Monday, November 4, 2013

Waiting Patiently...For The Event?

Oh dear.

I have been on 'High Alert' since April of 2012. And nothing has happened!

Tonight I just went out to check the 'food reserves' I had in the garage--canned food for 'just in case' The Event happens. And the banks close. And the stores get run out. And no one takes money.

Did you know when a can gets old enough it will pop open? Several of them did. The mandarin orange slices were the worst.

So there you have it--my trash can is full of food I bought but can never eat because by now it would make me ill.

Dented cans are bad because at the rim on top is the seal. If it doesn't fit right, germs can get in, and contaminate the food. So all the pasta I had stored up went out to the trash the last couple of weeks. It had all those icky black insects in it that like flour and noodles.

It's kind of a drag 'waiting' for The Event.

Yet, energy-wise, what I did feels 'right'. It feels very 'right' to know where all my food is, and that it is edible. Kind of like taking inventory of what I have left. I feel no 'nudge' to go and buy things. I just know what I have on hand should certainly be 'enough' just in case it were to happen next week.

If you think I am writing this without being guided, that is not the case.

Our Lady, who I call Blessed Mother, is here with me the whole time. She has her hands on her hips and a big smile. The colors are ivory on her, and the air looks a cross between peach and orange. I think she has been waiting a long time too. She blows a small lock of hair that was hanging in her face up and out of her face, with her lower lip kind of sticking out.

My Children,

How are you? I am watching. And waiting too. I want you to be in a constant state of readiness, just like my 'writer-scribe'--but to also drop your vigilance every once in a while to rest. To go through the goods you have stored up--to make sure you are still ready. Getting 'ready' is not 'one stop shopping'. It is a state of being prepared, and watchful, like a warrior in battle. There are no guns that are needed. Only a (taps her chest) a Loving Heart. That is what is necessary to carry your through what 'God has next, has planned'.  Not a hair on your head will be harmed. No, not any of you. And your tummies shall be filled. Perhaps not with your best meal you ever had--think of it like you were camping, not five-star restaurant. And everyone will be able to sleep with a full 'tummy'. God sent manna once. Always remember God can send it again, if needed.

Rest in faith and Love. God has a beautiful surprise awaiting all of us. Forever and ever and ever.
'Aloha and mahalos' as Reiki Doc says.

God will have a Blessing for Each and Every one of us!

Mother Mary

Full permission is granted to share as long as the message is kept intact and full credit is given to Reiki Doc.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc