Monday, November 25, 2013

Attuning Non-Humans To Reiki

Attune the Eucalyptus trees in the back yard.

That's what Spirit said to me this morning.

I came home, and the trees said, 'let the hummingbird feeder be refilled first'.

I have attuned animals, but not plants, and this was a first.

As I held the hummingbird feeder in my hand, Spirit said, 'Attune the hummingbirds through this because they never hold still'.

I recall now this morning, a beautiful hummingbird with a red throat almost dive-bombed me, and drank from the feeder while I was extremely close. We were inches away, and it trusted me. Hummingbird had indeed approached me! (I also had a message from crow, who was recently attuned by Reiki Fur Babies, and felt it's Reiki this morning when I was out there, too.)

I wasn't sure how to do it. I hung the feeder back up. And then did the attunement, with the top as the 'head' and the middle as the 'chest' and the bottom as the 'legs'.

As I was almost finished, I discovered a stowaway in the attunement! Spider was hidden under the little 'roof'!

So I included him the the attunement…

'Ants! Ants! Be sure to attune the ants!' spider said.

I didn't see any ants.

'I'm sure there will be one 'stowaway!'' He insisted. So I attuned the ants, too.

Next came Eucalyptus. He was happy because he could help lots of people all over California and across Australia. (once one Eucalyptus is attuned, then all of them are attuned to Reiki energy).
Very kind, very patient, very gracious, Eucalyptus spirit is! Extremely considerate of the others, in a big way!*

But the other trees in the back were, well, a little jealous. Pine was the most. So I went to the one tree next to the house that drops its leaves but I don't know the name of, attuned it. Then Pine. It wanted to be 'ready for Christmas'. All pine trees have Reiki energy. Not 'fir' but pine. And last, Lime wanted to be 'in'. It wanted to have reiki in all the limes for the holiday drinks. So now Lime is attuned.

The faeries said, 'We will take care of the rest, they can wait'.

I took pictures of spider. It was very excited to have the ability to heal others, especially as a symbol of the Divine Feminine Energy on Gaia. It was patient and posed for photos, but the camera didn't take it right due to the bright sky. You will have to imagine spider under the roof of the hummingbird feeder waving to you with lots of joyfulness and patience and love!

I have to leave for an appointment in five minutes.

Love and Light,
Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. * attuning a plant--there is no head/chest/legs/back. Just one place. And the part with the hands? Use the tree 'spirit' hands.