Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Spiritual Importance Of Rest

Downloads. When we rest we get the Downloads of codes and Light to help upgrade our Light body to the Higher Vibrations.

  • Sometimes as you are falling asleep and this is happening, a vibration might be felt, a warmth, a tingling, or a 'buzzing' sensation throughout your entire body. Also too, the heart might beat very fast. As long as you are in good health otherwise, this is not a concern to experience this from time to time.
  • This has to do with the Ascension process, or 'the raising of the Vibrational Frequency of every atom and cell and molecule in your physical body'. 
  • It was a good nap I took today. Totally 'out', even with the light. It was about two and one half hours.As I was waking up, I blinked with wonder like a child wakes up. No alarm waking me. Right on my own, when I was ready for it. I also heard the most beautiful music! I had to concentrate. Someone was whispering 'I love you' and playing for me this song:

Here is the direct link: http://youtu.be/tdVAqxNLXiw

When you feel tired, make an effort to give yourself time to rest. It is important. Other things if you can't sleep are:

  • Doing something you enjoy
  • Getting a little sunshine, even for a few minutes
  • Fresh air
  • Talking to your Angels and Guides
  • Journaling, using a pendulum, drawing an 'oracle card'
  • Being with NATURE, not on t.v. 'nature', the real thing outside the house.
  • 'Grounding'--bare feet on Gaia, to let all the built-up negative electrical charges 'ground' into Gaia.
  • Dancing by yourself or any other exercise
  • Drinking a cup of tea or cool, fresh filtered water
  • taking a salt water bath or swimming in the ocean
  • doing a puzzle like sudoku or some other quiet activity you enjoy
  • saying a quick prayer of 'thanks' for something
  • sniffing Ito's High Vibration Aromatherapy Oils (www.peacefullscents.com they are worth their weight in gold, and very healing. I wear them every day.)
  • talk with a body organ (they have consciousness). Most often I 'talk' with my Heart Center--you know, 'how are you doing? is there anything I can do for you? etc. It talks back! It does! LOL)
  • hug a tree
  • play with your pet
  • self-reiki and 'reiki undo' (unh-dough)
  • as long as it's not TV, radio, movies, newspaper, or other Not-With-Our-Best-Interest-At-Heart-controlled 'entertainment', you're going to 'recharge' right away.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc