Friday, November 29, 2013

Today's Reiki Healing 11.29.2013

I started today's Reiki healing like always.

Usui-Sensei came. He was in good spirits and very animated. I was delighted to see him.

He took me by the hand, and next I knew, I was under the same waterfall at Mount Kuramayama (Kurama is the English name). I felt it cold on my head! He said, 'yes, it is cold!'

Then I came out and he gave me a fluffy towel to dry myself off.

We walked a few paces, and he gestured the the path ahead.

'What do you think?' he asked.

It was blurry. I wiped the water from my eyes. He was very excited to show me something. I 'sensed' that this is the new 5D. I 'got' colors that were vivid and beautiful, but still a blur.  I kept walking with him in the direction…

Then I saw dozens and dozens, no, make that hundreds and hundreds, of Reiki Elders Past. Some were standing, some were seated, but all of them were looking at me, looking for my reaction.

me: Usui-Sensei, what am I doing here? I am not Japanese!
Usui: You are welcome here.
me: How can I be here with all of these Reiki ancestors?! I am not like them.
Usui: You are supporting the cause of Reiki.
me: But…but…are you SURE I should be here right now? I am just me…

And I looked around at all the faces. I felt the energy. There was earnestness, and sincerity in their gaze. I also looked at my body, and I did not look like me. My skin changed color, my face changed, so did my hair…

me: In the past was I somebody else?
Usui: You are here for what you do Now. We want you to know you have our support and encouragement. We want those who follow this work to know we are united with them in this Cause of Enlightenment through Reiki that is encompassing the earth. All of it is holy. Our Hope is with you. Our blessings are with you. For each One, we wish to share the following message: In Reiki You Are Never Alone; Never Underestimate This.

And then it all went away!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc