Saturday, November 30, 2013

The 'Closed Heart'--A Lesson In Duality and The Higher Dimensions

This is a story of observation.

There is no right, and there is no wrong.

This is looking at a death in the family through higher dimensional 'eyes'…

Our matriarch breathed her last.
I, who was very close to her, was present in the room.
I am comfortable with death because I am a doctor.

I was glad we were alone.
There was peace, a mixture of joy and sadness at the finality of the 'goodbye'
She had lived a good life, and spent years suffering from the ravages of dementia.

Yesterday was the viewing.
No one was invited but the closest.
She looked beautiful in her pink casket with pink rose sprays and a pink rose heart arrangement.

I wanted to see her One Last Time
The hands that helped raise me
And pay respect to the Heart that guided me throughout my whole life.

I was safe with her
And loved
Very much so

In the room, was another, who was there by duty as much as by free choice
It was better that this one was present, another decided not to even go.
'You were a good mother' this one said to the corpse.

The eyes were dry but the voice cracked a bit.
This one brought treasures to put in the casket
A favorite sweater, a robe, jewelry, a watch

I didn't bring anything
Except my Awareness
Memories washed over me of all the good that has passed, the kindness, the lessons; quickly I was transported to the place of No Time, of Silence, of Gratitude and Heart.

That is the Higher Dimensions.
But I kept being 'yanked' back into Duality
By the one who has 'cried all their tears' and brought the treasures.

This one was anywhere but here and now!
Old hurts brought up against others--the inheritance denied, the savings spent by a careless one, memories of pain, shame, and unhappiness.

None of these had anything to do with the deceased!
There was talk of who would come to the funeral, what time the meal after…
No matter how I tried to distance myself and get back to 'that space of Timelessness'--I was not allowed to return.

I left my hand on the shoulder of the one who had passed, feeling the cold, taking in the Presence.
And I opened my heart in Love to The One That Does Not Understand.
Left behind by parents and husband, perhaps the pain was too deep to fathom?

Or perhaps the knowledge that 'my turn awaits'?
There is Life, the endless busy rushing of the living.
And the Divine which encompasses us all.

Where is your Heart?
And what is its dimension?
No matter where it is…will you open it?

Just a little more, to allow Light to bathe every cell in your body,
Every thought, every emotion, every hope, every pain.
You are Light-That-Walks-Around-On-Two-Feet!

Always remember this.
My lesson from grandmother
Is the beauty and softness of a heart that is opened by pain.

By joy and sweet surrender
To Lessons that Life does bring
Not judging, not worrying…

Staying open to the Light
Through the Heart
To 'Connect' to something that connects us all.

And to share this Light with those who are too tired to grieve,
Too stressed to Open.
Fully present, Here and Now, I Hold the Space for Others to awaken…

In my family
my work
my home.

And also on this page.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc