtured me. He works in hospice too. He said my Presence was the nicest gift I could give her.

Next, I went to the RAW vegan restaurant where I am loved and cared about, and set about to jack my vibration way the heck UP. It's the only way to deal with these situations. I took in water, tea and soup to help assimilate the energies that are disrupted from my loss.

The music was wonderful. I don't understand how it is always perfect, when it is satellite radio restaurant station or whatever…I heard La Vie En Rose, such a lovely mix of it, and French sounding music that made me feel like I was 'home' in the French Countryside again. And the food!

But when I spoke with my friends who work there, I fell apart. First it was the concern from the owner's daughter. Next it was the pretty flowers on the plate with the chocolates.  And last it was my friend Chef Ito. In the presence of such calm, I was my core self again. The words tripped out as I tried to explain through the tears what happened. He listened. And he said, 'I have something for you.'

Let me explain:
  • my energy was not in a healthy 'rhythm'. I will make an example using electricity in the heart, or EKG.
  • Normal sinus rhythm has that shape you see all the time, little bump (p wave), line, big UP DOWN UP (QRS complex), line, then little bump (T wave). 
  • When my energy is 'right' it 'flows' like a healthy EKG 'flows' in its own way.
  • Sometimes the electricity travels through the heart 'funny'--it drops a beat, it gets irregular, too fast, too slow…
  • Most of the time those are 'compatible with life'.
  • The bad one is a bunch of wiggly lines, with no organized 'beat'. This is Ventricular Fibrillation.
  • Here is a primer--from an ER doc--on ACLS if you want to 'see' the rhythm. It's on page 7
  • The heart that is fibrillating looks like it is filled with wiggling worms.
  • There is no cure for V Fib except electricity. Lots of it. If you don't want to mess around, you charge up the paddles to 360 joules, for an 'unsynchonized mono phasic shock' to 'restart the heart' (this is old-school! current technology is 'biphasic' shock that uses less electricity)
  • This amount of electricity for defibrillation will lift the patient about six inches off the bed
  • It would also kill anybody touching the patient and set fire to the oxygen (we turn O2 off  in preparation for the shock).
This oil I was given was applied to my third eye--I was instructed to put it there.

I didn't know it but it was spiritual 'electricity' for someone who was in 'soul fibrillation'. Warm connection to source like I have never felt washed over my entire being, on all levels. I was calm and still. I don't need to know what it was or how it worked: I felt it.

I got back in 'rhythm' with my soul: the emotional storm cleared and I had clarity again.

I am to put it on every time I cry.  

It doesn't have a name and it's not from a single essential oil.

That's why I am naming it 360J.

We are coming to a time in healing where the 'subtle energies' that are not measurable with a device but are 'felt' and are 'quantum mechanics level' are going to be involved in the healing process. 

Healing will be done with Light (both visible and higher frequency) and sound.

In time, my aura will form a 'callus' and heal. And I will have Nana's memories to sustain me.  All in all I accept it was her time and I am happy for her. But I was a child with her, and remember her warmth and kindness, nurturing and encouragement, her understanding, and her heart connection to my own heart that beats in my chest. I miss it. I have a right to miss it. We are of the same flesh and blood...

Until then, I surrender to the emotions of grief as best as I can. My soul knows what it is doing to heal. 

But when I get hopeless and feel like an orphan because my Spiritual Guardian is not connected to me in the physical?

I take out the little bottle of 360J. 

Thank you Ito. 

Thank you Nana Angelina for the pod of dolphins, and for the glorious sunset. Thank you God and Goddess for the compassion that has been generously shared with me online and in person. The outpouring of love is helping me adjust to the shock of this loss. Your caring touches me deeply, and supports my heart. 

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

My Work With Nana Angelina: The Debriefing

Happy Birthday Nana. Today would have been your ninetieth birthday, but yesterday was your birthday in Heaven.

My niece Lauren was so sweet she made a birthday card and changed the day to yesterday so nana 'officially' made it to ninety. I placed that note in her hand, as my niece was too scared to come see the body.

Nana had a good death.

In medicine, there are 'good' ways to die that are relatively painless and easier on the body--nana had renal failure and sepsis (overwhelming infection). Lung disease deaths are one of the more uncomfortable ways to go. Cancer is in-between. I highly recommend hospice, especially 'bedside' hospice during the actively dying process. Hospice is helpful to prepare in advance, and also Death Midwivery is a new field of compassion to assist in this part of the circle of Life.

How I Helped Nana In The Physical:
I am a doctor. I've seen death many times before. I cleared my schedule on Saturday, and spent all day with my doctor's eyes and ears evaluating her. Early dying had begun. I agreed with hospice consultation, and spoke at length with the nurse about the psychosocial issues in the family unit (they are complex) and coordinated all of the needs for Nana.

I also gave comfort by doing cooling measures for the fever, touching nana's hair (she liked my stroking her head gently), and wetting her mouth and lips. I rubbed lotion on her, and sang her the very same lullabies she had once sung to me. They are Sicilian, and have a space at the end for the name of the baby. I added the names of every family member as I sang chorus after chorus of the song. She smiled, and her eyebrows raised and moved with interest, as each person's name came up.

After nana passed, I straightened up the gown and sheets, combed her hair, and placed her hands on the covers in a natural position. I closed her mouth, but the wrinkles looked unnatural, and decided for her to keep it open for the family. I also took the nasal cannula oxygen off.

How I helped Nana in The Mental:
Nana clearly did not know she was dying. She was confused at the start because she was hungry and feeling awful. The bulk of the work I did on her behalf was being next to her, not leaving, and reassuring her every time she woke up that I was there and it was going to be okay and she was going to feel better.

I also explained every treatment that was given, and why. She had once wanted to be a schoolteacher, but was never allowed to complete her education past the sixth grade. A lot of my intelligence comes from her, and I respected her ability to understand. Although her memory was not functioning due to her Alzheimer's, she was 'in there' till the very end, and I spoke to her as such.

How I helped Nana in The Emotional:
Our family is dysfunctional. Let me make that with capital letters--DYSFUNCTIONAL. I won't go into the story, but I will let you know I actively made sure she was exposed to a minimum of discomfort from people in the family who could not step aside enough to put her needs first. With diplomacy and tact, I gently invited others to 'take a rest' and 'come back later'. This was fair because no one knew how long it would take, although the nurses said, 'soon'.

When she lost her gag reflex as I was suctioning her, I texted my sister and let her know nana was unconscious (just like in the O.R.) We arranged a time for her to come back.

I also let nana know what time I had to leave for work, and that she wouldn't be alone after, more were coming. I let her pick the time to 'go' herself; I left briefly to use the restroom, and I hoped she wouldn't take the time then to 'pass'. Thankfully, she was still breathing when I came back.

How I helped Nana in the Spiritual:
My sister agreed to The Last Rites. I was surprised at how much it moved me while the priest was giving them. I filmed it. (I actually took many photos, which will mean so much to me after she is buried. The ones I have of dad comfort me to this day...)

I also gave Reiki. Nana was catholic turned jihovaah wittnes (they routinely check the internet, and that's why I mis-spelled it. I don't want a comment from an official member. Not here.) So I put it in the water for her washclothes I used to cool her. Just so she could 'soak it up' but 'not get a huge dose' and keep the permission thing okay.

How I helped Nana in The Angelic Plane:
Let me be candid--there are a lot of things I do in Spirit that might not 'match' the human 'job description'.

  • early on I negotiated with Blessed Mother and my Twin Flame for an easy Transition
  • I met nana's guardian angel, Ahrene, and spoke with her
  • I kept the energy in the room UP and filled with peace and love with my presence
  • This 'held the space' for nana to do what she needed to do in her own way
  • I left my body with her, and held her hand as her excitement got her into the white tunnel to Heaven. (I could see her recognize family members over the shoulders of Blessed Mother and Nannu Filippo).
  • I kept quiet, and present, as she met Jesus Christ, who was waiting for her.
  • I let her know who I really am, when asked by Jesus and Mother Mary, to show her
  • I comforted her that it was still me. (She looked puzzled and said, 'all those times I took care of you and fed you, I was taking care of THIS? And I never knew?'. I turned back to my present form and smiled with love in my heart and said, 'yes'. Then I dropped to my knees filled with love and gratitude for her loving service to me, and to the cause--the Liberation Of The Planet, the Resistance. I do not know what I am--I have the amnesia--but I do know I have a light body that glows. Jesus and Mary did not glow last night, I don't think I have ever seen them glow. They are Ascended Masters plus other higher things I don't understand.)
  • We arranged meeting opportunities between us from here on out. (This morning she woke me up and said, 'Grazie'. She looks like she did last night, about forty to fifty years, in the fashion she wore back then. Her hair is long and has a wave, and there is one barrette on the left that is gold.) 
  • I let her go with Love and a beautiful pink/purple orchid lei to Heaven. She had never been to Hawaii, but she should have gone because she would have loved it. That was my spiritual 'gift' to her. 

People do not 'find their way to Heaven'. 

There is ALWAYS an angel present before, during, and after to guide them the entire way. 

Sometimes there are many angels, and they work together for the benefit of the soul.

Souls that do not make it to the Light decline the help of the angels who are sent to guide them.  Each has their reason, and the angel can only stay and wait for the soul rejecting them to change their mind.

Because of the energy difference in Vibration between here and Heaven, that is why Divine Assistance is needed. Once the angel is with the soul, the passage is easy, like riding on an elevator, and the transition is complete.

Aloha and Mahalos,
With much appreciation for your healing love for both of us, Nana and me, the last days,

Reiki Doc