Friday, November 29, 2013

You Are Consciousness ((( Big Hugs! )))

This article frightens me:

As a Reiki Master-Teacher, Blogger, and Physician, I have to speak up…

I won't say anything against my fellow Lightworker and channeller Anna Merkaba, who wrote this from her heart and Source and is sending it with the highest possible Loving Intention.

It needs 'Something To Add' to soften it to the masses, to the non-medical, and to the spiritually active readers too.

What Reiki Doc Has To Say:

So take articles like this in, and check if it 'resonates' with you before you 'take it to heart'.

You are Here and Now because you are a very strong Lightworker who made the 'cut' and 'earned the slot' to be here at this time of all the societal and spiritual changes on Gaia. You have probably 'woken up' many societies before.

You are eternal. You are Perfect. You are Light. Only with a huge case of amnesia! This is for you to be able to accomplish your Mission and your Purpose. And as you 'wake up', recall there are No Mistakes, only Lessons. 

You are Loved. By Creator. By Anna Merkaba. And By Reiki Doc. 

All of us write our own messages with Source to reach you. But when one 'is Super Important' for an Advanced Light Worker like Anna, and she naturally shares, don't feel bad if it is over your head!

You are perfect the way you are!

For me, since it was 'medical' enough for me to step in with 'something to add', I did. Out of love for Anna Merkaba (she can make her message more inclusive and less scary to the non-medical by diluting the message or linking to medical explanations), and love for YOUR dear hearts that are pleasing the Divine in EVERY WAY… the  desire to heal and be whole and one with the Divine is a very strong force of Life. As long as it feels 'right', go for it!!! Let go and trust in your Intuition!! You can do it!

And if this message reaches just one, and puts their heart at ease, writing this would have been enough. Dayenu. : ))) (It is one of my favorite sayings)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is one more article along the same lines: