Monday, November 11, 2013


I was going down a steep hill on the ride, California Screaming, at a certain theme park in the area. It is a fast drop, and I was enjoying it very much. Then the thought came to me: I am getting a yang 'fix'!

(I just went to feed my cockatoo, Harry. He lets me know when it is time to uncover his cage! He is another source of yang energy in the home. Harry listens to radio, the local oldies station, KRTH 101. There two songs just played:

here is the direct link:

here is the direct link:

I 'saw' how we live in a world with an overload of Yang! How could yang-o-rexic be a remote possibility? Look at these videos--she sings about boys, and boys sing about love not going 'right'. In fact, where's the yin?

what is 'missing' in this picture???

Are you familiar with the physiology of diabetes mellitus? It's not just 'too much sugar' to describe the metabolic imbalance. It is starving in a sea of sugar.

That's right. Without the insulin, you can be surrounded by blood sugars three hundred and up, but not a bit of it 'is absorbed' to nourish the body.

The body runs on ketones instead. This is the back-up metabolic pathway. The body will digest itself to create the ketones ('ketosis') because the engine of the human metabolism can run on that ('diesel') instead of carbohydrates ('gasoline').

So here we are, each of us, masculine AND feminine, who originally come from a place of androgyny, or 'equal harmony and balance within'.

We 'separate' from one soul to two, creating the Twin Flames or Twin Souls.

This 'game' of 'finding each other' is rigged. It's worse than the 'shell game' that someone asks you to play on the street. We ain't never gonna find each other, and if we do, it's not gonna be 'happily ever after'. The 'insulin' to help us absorb the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies isn't here.

there is sarcasm

there is hope against all hope

there are incarnations and incarnations of pain and suffering

Take my heart for example.

It's done.

It won't open.

It's like an animal that has been abused…what do you call that behavior when it really wants to be petted and cared for but it just bristles and runs away when approached? 'Spooked', I believe, is the word to describe this behavior.

Somebody opened my heart up in me just the other day with an 'awwwww…..' recently. Then it slammed shut tighter than a giant clam.

It did not want to remember the pain when that 'other' in another lifetime 'died'. 

It was horrific beyond description. And definitely not 'healed' in any way. The agony and pain is raw.

I have to function in this life. There is no time to heal all that. (a hummingbird just came to the fountain right now outside the window--that is my totem--the totem of Joy. Ironic and comforting at the same time. One of my favorite quotes is your joy is your sorrow unmasked.)

What are we to do?

Each little 'yin and yang' in this mandala above has to balance! Each is 'us'.

We start working within and with our perception of The Divine, of Source.

To me it looks like this--Om--the Unconditional Love that makes the entire Multi-Verse 'go'…

We must have courage! And strength! And persistence, discipline, and dedication to the Light.

For me, Reiki helps (this one symbol--I would never put them online--has a 'little flaw' so it's okay).

The stakes are high. Higher than we know. That is why there is Divine Assistance with the Ascension Process currently happening on Gaia. We are all included in this. There are those 'sent' as Star seeds, and those 'in the rafters', as well as 'cousins in Agartha below'. We call this movement 'The Resistance' and it is taking all of our efforts, night and day, for a very long time...

In our family, my european family of origin, relationship begins and is reinforced over sharing a cup of coffee…

…or a nice pot of tea.

My goal, and my dream, is to wrestle this heart of mine together, with Unconditional Love, the Angels, and all of the Kindness of The Divine, for it to 'balance' and 'open' enough to 'connect' to another who is in need of it, the one I am to be with to Learn, to Heal, and to Grow. To hopefully reunite with my Twin Flame.

I crashed and burned so much Spirit told me to 'drop it like it's hot'.

I am off limits at this time…with one exception:

Until The Event, all seekers go through Usui-Sensei. He is in Spirit. So you know your vibration has to be in a certain bandwidth just to even be considered…

This way I can 'let go' of the longing to be healed on so many levels, and do what I was sent here to do (Reiki people, know that symbol was not 'random'. )

And once the colors of the New Age Arrive safely, and you are here with them all in one piece healthy and happy and content…I can relax…I can let go…and I can Love with my whole Heart as it was created to Be.

I AM that I AM. Goddess Energy in human form, an old soul from someplace besides this (I know, I feel it, the density of 3D!)…your sincere  hybrid-conventional and energy-healer, writer, and friend.

Aloha and Mahalos to all of the Ohana,

Reiki Doc