Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Energy Of Separation Is On Its Way O-U-T.

The Energy Of Separation is on its way O-U-T.

Forever and ever.


What does the Energy Of Separation resemble? How does one know it is there?

I'll paint a picture of a downward spiral I am noticing as an observer. Note that I did not say, 'as an impartial observer'. I am not partial. I hate it, the Energy Of Separation I am witnessing. And when I have tried to give warning to key players at this establishment, my warning has gone unheard.

This is a spiritual place I discovered early this year.

It was everything I need and fast became my Spiritual Home. There was food, friends, and yoga. Many High Vibration people--incarnated Galactics like me--'hang out' there. I know one from Lyra, one from Orion, one Arcturian, and me, the Sirian-Pleiadian 'Mutt'. One owner is Sirian, I can tell. The other, if I had to say, would be Andromedan but that is just a guess. That one is a walking secret--shrouded in mystery--wrapped in a conundrum and sprinkled with magic.

I know what that last one is, exactly, but I am not sure if this one knows, so I won't say. But I know.

This place has a big sign inside 'Welcome Friends' and is one big 'happy family', not a cult, but a health-focused place of very high vibration and healing.

I had selected it to combine with my place on Healing on a Spiritual Level to build my dream: A West Coast City Of Light to have all the advanced healing technologies given from the Galactics as they arrive. This means HEALING without needles, just with sound, light, and energy at the deepest level on the imbalance of the energy body and Light body--to create HUGE 'cures' in the physical without   a needle, knife, or pill. I wanted partnership, the marriage of what I know, with what is known there.

But the mystery one is bored.

I can't blame him.

He wants world recognition for his gift, which is already world renown.

He wants to 'play', to 'create', and to 'do what God is telling him to do'.


But look at the fruits since this owner decided to 'focus' and energetically and emotionally 'disconnected':

  • workers are pocketing cash from cash purchases instead of putting it in the cash register.
  • management is blocking every project I have offered--hospital chef, AED, and medical consultation/official Reiki Doc endorsement.
  • workers are quitting left and right because there is no career option--the money could only support college kids
  • The meet up group coordinator who brought LOTS of business to the establishment stepped down
  • An alarm system and point-of-sale camera security has been installed
  • my favorite salad recipe got ruined, and others agree. The jicama is out and some nasty fettuccini noodle bamboo shoot thing is in its place
  • They 'run out' of favorite items and necessary ingredients
Even worse, there is stress.

The new venture is not going off the ground. There has been road block after road block after road block. Legal. City Permits. Dishonest Contractors. 

I'd say the Universe is giving a huge 'wake up call', wouldn't you?

Because everything that is aligned with Source and Higher Purpose (not 'ego') goes silky smooth like 'butter' and Spirit is opening opportunity Left and Right to assist with the project which is to benefit HUMANITY.

And if HUMANITY is not the goal of the project, doors slam shut. Right in your face.


The Energy Of Separation is a cancer, a remnant of the world of Duality, which has long since passed.

Where are my projects at this time? Happening at the hospital with the head Chef, and being wonderfully received by the vegan and vegetarian nurses and doctors that I work with. I am starting research with the best non-invasive energy-healing device on the market. Our Healers are aligned and cohesive in our extended group online, ready to assist in the time of The Event.

We are One.

This is either accepted, or not.

Spirit had sent a 'test' about six months ago to my friends who are experiencing the Energy Of Separation at their work:
  • two similar concentrates of medication were given--the single dilution form of epinephrine and phenylephrine. (This drug is given to the patient in double dilute form.)
  • they were labeled
  • both were given to one owner, to give to the other owner, the mysterious one
  • the question given by Spirit was 'which one is the one given once every five years when someone has begun to die on the operating table, and this keeps the blood pressure up to prevent the dying process, and which one is the one given every day for mild hypotension? Can you FEEL it? The energy in the vials?'
  • The message is that if there are two businesses, one in each hand, one is giving the warning signs of going to 'code blue', right here, right now. Are you going to do something about it? One may very well die if this path of separation is continued, possibly BOTH.
I was not pleased to have been the messenger of such a serious message. I tried very hard to explain it--email, in person, to friends.

It fell on deaf ears.

And closed heart.

Ego is on the way O-U-T. So is the energy of Separation.

Either walk the walk, or Spirit is going to  'move on' and it moves FAST!

The moral of the story is threefold:
  • know who your are, and what you stand for--unity or separation?
  • look around for others, and without judging in any way, see how the energies 'stack up'--are they 3D (separation) or 5D (one Heart)?
  • watch for the Hand of Spirit, or the Universe, as the energies 'align'. Is it like rubbing fur the wrong way? Or is it easy, with miracles of joy and delight and unexpected financial assistance opening up to your efforts like dominos falling in a row, one after the other, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom?
And here is one last thought:
  • You know how Divine Mother (Isabel Henn) recommends 'talking to your heart'? I believe the pendulum, when used correctly, is a manifestation of the energy field of the heart. It is like a 'Heart Language Translator in the yes or no ability'. (Here is a lesson on pendulum use--it's easy and anyone can do it--http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2012/11/vote-your-pendulum.html)

Your service to the Light is very highly appreciated by the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and Angels, the Seraphim, the Galactics (our family), the Agarthans, and everyone else who is waiting to meet you! First comes The Event (and bank 're-set' which takes a few weeks), New Governance (can you imagine congress being full on honest-only representatives?), and Cleaning Up Gaia's Pollution. Then is Disclosure (UFO's have been on earth forever--look at the cave drawings!), a formal statement by all governments that 'something was held back from you about our Space Family'. Much later, there is possibility of First Contact--actually meeting face to face. It won't happen all right away, but it is carefully planned for everyone to make the 'adjustment' as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

Watch for the Energy Of Separation. Try not to 'buy into it'. It's so 'last week'! ; )

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc