Wednesday, November 6, 2013

An Open Letter To My Father


I miss you. It's been four years already since you Transitioned. I want you and everybody to know then once you are in 5D you can't help but love everybody! Even though there were some parts of your character where we disagreed when you were alive, after you passed, through very kind and Light-based Medium Tim Braun, we were able to make peace.

Remember the first time I went to Tim you were so afraid you sent you mom and your sister instead? They were nice. Even your dad came, but he said, 'I never really knew her that well' about me.

The second time, you were on your knees begging for my forgiveness. You explained everything, not that I needed a full confession because I already knew. It helped clear the air between us. And I have been able to keep loving you as my father, my teacher, and my guide in Heaven ever since that hour we spent with Tim.

Daddy, today I caught the rat that was sneaking in the cupboard upstairs! (we live in a very wooded area, and all the homes in Southern California, wooded or not, get them in the back yard. Sometimes they find their way in the house.)

Rat actually taught me a valuable lesson in what I have to clear out that was stagnant in my home. I threw all of the contents of the cupboard away. I actually felt compassion for it because it had been so hungry it had resorted to eating soap…

But the noise of it crawling inside, the risk of a 'family' of them, and the absolute dread of them by my son made me strong and do what was asked of me.

I remembered everything you shared--thankfully you were born the year of Rat and taught me how to think like one! That is the most important step.

Then I found the old trap that had females die in it. I baited it with nut butter like you taught me. I set it so if it came from either direction it would get caught. I made room for the trap to swing free and clear. It only took two nights. I found it when I came home from work today.

Thank you for always empowering me to believe I could do anything. Even something so icky and unpleasant but useful as protecting the home from rats.

Daddy, I don't know how to say it, but without you our world is not right. Mom is so lonely. Our get-togethers are 'missing something'. I know you were miserable on that oxygen, and ready to go. And I gave you my blessing to go to Heaven!

I hope it doesn't make you sad that I miss you. It's not often that I do. I just wish I could have called you on the phone tonight to let you share the joy and excitement of catching it like I always used to do.

I send you lots of love Dad. I hope you are feeling it.

Thank you for allowing me to share this so other people who might have had stress in their family at one time or another will have confidence that love is the only thing that matters, no matter what, and that is all that is left through the passage of time.

Five D is awesome, Daddy.

I wish you could be here to feel it. I am happy and calm and there is this lasting joy that I never had before. I trust and 'let go' like I had only dreamed would be possible. Today, for the first time, I didn't feel 'out of place' like I have felt ever since I was born. I felt 'connected' to something greater than myself, to Unconditional Love, and Patience and all the fruits of Spirit right in my heart!!!

Today was a big day, Dad. I know you would feel proud at my accomplishments.

Until I can hug you again, I send you my best.

Your eldest daughter,