Thursday, November 7, 2013

Plug Yourself In To The New Grid

Good Morning Dear Ones!

It is time to connect your energy to the new crystalline 'matrix' or 'grid'.

The old one is fast dissolving away. This is the grid or 'matrix' of Duality, of third dimensionality, of 'us versus them'. There is not energy to support it.

Without your realizing it, a new grid has been being built up for almost a year now. I have placed many a vortex as guided by Spirit to assist in this process. It is part of my Light work, but not all of it. <3

The grid came 'on go-live' about a week or two ago.

Now, if you would like, there is a meditation to help you 'plug in'. It has a beautiful name, 'The Golden Dolphin and Whale Meditation'. It is channeled by Anna Melchizidek.

To help you further, I have this image of the new Chakra that is called 'The Well Of Dreams'. Please know the occipital area of the brain and head is that low part that 'sticks out' in the back of the head. This is where all perception of vision takes place. Even if the light from your eyes focused perfectly into the retina, and a signal was transmitted through the optic nerves to the visual cortex in the occiput, if it was not functioning properly, you would not 'see'. In fact, a sharp enough blow to the back of the head can render a person blind forever by ruining this important part of the brain!

In a way, in Duality, we have had that 'blindness' when it comes to the Higher Dimensions and Multidimensionality. I call it 'the amnesia' but perhaps a better term for it would be 'lack of multidimensional ability to see'.

Here is an image to help you focus on the Well Of Dreams Chakra that is new:

Here is the Golden Dolphin and Whale Meditation--read her article, and when you get to the 'I' parts, read all of that part aloud. (I wasn't sure when to stop reading aloud, but after a couple 'you's at the end, I stopped. The ending isn't that clear.):

This is a summary of how the new chakras 'stack up'

In our training there is a 6 1/2--a pink chakra at the manubrium (just under the sternal notch), and the silver 'disco ball' stacks above the white crown chakra. Above that is the gold 'disco ball' chakra. They don't make a triangle like this picture. So for those in my training, the only one that is new is number 8.

Lady Isis has also said that the bottom four ones will fuse into one Golden Crystalline one that is higher up. I saw a picture but didn't get a chance to copy it. You might wish to look that one up.

One last thing to say--this is your Light Body and your Higher Functioning. It Works!

Imagine your mind from this time forward as a 'Loaded Ray Gun Of Instant Manifestation'

Although it might seem more like 'old school oatmeal on the stovetop' instead of 'instant' to you at this moment, you have the ability to 'create' and although it might be like 'baby steps' for you right now, it is the Real Deal and there are no 'Training Wheels'.

So here's an example to keep in mind:

Luck Transfusions
Then there are those times when we feel that we need a miracle, or a lucky break, or even just a parking spot! During times like these, take a moment to notice what your inner dialogue is. If it's, 'Oh no, I can't find a spot, I can't find a spot,' or 'Not again! Why can't I get what I want just this one time?' you're not putting your magical abilities to work for you. Instead, how about conjuring up the feeling that you already have exactly the item or break or miracle that you're wishing for? Breath into the feeling and feel gratitude that it is already a part of your life experience. You might even say, 'Thank you Goddess for my perfect parking spot!' or 'Thank you so much for my beautiful new apartment! I love it so much!'  Staying Positive, by Tess Whitehurst, page 19, Llewellyn's Witches Datebook 2013

This is one way to look at it. You can say, 'Thank you Jesus for my parking spot!', 'Thank you Buddha for my new apartment!', or anything else. Personally, I ask my Nannu Filippo to help me find a parking spot. He likes to help from The Other Side, and I always know it is him because when I ask and he helps he always makes TWO side by side parking spots open up! Once he did THREE!

Whether you call it 'magic' or 'the Holy Spirit' or 'luck', your ability to manifest has been upgraded and supercharged by the incoming energies from Source over the past year.

Conversely, because of the 'active nature' of your ability to manifest, be on 'watch' constantly for negative thoughts. They might arise from time to time, but instead of watering them and giving them fertilizer in the 'garden of your mind', think of them as tiny weeds and simply pluck them out as soon as you notice them.

Think of St Germain as your gardener who is holding a big garden trash bag and put it inside as he holds it open for you. Know that they will be used for 'compost' or 'something useful' and don't worry about the old negative idea that popped in to your head any more. Think about what you would like to have happen and envision and empower THAT new thought instead.

Is this clear? I am afraid I am like 'talking doctor talk' except in Spiritual 'talk', and I wish to make sure everything is clear enough for the 'lay person' who is New to Spirit. This article will help them most, although everyone is welcome to learn from it, even the advanced Light worker!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc