Friday, November 8, 2013

The Illuminated Twin Flames

A Twin Flame is half of a soul--an original androgynous soul that separated into a separate Masculine and Feminine part.

There were 144,000 of these angels and archangels who came to earth to help many many years ago. They came from other 'planets' if you will, Pleiadia, Arcturus, Andromeda, and more. They volunteered.

The unusual thing about the Twin Souls or Twin 'Flames' is that they have an intense attraction and then 'push each others buttons' and piss each other off. The union of the two 'equal and opposite' personalities takes much negotiation, tact, and vast amounts of Unconditional Love.

These Illuminated ones have a lot of 'Light', and their reunion is a dazzling source of healing energy for the planet.

Unfortunately, each 'half' has 'earned lots of karma' and it needs to be cleared before the reunion can take place.

This article 'spells it out' wonderfully. And yet when I think about the timeline of the Reunion that is going to happen--whether you like it or not because you signed up for it!--spans TWELVE LONG YEARS. That's right 2012-2024.

I thought it would be easy. And fast. And from Heaven. Just like that…

There is no 'free lunch'. Not even if you are an angel who wants to find your way back home--to your Twin, to Heaven, to a vibration that is a whole lot more comfortable than this.

I should have known.

Until that time, I'm going to keep blogging about it. Every step of the way.

I hope you find your Twin. Or Soul Mate. And experience all the wonder that Creation has to offer. May it be smooth and painless, and utterly rewarding to rediscover one another.

In a way it could be considered 'romantic', I suppose.

Even though you signed up for it.

Here's the article. I won't whine about being High Vibration and without my Twin any longer. At least for today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc