Monday, November 25, 2013

How Healing Flows: The Tales Of M And Em

I was in the O.R. working recently with a lady plastic surgeon I'll call 'M'.

By some coincidence, it turns out she finished the exact same general surgery program I started two years before I arrived as a categorical general surgery intern. We knew many of the same people, and 'caught up' on their lives. One was a Japanese woman who was 'the most up-beat, enthusiastic, and self-sacrificing person she has ever met in surgery'. I knew this woman. She was there when I arrived. Rumor has it that when a resident complained to this professor about the hours and how long they were, the attending said, 'If you want to go home every night at the same time, sell shoes.'

I enjoyed meeting M.

And as a surprise, M, a healer, by her questions and answers in our conversation, healed me. She asked about my fellowship. I said I did hearts. She was impressed (it's the hardest anesthesia there is). I also confided that I started the hearts program at my hospital…but don't do hearts there any more. The cardiac O.R. team was hostile to me,  there was no support--I was the only cardiac anesthesiologist-- and I did not perform well under the circumstances.

M was understanding. She said, 'If they are hostile, and don't appreciate your work, who would want to stay?'

In reality, if I had stayed in the program, I would never have had time to take Psychic Development Classes and eventually become who I am today.

It was a long day in the O.R. on call.

I  finished at dinner time, and went to my favorite restaurant to share my good fortune: I had a copy of a book I was a contributor to, and my name was in my very small chapter on Reiki.

My friends were excited as I shared.

One server, Em, came and I showed her the book. She asked if Amber had told me about her health problem? I said no.

Em wanted Reiki.

I am Amber's Reiki teacher. Once when I was speaking with Amber about Reiki, and giving a treatment, Em walked by and looked. I sensed she was not open to it, but because I didn't want her to feel 'left out' I offered her anyways. Em declined politely, and walked far away, FAST! This was in April or May.

I sat Em in a chair, and explained the basics:
  • I am a straw and connect to Universal Healing Energy.
  • It's going to flow out my hands and into your energy system
  • I won't touch you
  • It won't hurt
  • There are no side-effects
  • You might feel some warmth or tingling.
  • The healing will go exactly where it is needed to go.
  • Your body will 'soak up' or 'take' exactly what is needed for the healing and no more
  • I have healed a burn with my hand in the kitchen
  • Sometimes when you heal with Reiki like on a cut, it hurts worse for a bit then heals faster
  • How Mikao Usui discovered Reiki and all Reiki healing traces back to him
So I gave a treatment, sitting up. I felt a lot of energy flow. I also explained about the chakras, and used a pendulum to show how they are before and after cleansing and balancing them. Her throat chakra was the one that was in most need.

The injury was overuse from the gym. Usually Reiki is quiet, but this time I let Em talk. 

She got up and left after I encouraged her to watch for dreams and signs for the next forty-eight hours, and to drink lots of water to help assimilate the new energies from the healing.

Then I looked up, for some reason, up and to my right. And there, with my third eye, I 'saw' angels standing at the edge of a rim of clouds, jumping up and down, cheering, and pumping their fists in the air! I had felt them working with me, and apparently the healing 'took' in a big way.

Em felt better instantly; she had so much leg pain before she could barely walk.

Em told the entire kitchen she was 'Tripping Out' over the healing and how effective it was!

The next table had guests from Los Angeles there. One was a Reiki One practitioner. She saw me working on Em. She was curious. They asked for me to come to their table.

I met both S and R and shared the book and my blog. They wanted to take classes…

Another friend, Lien, came to eat with me at my table. There is addiction, terrible crystal meth addiction, in a friend of hers and the owner (who is also my friend--the owner, not the addict!). We spoke about options for healing addiction. The owner was ready to pay for rehab, for this addict who was sleeping in Lein's car (no room in apartment) for the time being…

I encouraged working on the addiction on Spirit side first. There are negative attachments to the aura that is weakened by drugs. And possibly implants, a negative spiritual technology that is used on the etheric body by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I shared how a friend's husband and Twin Flame overcame a twenty-plus year alcohol addiction, with no urge to drink. He has been sober for over sixty days.

Here are resources:
(Look up negative attachment removals; this one does not need consent and is done by distance--consent is obtained on a soul level)

(top left hand corner; this one needs consent of the person who is to be healed.)

Things are moving in the right direction.

The Portal was a pretty big thing!
11.23.2013 Aion Portal.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc