Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nothing To Hide

You may have noticed in this blog that I am candid, and very open, in everything.

Why is this?

Because in 5D, which all of us are now officially 'in', our auras are perceptible. They carry information. I read them in my patients, in people who comment online…I am able to 'pick things up' through my 'antennae' (which is really a fancy word for my aura), and through the process called 'claricognizance', I just 'know'.

Have you ever worked with people? Lots of people and gotten to know them and see what they are really like? The medical field and law enforcement come to mind. After a while, you see a pattern when you meet someone. For me it's a diabetic foot pattern, a cardiac patient pattern, even an iv drug abuser pattern. Their energy/personalities have a lot in common. They aren't all the same, but it 'clues me in'. This is especially true when I developed a 'gut sense' for who is saying the truth and who is lying.

Here is the good news!

All of you are getting an energy 'upgrade' that is there for you when you want it, and you will be able to experience this ability too now that everyone is in 5D!

Here is the not-so-good news:

Everyone else is going to have this ability too, at some point, so it will be harder to 'hide things' the way you might have in 3D…even the 'little white lie'.

Yes, my being open and direct about my perceptions and experiences is helping you get used to being in 5D!

And you thought I just love to share…well, to be honest, I do. As a teacher and guide, I will do anything, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G to make the transition easier for you, the smoothest 'ride' possible, into the Higher Realms.

Time to go. My Nana Angelina isn't doing so good right now. 
It's time to go be with her once the father drops our boy off back at the house.
His cousins will be with him at my sisters while I am with Nana.

A coworker is taking my OB call for the bulk of the day so I can spend time with family.
Doctors really are that nice to each other.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc