Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Deborah Cohan Video: Something To Add ((( BIG ANESTHESIA HUGS! )))

Hi Deborah,

I hope you are recovering nicely, and taking 'in' the miracle of the body's ability to heal.

Your video, your Flash Mob in the O.R., touches my heart, and also touched the world.

You have achieved in six minutes, what I have only dreamed could be possible.


And aloha to you for following your heart, and doing what you really desired to do. Although it might at first have seemed like it was for yourself, God worked through you to give hope to all of us!

If you don't mind, I'd like to share the video after I bring up a few important points for my readers:

  • Deborah is also Dr. Cohan, a surgeon herself. She is an OB-Gyn, a specialist in the delivery of babies and women's health. She DOES breast exams on others, and refers out to breast centers for her patients who have abnormal mammograms or masses that she finds with her exam in the office. This is one of the most difficult things to do for a physician--be a patient--because you know way too much! 
  • If you notice, the people in the O.R. are not random. Because of the stress of having surgery yourself when you normally work in the O.R.,  patients such as Deborah are allowed to select who will be on their team when the surgery is performed at the facility where they work. Deborah knew everyone well in that room, and they also were friends and colleagues with her--based on the contact I saw in the film. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure this was a gesture of love and support to a healer by granting her 'request'.
  • Deborah brings the Goddess Energy or 'Divine Feminine Principle' into her O.R.--dance is not linear--it is curved and free flowing, just like the 'Yin Vibration'. The dance is so much more than a celebration of Life, joy and vitality. It is the energy of Gaia Herself.
(here is the direct link:

And just for you who do not work in the O.R. every day, here's the scoop on who does what…
On the left, in the light blue gowns, are the surgical technicians or scrub techs (or scrub nurses). They do not touch the others because they have to keep sterile. Otherwise Deborah might get infection. They dance but keep a close eye on the back table because of all the instruments. The room is 'open' and technically 'ready for surgery'. I bet they have sterile towels over the instruments just in case so the air movement from the dancing won't blow any germs onto them too.

The O.R. table does not have the arm boards attached. It is puffy because the circulating nurse is blowing the bair-hugger (warm air body heating device) to make the table nice and cozy for Deborah when it is time for her to lay down. 

The person at the head of the bed is the anesthesiologist, like me. Being chosen to be the one to give anesthesia by special request is a big honor, and you can see her Love for Deborah, not only in the hug and kiss at the end, but in her participation in the dancing with her whole body and heart. Inside, when you see your colleague go unconscious at your induction of anesthesia, for a split second, you want to just sob because it is so horrible seeing them so vulnerable. It is also sad because you understand the medical condition and all of its significance. But then you realize they trust you to do your job enough to have selected you, and after that nanosecond your training kicks in.

The women on the right are O.R. nurses. One of them is the circulator. The others are nurses and scrub techs and possibly anesthesia technicians--all who are friends with Deborah. Some might even be doctors too!

There is no i.v. in Deborah. She has a gown on to cover her back side--a second one that is worn like a jacket. Ordinarily she would have on a single gown that opens in the back, and a bouffant cap. I think it makes for a good video, don't you? She is also not on a gurney. I have never seen an adult breast surgery patient come to the O.R. on their own two feet. This is empowering too.

Thank you for creating a masterpiece in the O.R. Deborah and all of the crew in San Francisco at Mount Zion.

Don't let it stop.

Keep the spirit and energy of this video with you every day, everywhere you go.

It is time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I dedicate this to my best friend, who is also my first friend, Jackie and also to my college friend for life--Dori. You each posted this to my page. I hope this article touches you the way your thoughtfulness touched me.