Sunday, November 10, 2013

Feathering The Nest

Laguna Beach, California

Have you ever known a woman who was pregnant?

At the end there is a stage where she begins cleaning furiously. It is called 'nesting' and portends impending 'birth'.

We had a neighbor down the street who in her late term started cleaning the garage door and scrubbing furiously. She delivered in less than a week! : )))

Energy wise, I have noticed three abrupt shifts in my status quo:

  • Wanting to make Peace. I wrote the blog about Dad, I contacted others, even the Trash Man who asked me out and I avoided like crazy on trash day in our neighborhood--I showed him how much my kid has grown. He got out of the truck like old times, we talked,and we made peace.
  • Wanting to bond with my son at home.   I am not a homebody! I love to go out and enjoy the beach, take a hike, work in the yard. Today I let someone else use my ticket to see Evita. I just need to be here, in the house, and quietly spend the day caring for my son. This is like making sure we are 'ready' for 'what comes next' and making sure I do everything I can to enjoy what time we have left in 3D together as we know it.
  • Furiously working to Prepare and Do What Is Expected Of Me: I know exactly what I am Asked to do for my Purpose right here, right Now, for you. The last time I had this sense of urgency, I knew on a soul level 'there was not much time' left to do what I needed to do with my last 'request' from Spirit about ten years ago. Much to my surprise, everything worked out. But there was an urgency I have not experienced since then, the last two days, NOW.
I also hit upon a GOLD MINE!

Here is something written by Ariel De Angelis. She does not know her story matches closely mine and another Lightworker I know for the formative years. The Other had her Father as her guardian. For me, I had a little sister born, and also my son born, at the times of 'highest stress' and 'highest probability of leaving the assignment'.

You may or might not 'resonate' with her 'Moxie' series, but I will reblog them here:

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc