Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Your Energy Body And The Ascension Process: What To Expect

Your body that lets you touch, taste, see, hear, and feel, is your Physical Body.

You have more bodies. You inhabit them all at the same time. And they are superimposed.

Ever heard of your 'aura'? Of course you have! You may call it 'picking up a vibe' when you get a sensation/knowing from somebody else's aura when they come in proximity to your own.

That is your Energy Body, so to speak. (There are others, but let's talk about them later--what is important is that the others can't be seen as well).

Would you like to FEEL your energy body? Just do this:

  • rub your hands together a little
  • take them apart, past shoulder width
  • hold them palms facing each other, fingers up
  • slowly move them gently toward one another
  • when you get to a point where you feel a 'resistance' between them, that it your aura!

Gaia is undergoing some energy shifts right now. They may affect you. You might feel tingling or buzzing in your body. Or sudden sleepiness. Confusion, lack of motivation…perhaps a sensation of pressure…

Here are some things that I know are going on. Let me explain them for you, like a good doctor!

As we 'ascend' (this is the word for the vibration of every molecule in our body going 'faster' and 'speeding up' without gaining 'heat'--it has to do with subtle energies that are more quantum in nature and difficult to measure without a linear accelerator or cyclotron or other large equipment) or bodies absorb the energy, assimilate them, and then adapt.

This is the exact same phenomenon with Reiki Attunements--the energy on this 'scale' in the 'energy body' steps up.

As it was explained to me a while ago, there are many 'levels' of ascension--everyone will, but some will go higher and perhaps have a simpler adaptation to it. Reiki practitioners are already used to the experience and will be useful to explain this to the others who are new to the entire process.

Those who have done a lot of clearing in the past year or two will have a smooth ride, and arrive 'First Class' to the destination (energy level called 5D where Gaia, the plants, and animals already ARE--they upgraded in 2012). 

Those who are energy workers like an experienced Reiki-attuned Kundalini Yoga instructor who recently contacted me, are going to 'know something is up' but not be sure what to make of it. She felt a global 'jolt' but is not 'all that sure energetically' what is happening with Gaia and wanted to 'check'.
For her this energy felt like FEAR. There was a blog post I read this week that said, 'Expect fear, expect fear, expect fear'. I thought it was disinformation, and opted not to repost it on my social media site. (I have sources who have been training me to detect 'disinfo'--they are very active in the Liberation of the Planet at this time, and have been for more than my adult lifetime.)

How do you explain 'FEAR' when you know that some people are going to experience 'smooth sailing' and others are not during the ascension process? As this reader said, 'it feels snobby' the way I described it as flying first class (whether the effort was extended consciously or not these individuals spiritually are 'almost there' already and it's not a huge impact on their energy body), coach (people who  for some reason unknown but to Source, are not exactly 'almost there' in any way shape or form but through Divine Dispensation are going to ascend anyways with the rest of the inhabitants of Gaia) and business class (for some reason 'in between' in their experience of symptoms for whatever reason that is to do with the amount of 'course study' undertaken by the soul through its multiple total life experiences.)

Therefore I come to this 'notion', and it is 'just me' and 'nobody else is saying it but my intuition and 'gut': 

  • There are certain attachments and implants and mind control 'things' put out by those who control the banks and the media--sort of like GMO and High Fructose Corn Syrup of the Energy realms. I don't think those things are going to come off without some effect on the host organism. Imagine them like 'ticks' that have been sucking the life force out of you and have to come off.

There is NO judgement whatsoever, but just like in a walk in the forest, there are things out there like 'ticks' that for some reason 'stick on'.

This woman was experiencing bouts of FEAR from nowhere! I think it was a 'last ditch desperate move energy impulse by the DYING cabal' that was sent in to those 'attachments thingies'  as the decisive victory was made early this week. (I can't tell you how I know, just know it's Intel from a good source)
To make this process of Energy Ascension more comfortable for You, just ground to Gaia, drink plenty of pure water, and eat 'light' and organic and healthy. Think of it as having a 'real good Reiki cleanse' that goes along with your attunement!  

The focus of this article is to awaken you enough to be looking out with compassion for our brothers and sisters, who through no fault of their own, are totally 'asleep' by the 'herd-instinct protocols' that have been placed on them by 'those who do not have our best interest at heart'. These energy bodies are going to have deeper penetration of the 'attach mechanisms' and are less prepared to understand what is happening to them. Like sailing on choppy seas, they too will arrive at their destination but with less 'frills' and 'comfort', and possibly a little more 'shaken up'. 

It is our duty as Light workers to steady ourselves, first. Then as Healers, to step in and assist those who are really have a rough time with the changes that are for the better in the long term, but somewhat 'surprising' to them now.

Some of you are going to feel like you are in a fog. No energy. You can't think. You can barely function. Even coffee doesn't help.

This is normal and expected: you are being unplugged from the Matrix (3D) and being plugged in to the energies of the 5D 'grids'.

This recently happened to some friends of mine who underwent implant removal by request. This response was seen by one who had an implant at the base of the brain that was controlling his thoughts to always register 'drink, drink, you are stupid, you are a loser, you are scum'. This individual is a scientist from the times of Atlantis, who came back to do important things, and has been under psychic attack and spiritual control of his energy body this entire incarnation of over fifty years. And after the implant was removed, thirty-five years of active alcoholism VANISHED with not a desire to drink. But the process of 'unplugging' left him virtually 'stunned and incapacitated' for about a week.
All he could do was lie on the couch and 'get by' as best as he could. He even baked cookies!
(how sweet is that? he loves to bake!)

If this is happening to you, give it time. Spend time in Nature. Don't read news or watch T.V. Embrace 5D and think of it like a 'cleanse' too.

At one point, the fog will clear and you will arrive at your 'destination'.

What should you do?

Think of it like the houses that put up their Christmas Lights in the neighborhood at the holidays. Everyone does it when they have the time and the resources to do so.

Do you have to decorate your neighbor's house down the block? (assist in raising their vibration).

No . Not at all. Just shine your beautiful Light Display and everyone will notice the joy and spirit of your 'home'.

Then they will think, 'I want to decorate my home with the beautiful lights too' and their Higher Self or 'Consciousness' will decide to 'accept' the 'package' of the new Higher Energies that is waiting for them. It has already arrived! Think of it like a package on the front porch. First they have to open the door, look at it, see it is for them, and open it. Then decide to use it now or put it away for when they are 'ready'.

Here is my house--just kidding!

Enjoy the beauty as the Event approaches. It will be sudden and unmistakeable. But until then, every 'house' is going to get the chance to 'decorate' with Light of the Higher Vibrations (or the Galactic Central Sun, if you wish to call it properly by its name.) at the perfect time for them.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc