Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Happy Trails Sign For Reiki Masters

rotate this image ninety degrees counterclockwise

Many have expressed interest in The Transition Symbol.

I have held back in before because of three reasons:
  • This handout is intellectual property of my teacher Anne Reith, PhD. She allows her Reiki Masters to use her materials as long as full credit is given.
  • This is a symbol for Reiki III and above, and Advanced Reiki Technique in the Western Tradition. Only Reiki Masters may attune themselves to this symbol before attuning their students. In my opinion Reiki symbols are best kept respected and not published.
  • It's my favorite symbol, and I want others to treat it with reverence and love the way I do.

Transition symbol is typically given in grave clinical situations where the prognosis is poor. I also have adapted it to childbirth. Every c-section or delivery where I am present, the newborn is given this symbol (to their Guardian Angel of course to allow for 'permission' etc.) to make the Transition IN to this world easier too.

I also give it in some of my Reiki treatments, to help at the time of death, which may be some time away. Get it once, and you are all protected!

I do it a little bit different from the way I was taught. I say, 'unconditional love' instead of 'universal love'. It just happened that way and it 'stuck'. 

To help because it's got a little complicated stuff going on, later I will make a video to guide you.

Well, after many failed attempts, and delays, I made it. 

I checked with Spirit very much over this. I think there needed to be a delay until today for it to be allowed on the internet.

There is special dispensation for this symbol, today, and I have given an attunement to those who wish to take it as they watch the video. For those who choose, this symbol will work. It is the intent more than anything, however, if you do ask your Reiki Teacher to attune themselves and then to attune you before you use it, it will introduce them to the symbol, and more people will be taught this than if you kept it only for you.

Please read about Reiki--even 'Reiki For Dummies' which ironically is actually a really good book, to begin your Reiki Journey if the concept is new to you.  If you have been following this blog, you are well on your way to your Healing path. <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc