Sunday, November 3, 2013

How To Ignore Illuminati Influence

Today I had an extension of my assignment at the magic 'king dum': to bring cleansing to the regions below both parks.

It was a very crowded day, and instead of the parking structure, we were directed to a very distant parking lot. This required entry through the mono-rail into tomorrow-land and into the park.

I was asked to open my Goddess Energies (a certain healing frequency--I am not a deity--LOL) and extend them to heal from the surface all the way through to the core of Gaia, to her heart. (This is important because there is one entire 'city' underneath the parks that I know, and I suspect a second 'deeper' one below that where many 'bad things' happened in the past.)

I accomplished this by just walking around. I did this mindfully, with careful thought as to the energy work that was flowing through me and below. I focused on establishing that 'connection' everywhere I went. At the request of Spirit, I also gave healing--in the form of Platinum Ray and other modalities/frequencies, into the plumbing. All of it--supply and waste. So the waters at this popular place, in both parks, contains healing and Light.

The Adventure in California actually was in need of the most healing. Apparently the former parking lot covered a lot of something that 'wasn't right' as far as the Light was concerned. This newer 'park' was built over the former parking lot. 

At the end--and I walked just about every corner!--Gaia's light blue healing energy was flowing back UP again.

Why here?

Why would anyone care?

The site was one of five considered in the planning of the builders, and was selected because it's sacred geometry 'out-powers' the Laguna Alma Vortex which is one of Gaia's natural portals of energy.

It is one of the capitals of, well, something you don't want to know what went one there.

If you know the connection between '33 Club' and '33 Level Mason' and what is the significance of achieving that 'level', you will have an idea of what is being discussed.

Is it my function to educate you about all of this here? By all means not. If you wish to learn more, at this time, I direct you to the search box. However, it's not in any way obvious by key search words because everything is studied on the internet and the goal of this blog is to 'stay under the radar' with regards to this beloved and highly popular (and money making!) resort. Words like mithraic and cabal will get you 'close enough' to find the truth.

For me, today, walking around was like seeing one Illuminati 'gang sign' symbol after another, everywhere I looked. The worst was the points up star at the Ben-gall BBQ, right over the grill. (This is a Holocaust, or 'burnt offering'--they are very popular in mithraic rituals.) So totally in plain view, yet where most of the guests do not have any clue what it 'meant'.

So here is what I want to say: as an experienced Light worker, with an assignment over two incarnations connected to the place I did Light work today, I want you to know I do the 'dirty work' so you don't have to be all upset about what trick has been played on you and the entire population of earth for the last 26,000 years (or at least in this one part of California, for the past almost sixty years.)

That's how long the Illuminati has been around, thousands and thousands of years, and they work slow so it is imperceptible to the rest of us.

And even still, there is a spark of the Divine inside each member of that dark organization.

It is not our place to judge.

It is our duty to be informed 'just enough' to recognize what has happened and MOVE ON.

It is the rebuilding of our society that is important. That is where the focus needs to be.

As you become aware, and as the true history of what has passed comes out, including the pedophilia and torture of innocent children in the name of 'mithraic religion', the pervasiveness is going to be overwhelming.**

Resist the urge to get bogged down in it, and overwhelmed.

I know.
I know everything.
I've lived it and died it.
And I've come back again because of the assignment and Purpose I took on for this incarnation.

The place is never going to hurt another child again.
The energy is good there.
The old symbols, I would like to see 'go', but even if they never do, they are just 'decorations' and have no power over anything any more.

I worked very hard today for the Light.

And no one will ever 'get it', not 'exactly', and that is okay. Because the Light works for the benefit of all, and for the Highest Good.

Everything I did was with the guidance of the Light.

One day I will upload pictures for you to see the symbols.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Today in the snowy white wishing well, I threw in ten cents. one nickel canadian, one american. And I gave thanks! I gave thanks for all the good things that are in this Now moment, what I am experiencing and going to experience more, in relationship. This is a huge step forward for me, and I am most thankful for this spiritual growth in my heart. <3 may the adventure and joy continue!

** secondary confirmation: see paragraph six